The Blunt Splitter Review

As a community, stoners have always been able to come together to create and share new ideas and products. The stereotype that says “all stoners are lazy” is a lie; stoners are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.

Cannabis brings out this creativity, and with it, stoners invent some cool new things for other stoners to try out. There are so many cannabis accessories out there, just like the one in this review.

Rolling blunts can be like second nature to some stoners. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes so easy to accomplish. However, there are a few tedious parts about rolling up a blunt. One of them, in my personal opinion, is breaking down the blunt wrap. Doing it by hand can sometimes result in a torn wrap, which can be no good. Especially if you had just finished breaking down some super sticky weed, cutting a straight line down your wrap can be difficult. But not with a blunt splitter.

What Is A Blunt Splitter?

A blunt splitter can make breaking down blunt wraps very simple and easy. It can save some time, and possibly some frustration, by cutting a straight line for you. It is honestly quite difficult to not cut a straight line while using a blunt splitter. With this, you can worry less about wasting wraps!

One neat feature about these blunt splitters in particular is that they each come with a keychain ring. Attach one to your keychain and always have a blunt splitter on the go. This way you’ll never lose your splitter! That is, unless you lose your keys altogether, which is a whole problem of its own.

A word of warning should come with this product. It may be very obvious anyway, however, I should state that no fingers should ever be inserted into the blunt splitter. Keep your splitter away from children at all times, as they may try to stick their fingers inside it.

How To Use One

Using one of these splitters is very simple. The product itself is pretty self-explanatory. Simply put, run your wrap through the whole splitter in a straight line. Here are some step-by-step instructions in case of any confusion:

  1. Start by inserting the slimmer end of your blunt wrap (if any) into the splitter.
  2. Evenly slide your wrap through the razor in the center of the splitter, maintaining a straight line.
  3. Once you get about halfway, pull (but not too hard) your wrap through the rest of the razor.

And that’s it! Easy, right? The only mistake that can be made is if you pull or push your wrap through the splitter too fast. Some wraps, especially natural tobacco wraps, may get stuck while sliding through the splitter. If you pull or push too hard, your wrap might tear, causing you to start all over with a new one.

Black Blunt Splitter

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In the photo above, you may notice a small razor in the center of the splitter. This is, of course, what will be splitting your wrap. Keep an eye on this while splitting so that you can keep a straight line. Most splitters, including the one above, has an indicator on the outside of the splitter to let you know where the razor is.

Is It Worth It?

The big question is: are blunt splitters worth it? Is it worth a few bucks to buy a splitter, or should you simply continue using your hands? Simply put, they are worth it for most stoners and those who love blunts.

If you consider yourself a pro at rolling blunts and splitting them, then maybe a splitter is not right for you. After all, maybe some stoners enjoy splitting the wrap? However, I believe it can still be handy to have a blunt splitter. Sometimes I break down some sticky weed, then go to split my blunt wrap and it tears because my fingers got stuck to it! Or, I got too high from the last blunt and cannot split the next.

For those who struggle to roll blunts regardless, blunt splitters may become your friend. Now you can get past the difficulty of splitting the wraps and get on to the hardest part, actually rolling the blunt! Reefer Post has done a video on how to roll for beginners, check it out:

“How To Roll A Blunt” Video

In conclusion, blunt splitters are cheap, easy to use, and overall nice to have when rolling up. Hope you enjoyed this post. You can check out many more cannabis reviews by clicking here. Thanks for reading!

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FAQ: The Blunt Splitter Review Good of Bad

Q: What is a Blunt Splitter?

A: A Blunt Splitter is a small device that can quickly and safely split open blunts so that users can fill them with cannabis. 

Q: What materials are used to make a Blunt Splitter?

A: A Blunt Splitter is typically made from high-quality stainless steel or aluminum.

Q: Is a Blunt Splitter safe to use?

A: Yes! Blunt Splitters are designed with safety in mind and are perfectly safe for users, as long as they are used responsibly.

Q: Does the Blunt Splitter come with a warranty?

A: Yes, most Blunt Splitters come with a limited warranty that covers any potential defects or malfunctions.

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