Best Cannabis Trimming Scissors – Comparisons and Reviews

In the past few years, recreational use of cannabis has gone up considerably, with both youth and adults smoking the herb. In the states where cannabis is legal, people love purchasing new, potent buds and having a smoke session with their friends.

However, only when you grow your own marijuana plant will you realize the effort and time it takes to cultivate the plant. If you want to grow a delicious and healthy plant, you will need to maintain and tend the plant across many stages of its growth. There are many scissors available that you can use to trim the plant from the vegging to the harvest stage.

In this blog, we will read about the best cannabis trimming scissors available and do a comparison among the best ones. Each scissor has its own pros and cons, and you should take a detailed look at all the options before buying your preferred scissors.

Why do you Need to Trim your Marijuana Plants?

Trimming of cannabis plants has been a controversial subject among those who grow the plant because some believe trimming enhances the yield and potency of the plant, while some believe that there are a lot of risks with trimming a marijuana plant.

When you trim a cannabis plant, it will appear better and get a unified appearance. Also, this will make the plant more potent as sugar leaves with low trichome concentrations are removed, and parts with a higher concentration of trichomes are exposed. Trimmed buds produce softer smoke and have ideal moisture that leads to a nice taste and flavor while smoking.

Another benefit of trimming cannabis plants is that it increases light transparency and airflow. When both lower and inner parts of the plant are exposed to direct light, they undergo uniform growth, and light also prevents diseases in the plants. Light transparency raises the number of buds on a marijuana plant and ensures that these buds are of similar sizes.

Trimming is also helpful if you are low on space and want to grow your cannabis plant in a limited space. Also, if you wish to stay discreet and not draw unnecessary attention, trimming ensures that your cannabis plant maintains a certain size. 

Best Trimming Scissors for Weed

best cannabis trimming scissors

Marijuana use has risen immensely, and many people have started growing their own plants in states where cannabis is legal. Naturally, there are lots of choices out there if you want to purchase trimming scissors for your cannabis plants.

Based on extensive research, we have curated this list of the best cannabis trimming scissors which you can purchase. We will talk about their features, pros and cons, and much more.

Fiskars 399241-1002 Micro-Tip Pruning Snips, Non-Stick Blades, 2 Count, Orange

Fiskars trimming scissors

One of the best trimming scissors out there is the Fiskars micro-tip non-stick pruning snip equipped with accurate blades that allow trimming until the tip to make healthy and clean cuts on your cannabis plants.


Use the micro-tip snips to make precise trims on your plants and encourage healthy growth.

The scissor blades have a non-stick coating that minimizes jamming and reduces the build-up of resin even while trimming sticky plants.

The precise, super-hard steel blades remain sharp for a long time.

An easy spring mechanism opens up the blades with every cut and reduces hand fatigue.

Efficient control and comfort through the scissors’ SoftGrip touchpoints.

People with low hand strength or arthritis can use the scissor, and it was presented with an ease-of-use commendation by Arthritis Foundation.

An easily accessible lock that protects the blades during storage and transportation.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Precise, healthy cutting with micro-tip snips
  • Low jamming and minimum resin build-up
  • Elite level comfort and control through its soft grip
  • Precise blades that stay sharp for a long time


  • The non-stick blades start getting gummed up after regular use
  • A bit uncomfortable to hold and use
  • Price is higher than most other options
  • The lock starts slipping after a few uses

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Scissors Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stainless-Steel Blades Orange 1-Pack

vivosun gardening scissors

These stainless-steel scissors by VIVOSUN are perfect for pruning, shaping, and trimming your plants. The product is affordable and has a lightweight design. Available in orange and blue colors, these VIVOSUN scissors have a modern style.


Precise, ultra-sharp, high-quality, stainless-steel blades that are ideal for pruning, shaping, trimming, etc., of your cannabis plants, roses, vegetables, and other small flower plants.

The micro-tip snips have spring-loaded inside, which automatically opens up the blades even without putting too much effort. It reduces hand fatigue while using the scissors.

Perfect for people with arthritis, wrist issues, carpal tunnel, and other problems as it has a comfortable grip on handles. Your hands will not pain even after long use.

The snips are equipped with a secure side locking system that protects the blades and closes them when not in use. Both left and right handed people can use the snips efficiently.

The micro-tip blades allow you to cut and trim parts of the plant you want to without damaging other vital branches or stems.

The scissors have a lightweight design and can be easily cleaned after every use.


  • Accurate cuts on your plants through precise, sharp blades
  • Bright colored straight blades that can be seen easily
  • Ergonomic rubber handles and design for minimum hand fatigue
  • Safe sideways locking system


  • The scissors get locked automatically sometimes
  • The quality of stainless steel is subpar
  • The blade tips face alignment issues
  • Blades lose sharpness over time

Chikamasa B-500SF Stainless Steel Scissors w/Fluorine Coating (Resin-resistant) (One Pack) (Bonsai Cutters)

Chikamasa B-500sf Stainless Steel Scissors

These Chikamasa scissors have stainless-steel blades that come with a fluorine coating for resin and sap resistance. Also, the L-shape of the scissors makes it ideal to use in tight spaces. Made for bonsai cutting, these are great for vines, cannabis plants trimming, and other uses also.


L-Shape, which is perfect for usage in tight spaces and fits almost every hand size.

The blades have a fluorine coating that is resistant to sap and resin.

The modern design is attractive, lightweight, and gentle on the wrists.

It is not spring-loaded, making it easy to use, and the round finger openings reduce hand fatigue.

The micro tips are precisely sharp that allow accurate trimming and cuts to your plants.

The outer area of the blades is round and makes sure you do not damage vital branches, stems, or surrounding plants.


  • Resin and sap-resistant fluorine coating
  • Perfect for use in tight areas because of the L-shape
  • It is easy to clean and maintain the scissors
  • The round finger openings provide a nice grip and reduce hand fatigue


  • Packaging in the Japanese language
  • Made specifically for bonsai cutting
  • Built-in springs require added force to trim plants
  • The rivet holding the blades is loose and can get difficult to use

GROWNEER 3 Packs Pruning Shears Gardening Hand Pruning Snips with Straight Stainless Steel Precision Blades

growneer pruning shears

The 3-pack gardening snips come equipped with highly precise, stainless-steel blades for perfect trimming and pruning of your plants, especially cannabis.


The pruning snips can be used with one hand to shape or trim your cannabis and other small plants easily. Make accurate cuts without cutting other plants or vital branches and stems.

The pruning shears are spring-loaded and open themselves up, reducing stress on your hands.

An ergonomic rubber grip allows using the scissors for a long time without getting tired.

Precise, stainless-steel blades of a high grade that stay durable and sharp for a long.

Both left and right-handed people can use the scissors easily, and a strong locking system protects the blades and closes them when not in use.

The scissors are lightweight, durable, and fairly easy to clean after every use.


  • Corrosion-resistant precise blades
  • Available in two colors
  • Ergonomic and comfortable rubber grip design
  • Easy to use with just one hand


  • Can be used for light-duty tasks
  • The spring loses efficiency after regular use
  • Very wide handle
  • Difficult to use for people with arthritis and small hands

ClassicPRO Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears – Premium Garden Shears, Heavy Duty Razor Sharp Hand Pruners – Ideal Plant Scissors, Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter, Hedge Clippers, Ergonomic Garden Tool for Effortless Cuts

ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

The ClassicPRO scissors by Haus & Garten is great for trimming cannabis plants for both professional and home use. The product was made to offer maximum force through minimal pressure.


Classic style bypass scissors featuring precision blades made with Japanese Grade hardened steel.

Comes with a titanium coating to reduce friction while trimming and provide long-term corrosion and rust resistance.

An ergonomic long handle, red slip-free grip, and shock-absorbing pads to reduce hand strain, fatigue, and injuries. Perfect for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and weak hands.

The sap groove prevents debris, resin, and sap from sticking to the blades. It can also cut small wires through its wire-cutting notch and maintain efficiency.

Micrometric manual adjustment system for the blades’ alignment so that you can trim and make cuts accurately.

Made with lightweight, strong aluminum, the scissors have a metal body and handle and can easily fit both medium and large hands.


  • Strong aluminum body and precise blades with titanium coating
  • Perfect for heavy-duty and low-level trimming and pruning
  • Manual adjustment system for precise cutting
  • Comfortable to use even for people with arthritis


  • Blades can get damaged after regular use
  • Quite expensive compared to other scissors
  • The locking system can be better

Hydroponic 2Pack Microtip Straight blade/Curved Blade Flower Leaf Trimmer Pruning Shears by Yieldcropper

Hydroponic Microtip Straight blade

The Hydroponic scissors by Yieldcropper are another option worth considering for cropping your cannabis plants. If you don’t like the product, you can return it anytime and get a refund.


Equipped with precise steel blades, soft-grip handles, and a release spring, which reduces hand fatigue even after you use the scissors for a long time.

The shears feature a professional design that is lightweight and highly durable.

Perfect for cannabis trimming, pruning small flowers, stems, etc., whether you are growing plants at home or at a commercial level.

You can use the blue straight blade to trim or prune standard plants or use the curved green blade if you want to trim at a certain angle to reach difficult areas.

Yieldcropper promises high quality, and these scissors won’t break after a few uses. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return them anytime and get a complete refund.


  • Ideal for both home and commercial gardening
  • Straight and curved blades for precise trimming and pruning
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Soft grip handle for minimum hand fatigue


  • Springs are weak and can come out
  • Curved blade is a bit better than the straight blade
  • Locking system could be better

Hydrofarm HGPP400C Precision Curved Blade Pruners

Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruners

The curved blade pruners by Hydrofarm have an attractive design and feature precise stainless-steel blades. You can buy these scissors for trimming cannabis plants.


Razor-sharp, steel blades with balanced construction and a lightweight design.

Surgical steel stays sharp for longer durations.

Perfect for use by both left and right-handed people.

Comes with a straight steel blade, a curved steel blade, and a curved titanium blade.

A secure lock and ergonomic grip design reduce hand fatigue.

The return spring enhances the performance and speed of the scissors.

An anti-slip, double-density handle.

You can attach the scissors to your belt through the holster to keep it safe.


  • Curved blades for precise trimming and cutting
  • Perfect for both left and right-hand use
  • Ergonomic comfortable design


  • Extensive use can hurt your hands
  • Thick branches can bend the blades
  • You may hear a squeaking sound after regular use

How to Choose the Best Bud Trimming Scissors: Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis-trimming scissors, you need to know one thing that every scissor has its own pros and cons. All scissors serve different jobs, and none of them are useless. Your choice will come down to your needs and requirements.

Remember that every scissor will not serve every need, and there are certain things you have to consider when buying scissors for trimming your cannabis plants. The key is to consider your required functions and find scissors that match them.

However, the following features must always be considered before you make a final purchase.

Comfort – For trimming cannabis plants or other flowers, stems, etc., you will need to use scissors for a long duration. You need a scissor that is comfortable to hold and use and does not make your hand tired quickly. Choose a scissor that fits your palms perfectly and feels good to use.

Blade Types – Some blades are straight while some are curved, and they come in multiple sizes and shapes. You should buy scissors with ideal blades based on your needs. Titanium blades are great, and stainless-steel blades are durable and precise. Your choice of blade type should depend on the plants you want to trim or prune.

Ease of Use – For trimming cannabis plants, your scissors should also be easy to use apart from being comfortable. Such scissors will not hurt or put excess strain on your hands when you trim cannabis plants for longer durations.

Spring-Loaded – Although this feature is not necessary, but it comes in handy when you are trimming a bigger area. Compared to manual trimmers, spring-loaded scissors will reduce hand cramps and not cause pain. People with weak hands or arthritis should definitely go for spring-loaded scissors.

Resin Accumulation – If resin keeps on accumulating on the blades, the scissor gunks up, which slows down the trimming process of your cannabis plants. Scissors with coated blades offer resistance against resin, and you can clean them easily through a cleaning gel or alcohol wipe.

Size and Longevity – If you need precision, then small scissors are recommended, but if you want to trim a bigger area, then you should choose large scissors. Longevity is crucial too, because you won’t like a cheap scissor that stops working within a few weeks and needs to be replaced.

FAQs: header optimized

What is the use of trimming scissors?

When you trim your cannabis plants, you can maximize the plant’s potential. Trimming reduces mildew and mold growth and protects cannabis plants from getting infected with diseases. Also, trimming ensures that the plant gets adequate light exposure and airflow for proper growth.

Can you use any scissors to trim weed?

No, you cannot any scissors to trim cannabis plants. You should go for micro-tip, smaller-blade scissors that are perfect to prune or trim small plants. If you use normal scissors with big blades, they can ruin your cannabis plants.

How do you clean trimming scissors?

To clean the trimming scissors you use for your cannabis plants, first of all, you should scrape the trichomes and resin off the blades. Next, you should use a cleaning solution like alcohol, white vinegar, or citrus remover to wipe the scissors. Finally, you should oil the blades to ensure the scissors work perfectly after cleaning.

How often do you need to trim your marijuana plant?

You should begin trimming your cannabis plant when you remove its large leaves, a few weeks before the harvest. The main trimming is done after harvesting takes place and cannabis growers usually use dry or wet trimming techniques to trim their plants.

Final Note

Trimming is a vital step in growing cannabis plants, and in this blog, we checked out the best cannabis-trimming scissors available. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses and are ideal to trim your marijuana plants.

Always remember that every scissor is meant for a specific purpose, and you can buy more than one scissor for your trimming requirements as well. Take care of your plants, trim them on time, and enjoy smoking your homegrown weed.


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