Strains That Are Great For Recreational Use

A while back, Reefer Post published a post titled “Strains That Are Great For Medical Purposes“. In that post, we talked about, well, strains that are great for medical purposes. Many cannabis users use it primarily for medical use. This is great, because cannabis holds many medical benefits. But in this post, we aren’t here to talk about the medical side of weed. We are here to check out the top 10 best strains for recreational use. So, if you use cannabis recreationally, then you might want to try these strains out.

Pineapple Express

First, on the list, we have Pineapple Express. This strain is a very popular one and is known by most cannabis users. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain and delivers strong, energizing effects. Since this post is on great recreational strains, we aren’t just talking about the strongest strains (strongest meaning high THC level). We are also talking about strains that are great for regular use, but still deliver a great high. Pineapple Express is one of those strains. Its THC level is about 12%, which is not one of the highest but is fairly moderate. This makes Pineapple Express ideal for daytime use and even regular, day-to-day use.

Gorilla Glue #4

If a 12% THC level is not enough for you, then you might want to try some Gorilla Glue #4 (or GG4 for short). This strain has an outstanding THC level of 27%, making it one of the most potent strains out there. So if you are looking for a very strong strain, try some GG4. It is sure to give off indica effects and leave you feeling very relaxed. You might even get so high that you feel glued to your couch (hence the name).

OG Kush

OG Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Its THC level can range anywhere between 13-19%. If you enjoy indica strains, then you’ll enjoy OG Kush. This is a strain that is great after a long day. Sit back, smoke some OG Kush, kick your feet up, and relax. You will feel a heavy euphoric feeling sweep over you in no time. You can also use this strain to help you sleep. But for the sake of this post, we’ll stick to the recreational aspects of these strains. Use this strain to get high and relax!

Sour Diesel

The counterpart of India is Sativa, right? Well, if you were not interested in that indica strain, try this one. It’s called Sour Diesel, and it is 100% Sativa. If you are not sure about the differences between indica and sativa, then click here. Sour Diesel has been known to be associated with caffeine, due to its effects. So what do you think the effects are? Well, they are uplifting, with a bit of energizing and even some creativity. Sour Diesel’s THC level can be anywhere between 15-30%, making it a moderate to very strong strain (depending on the grower).

White Widow

White Widow is another great strain for recreational use. It is a very common strain and is typically available in most places where cannabis is legal. It’s also a hybrid strain, meaning it has some indica and some sativa effects. If you are looking for a good balance in effects, try out some White Widow. THC levels in this strain can range anywhere between 14-19%.

Green Crack

The name of this strain almost gives away what the effects will be like. No need to worry, though, it has nothing to do with actual crack cocaine. It is only a name and was named by the rapper Snoop Dogg after he realized the effects that it gives off. Strong, uplifted, and energized is how this strain will leave you feeling. Be cautious of how much you smoke, though, since it is very potent and can even get you too high. Green Crack can have THC levels of around 12-22%, but the effects make it seem like that percentage is much higher.

Jack Herer

Here is yet another sativa strain. Named after a cannabis activist, Jack Herer is known to leave its users feeling happy and energetic. It is high in THC, having about 19-24% in it. It’s also another common strain and most people who have tried it say that they enjoyed it.

Master Kush

Now, let’s switch it up. Here is an all-indica strain! For all my indica lovers, this one gives off the right effects. Expect to feel calm, relaxed, and even sleepy after smoking some Master Kush. In my opinion, this is also one of the coolest names for a strain. I mean think about it, why would someone name a strain Master Kush if the strain was not all that good? They didn’t! Which is why Master Kush made this list. It is also very potent, with a THC level of around 20-24%.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a hybrid strain but is Indica-dominant. It can cause its users to feel very relaxed. So if you are looking for a recreational strain that you can use to sit back and be lazy, try some Skywalker OG. Any of the indica strains on this list can do that. But they all have different feelings. Skywalker OG is its unique strain, with a THC level of around 17-23%.

Bubba Kush

If there are any strains on this list that you have not tried, I suggest giving them a shot. Especially Bubba Kush. It is a common strain, yet many cannabis users have not tried it, only heard about it. It is an indica strain and has a THC level of around 15-16%. Even though that potency seems low, the effects are known to hit quickly. Bubba Kush is best used during nighttime since it can cause indica effects to kick in quickly and leave you feeling tired.

Which strain on this list was your favorite? Hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to check out more strains that Reefer Post has covered, then click the link below:

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FAQ: Strains That Are Great For Medical Purposes

Q. What types of roles do different Cannabis strains possess?

A. This largely depends on the genetics of the chosen strain. Certain strains are tailored for medicinal uses, some for recreational, and some are bred to be a mix of both uses. Prominent medicinal cannabis roles include broad spectering from curative attributes, such as pain relief or managing anxiety to more neurological stimulants that help manage things such as Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s or Depression. On the recreational side of things, the goal can be relaxation, heightened recreational thoughts and activities, recipe offerings, and stares of euphoria.

Q. Is indica or sativa Cannabis better for recreational use?

A. This is largely a matter of personal preference. Different users have different needs and Cannabis tolerances. Generally speaking, users looking for relief from relaxation may find that indica varieties help accomplish this, while those looking for recreational highs might look towards a sativa variety.

Q. Is it possible to become addicted to Cannabis strains for recreational purposes?

A. Although psychological addiction to Cannabis is possible, physical addiction is relatively low compared to some harsher inebriates and other substances, such as tobacco and various videos. Still being focused on healthy ways of using Cannabis is important, especially with regards to straing variances.

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