How To Use A Wax Cartridge Without a Battery

In the recent years, wax cartridges have made an impressive stance in the cannabis community. This simple way of dabbing on the go became very popular. Now, getting your hands on some disposable wax cartridges is very easy. Just make sure you are getting legit cartridges, and not cartridges from unverified sellers on the black market. Anyways, besides needing a cartridge, you also need a battery. Batteries typically cost less than the cartridge, and are also easy to come by. For example, I purchased mine from my local smoke shop.

Some may be able to get ahold of a wax cartridge, but maybe not a battery. There are many cases of a stoner not being able to get high because they only had a cartridge, and no battery. Or, even worse (this happened to me once), you have a cartridge and a battery, but the battery died and the charger stopped working. Now that’s worse, and just tormenting. However, I do have a method of using a cartridge without a battery. With a few household items, you can still get high! You will need the cartridge regardless, though, as I know of no way around that.

First, a word a warning. As long as you follow the steps correctly, then there is no danger and everything will be fine. However, if you are not careful, you could harm yourself during the process. If you are worried about something going wrong, then do not attempt this at all. Please just go buy a battery instead. But if you aren’t afraid, and just want to get high, then try this method below.

What’s A Wax Cartridge?

First you should know exactly what a wax cartridge is. If you already know, go ahead and skip to the next section. If not, here’s a quick explanation.

Wax refers to a cannabis concentrate. It is much more potent in THC (and/or CBD) compared to regular cannabis buds. Wax cartridges are disposable cartridges filled with this cannabis wax. Each cartridge typically contains 100 hits, and can deliver a nice high in only a few puffs. Using these cartridges are also quite discreet, as wax does not leave behind the strong smell associated with cannabis.

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What You’ll Need

In order to smoke a wax cartridge without a battery, you are going to need a few household items. Here’s the list:

  • One USB cable
  • Scissors
  • Nail clippers

First, you’ll need a USB cable. Use one that you will no longer need for anything else, ever again. You will be cutting it. That’s where the scissors come in; make sure you have a pair of these. Lastly, grab some nail clippers. These act as a cheap wire stripper. Alternatively, if you do happen to have a wire stripper, you can use that instead.

How To Do It

Again, here’s a word of warning before you begin. Please carefully read the directions as you complete the steps. This is a fairly simple process, however one mistake could cause harm or damage to you or your surroundings. If you do follow each step correctly, you will be fine, and high!

Step 1: Cut the cable

Before you even do anything, make sure the USB cable is unplugged. Once it is, grab your scissors and cut the cable open. Cut the side opposite of the USB end. For example, if you are using a phone charging cable, cut off the end that you would plug your phone into. You can cut the cable so that it is very short, or keep most it there so it is long. The choice is yours, but I do recommend keeping it longer.

Step 2: Cut the wires right

Once you cut the initial top part off, continue cutting around the wires. Do not cut the wires off, but cut off the rubber around them. There should be two wires: one red and one black. If you cut the rubber down correctly, you should be able to move around and separate each wire. Cut the rubber down one inch from the tip of the wires, and each wire should be about 1 cm in length.

Step 3: Reveal the copper

Now, it’s time to use those nail clippers (or wire stippers). You need to use them to take the colored part off of the copper within. To do so, take both colored wires and gently grip the tip of them with the nail clippers, then pull up. While doing so, be very gentle, as not being gentle could result in clipping the wire too short and starting all over. Once you do it correctly, the copper from within should be revealed. Here’s how it should look:

USB Cable as Battery

Step 4: Use it as a battery

Now you can finally use the cut-up cable as a battery! First, plug the USB side of the cable in. I have never experienced this, but I have heard that it is better to plug it in to a computer or laptop, as some have experienced outlets getting burned out. Once you plug it in, take the red wire and put the copper area in the hole of your cartridge. Take the black wire and touch the copper to any metal on the bottom of the cartridge. Once you touch it, the cartridge should begin hitting perfectly!

Did it work? It should have. If not, reread our steps, cause this truly does work. Now you don’t need to go out and buy a battery. You can use an old, unused USB cable to run electricity (or power) to your cartridge and begin the heating. Thanks for reading!


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