How To Prevent E-Cigarette (Vape) Explosions

Fire and explosion incidents in e-cigarettes are reported quite frequently now and it is important to understand what happens there.

Understanding The Root Cause

The e-cigarettes mostly use lithium-ion batteries which are the potential fire source in these portable devices. The reason lies in the way the batteries work. The battery powers the coil that heats up in turn and vaporizes the e-liquid.

Now what happens in unfortunate accidents is that the electrolyte gets heated to the boiling point and internal pressure builds. The pressure is not sustained by the battery ends that rupture, resulting in the release of pressure with force, and thus the explosion occurs!

This potential risk is increased many times when it all happens in the cylindrical e-cigarettes that are structured in a way that the ends are weaker and thus explode. This pressure can also sometimes propel the device like a rocket across space until all of the pressure built is released.

Generally, the problems are created by overheating of the batteries from external sources like direct sunlight, short circuit, or overcharging of the batteries.

Also charging with a non-recommended charger can lead to a higher voltage input that may result in overheating of the batteries and can even lead to melting and ultimately explosion due to intense heat. It is recommended to buy regulated products from Longhorn Vapor E-juices.

Preventing E-cigarette Explosions

Here are some of the ways the explosion of e-cigarettes can be prevented.

  • Ensure quality

In an ever-blooming vape industry, the cheaper alternatives are not only available but also seem tempting. Read about how to fix a vape battery here, too. These provide cheaper vaping options but compromise quality over that and thus accidents become more likely to happen. The approved and trusted brands often charge greater sums but the risks are considerably minimized.

Avoid other batteries, apart from those recommended by the device manufacturer.

There is a reason why certain recommended accessories come with the devices and it is only wise to use these instead of other alternatives. The devices with low resistance, for instance, require higher voltage input and thus more powerful batteries. When you use a lesser than recommended battery it gets strained and the risk of an accident increases. So it is always advisable to use the batteries and all accessories recommended by the manufacturer only.

  • Use recommended chargers alone!

Chargers are another crucial choice when it comes to e-cigarettes. The batteries account for about 80% of the accidents that took place and were reported. An investigation into the issue has established that the majority of those incidents were because of the use of non-recommended chargers.

  • Never leave the device unattended while charging

Always keep an eye on the battery while charging and check the progress periodically. It is very dangerous to sleep while charging or to leave the device unattended. This can aggravate the situation which can otherwise be easily controlled and the damage can be reduced.

  • Do not overcharge the batteries

Never leave the batteries on the charger after they have been fully charged. This reduces the capacity of the battery on one hand and overheating can cause it to explode on the other hand.

  • Avoid carrying the batteries around loosely

Carrying around spare batteries is never a wise idea as these can come in contact with some metallic objects like keys, buttons, or coins and can cause a short circuit. This can lead to severe health injuries as well apart from skin burns, etc.

  • Store the E-cigarettes and batteries like they are meant to be!

If you have to carry spare batteries with you, choose to place them in designated plastic cases instead. This averts the danger of coming in contact as well as overheating. All of these devices and accessories are ideally advised to be stored in cool and dry places. So even without a case, the batteries must be stored separately free from the risk of getting in contact with potential short circuit triggers.

  • Get rid of damaged batteries right away

Once the battery has been damaged, even if a minuscule one, always dispose of it immediately and properly. Small damages should not be undermined.

  • Always switch the power off!

The e-cigarettes should always be switched off when not in use. It is the safest approach. There are designated cases for the devices and their accessories that must be stored properly; but even if you choose to carry around your vape in your pocket, it is necessary to switch it off.

Also, the newer devices come with a lock that has features to prevent an explosion. In addition, the device can be locked during use as well as protected from sudden voltage fluctuations and ensure a safer vaping experience.

Mechanical Mods Are Always The Better Choice!

It is better to prefer mechanical mods over pre-regulated mods, but those require practice and experience which can be a hassle. But otherwise, it is a better choice by all means.

These basic precautionary measures can potentially minimize the risk of an explosion and fire. There is surely nothing like a safe vaping experience after all!

FAQ: How to Prevent Vape (E-Cigarette) Explosions

Q: Does the battery size of my e-cigarette affect the risk of an explosion?

A: Yes, it does. E-cigarettes with larger batteries have an increased risk of explosion. Make sure to research and find a battery of the right size for the device you own.

Q: What should I do if my e-cigarette starts to overheat?

A: Immediately turn off your device and remove the battery. Then, safely dispose of the battery and contact the retailer you purchased the device from for a replacement or other help. 

Q: Are e-cigarettes safer than traditional cigarettes? 

A: While e-cigarettes don’t contain as many of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, they still pose an explosion risk, so it is important to remain vigilant and practice safety measures.

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