Smoking Marijuana With Honey

Have you ever heard about someone smoking some marijuana with honey? Whether you have or have not, it is true! You can actually smoke marijuana with honey in it (yes, regular honey). How? Well, typically inside of a blunt or a joint. There are actually some benefits that come along with it, and it is even a cool thing to try!

Why Use Honey?

You might be thinking to yourself “why would I want to smoke honey?” Well, there are three reasons why you could. None of these are required to smoke but can be useful and fun to try. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it so much that you use honey every time you smoke!

First, you can use it to roll a blunt instead of using saliva. When rolling a blunt, typically the roller will use their saliva to seal the blunt closed. This means that everyone smoking that blunt is also smoking the roller’s saliva. Yuck! If that does not sit right with you, then try using honey instead. Honey is a great replacement for saliva when rolling blunts, and can even be better since it is more sticky. Also, if you have a dry mouth (possibly from cottonmouth), then you can use honey to seal your next blunt instead of struggling to get some saliva to do it.

Another reason for using honey in a blunt or joint is that it makes them burn slower. You don’t even have to use that much honey, and you could potentially make that blunt or joint last much longer than usual. Who wants their weed to burn up fast? Not me, and you shouldn’t either if you are trying to get high from it. Try using some honey to make a blunt or joint burn slowly so that you can sit back and enjoy that smoke for some time.

Do you ever buy certain blunt wraps or rolling papers because of how they taste? I know many stoners that do, and this is fine because the taste is important. But if you want to add some sweetness to your blunt or joint, then honey is your answer. Using some good quality honey can add a sweet taste to every hit that you take. Plus I said that honey makes a blunt or joint burn slow; now who would pass that up?

Is It Harmful?

Many people may be concerned about the health risks of smoking honey. Some might ask “will this negatively affect my health in any way?” The answer is no. Smoking honey cannot negatively affect your lungs or body. Honey is the purest form of sugar out there, meaning that it is not processed or fake. Unless you are using processed honey, then smoking honey is safer for you than smoking regular sugar that is bought at the store. Just make sure that you are using natural, raw honey as this is the safest and healthiest for you and your body.

Whenever you do smoke a blunt or joint with honey, you may notice a sizzling noise going on. Some people hear that and get scared, thinking that it is bad to inhale. This is wrong; just because you hear a noise does not mean it will hurt you. The noise is created when the heat of the flame hits the honey. The sizzling is simply from the honey being broken down by heat and turning into smoke. So don’t fear some sizzling, just ignore it and enjoy that smoke!

How To Smoke With Honey?

If you need some tips on smoking with honey, then keep reading. When adding honey to your weed, usually it is inside a blunt. You can also use honey in a joint, but it is much more common in a blunt since honey can cause joints to rip or not burn properly. However, many stoners still make it work out with joints. Just be careful with the rolling papers if you are going to use a joint.

Add a thin layer of honey inside your blunt or joint before rolling up. For a joint, just make a thin line going through your rolling paper before adding your weed. But for a blunt, cover the entire inside with a thin layer of honey before adding the weed. Make sure that you only do a thin layer, as too much honey can clog up the blunt and cause it to not smoke right. Always add weed after you add the honey whether you are rolling a blunt or a joint.

So I talk about adding honey to the inside of your blunt or joint, but did you know that you can also add it to the outside? This works the same way that adding it to the inside does, however, it is a bit trickier and can make the outside all sticky. Check out this picture for an example of how to add honey to the outside of a blunt (or joint):

How To Smoke With Honey

You do not have to get all fancy with the honey-like above, you could just make a line going across the blunt. Whatever way you do it, just make sure that you leave about a quarter to half of the blunt free of honey so that you can still hold it. But even though you can add it to the outside, I recommend only adding it to the inside. But the choice is yours, so why not try out both methods and see which one you like the best?

FAQ: Smoking Marijuana With Honey

Is smoking marijuana with honey safe?

Yes, smoking marijuana with honey is generally considered safe as long as it is done in moderation. It is important to note that individuals should always consult their physician before engaging in any type of substance use.

What are the benefits of smoking marijuana with honey?

Smoking marijuana with honey may provide a more enjoyable experience due to the sweetness of the honey, as well as the potential for increased potency of the marijuana. Additionally, some people believe that smoking marijuana with honey may provide a more mellow and calming high.

Are there any risks associated with smoking marijuana with honey?

As with all forms of marijuana use, there are risks associated with smoking marijuana with honey. These may include short-term risks such as impaired coordination, memory problems, and increased anxiety. Long-term risks may include respiratory problems and cognitive impairments.

Are there any alternatives to smoking marijuana with honey?

Yes, individuals looking for alternatives to smoking marijuana with honey may choose to vape, eat edibles, or take capsules containing marijuana. Each form of marijuana can provide a different experience, so individuals should explore their options to find the best fit for them.

Final Note

That is all about smoking marijuana with honey! If you are looking for cool, new ways to smoke your weed, then try out some of these honey methods above. If you do, let me know how you liked it! You can always leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy smoking as always!

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  1. If anyone here as ever seen wax carts then you know it kinda looks like honey, people sell carts full of honey and many people got hurt because of it. Personally i use honey to seal a joint i rolled with a gum wrapper since i’m usually to lazy to go out and buy.

    • Technically you can, however there would be no additional effect. The honey is mainly used to support a blunt/joint, by slowing down the burn or keeping it sealed.

    • I wouldn’t recommend it. Honey is typically used on something that is going to burn (like a blunt), not inside a vaporizer. It’s also not a good thing to add stuff to your vaporizer that isn’t recommended, as it could clog up or damage your vape.


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