What is a DUB in weed – Explained

Before cannabis was legalized in some states and 34 million Americans jumped on board, the black market ruled supreme. You can find, buy, and consume weed on the down low. These “shady” transactions led to a whole dictionary of terms and nicknames that were intended to hide the actual commodities being traded. Though most weed transactions have come to light, some terms like “dub” still stick.

What is the meaning of dub?

The actual term “dub” means different things to different people. Most commonly, it referred to voicing a film in a different language. It could also mean to “execute poorly” or to be “an awkward, unskilled person. Or it could also refer to the German renaissance reference to a small pool or pond.

What does dub mean in weed?

As we have mentioned, the lack of legalization of cannabis led to the black market thriving. Recreational cannabis users looking for a high, as well as medical marijuana patients looking for relief, had to procure their stash somehow. In the trenches, terms like “a dub of weed” or “a dub sack” quickly caught on.

In the world of cannabis, the simplest explanation for “a dub” is $20 worth of weed, often procured from an unlicensed seller. In such a transaction, you’d hand over your “Jackson” (referring to Andrew Jackson’s face on the bill) or a “dub” (shorthand for “double ten”) and in turn receive approximately 1 – 1.5 grams of weed usually packed in a “dub sack”, which was a small plastic bag containing marijuana which was often a decent-sized nug.

Now and then, you may encounter sellers offering $15 dub sacks, in which case don’t expect more than a gram of weed. And if someone tries to sell you less than a gram, hold onto your hard-earned cash.

How much is a dub of weed?

dub of weed

As we’ve mentioned above, a dub of weed is almost always $20 worth of weed. However, as happens in most black markets, the quantity is not always the same.  So how many grams of weed should a dub contain? A dub was intended to hold from between one gram to one and a half grams of weed. This however varies from place to place and market to market. You might get more weed in your dub sack if you buy it in Colorado or Oregon as opposed to New York.

What’s dub slang?

In a song by rapper Master P, a “dub” is a highly sought-after tire rim that is 20 inches thick. This is probably shortened from the other name of this tire “double dimes”. While dub in this instance means tires, other musicians may very well be referring to weed when they mention it in their songs. Overall, “dub” is not a word that will leave slung culture any time soon.

FAQ: DUB in weed

Q: What is a DUB in weed?

A: A DUB, short for double, is slang for an eighth of an ounce of cannabis, which is a small amount, typically 3.5 grams.

Q: How much is a DUB in weed?

A: A DUB is equal to 3.5 grams, or about 0.12 ounces, of cannabis.

Q: How much does a DUB cost?

A: The cost of a DUB will vary depending on the strain, quality, and location. Generally, a DUB of cannabis will cost around $30-50.

Final note     

You have now earned your street credibility by knowing that “dub” means a gram of weed on the black market and retails for $20. But like many things in the world of cannabis, it has a compelling story to boot. Do not be afraid to utilize this new lingo!

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