How to Use CBD Intimacy Oil to Enhance Your Romantic Encounters 

The widespread availability of cannabis products everywhere has led to the invention of CBD lubes. Stress, anxiety, and not to mention vaginal dryness can get in the way of your sex life. Lubes are already very popular among people who care about their sexual well-being, but CBD oil fusion makes it all even more enticing. 

In the world of cannabinoids, you can sprinkle anything that’s consumable or topically applicable with CBD. From lip balms to toothpaste, it’s just the perfect cherry on top. Let’s get into it. 

Why You Should Choose CBD Oils in Your Intimate Moments

CBD lubes just spice things up a little more. Cannabidiol has gained traction over the years due to its potential health benefits. There’s even a good amount of research to back it up. So, using it for sex makes sense. 

Just to be clear, the “high” that you get from smoking pot is provided by the psychoactive ingredient THC. But CBD oils don’t usually contain THC; therefore, you don’t get any mind-altering experience. Which is why CBD oils are legal. Here’s a couple of benefits–

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Helps with muscle relaxation
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Enhances pleasure for both partners
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Relaxes the body
  • Helps with stress and anxiety

Using the CBD Intimacy Oils

Using the CBD Intimacy Oils

Even though the benefits of CBD lubes are mostly anecdotal, a lot of doctors have started recommending it to their patients who need a little help with, you know, getting it on. 

When applied topically, CBD oil soaks into the skin. Thus providing targeted effects in the genital area. In other words, you apply it and wait until it starts messing with the nerves and tissues down there. This can potentially enhance your and your partner’s sexual activities, especially if you or your partner suffers from vaginal dryness. You can even use it for self-pleasure, combining it with toys or just your hand.

Depending on your preference and needs, apply a generous amount of the lube topically. You can put it on your vulva, penis, clitoris, anus; whichever area you think needs lubrication and relaxation.

Safety and Precaution of CBD Intimacy Oil

So, the gist is that CBD intimacy oils provide a lot of benefits ranging from mental issues to headaches and muscle pain. But they also come with potential side effects, so you should proceed cautiously. Here’s what you can do:


It’s best to talk to a healthcare provider first before using active ingredients. But it is generally considered safe to use a generous amount of the product in your desired area. Just make sure it covers the area nicely, and the amount is enough for absorption.

Choose the Right Product:

Always go for a reputable brand that is transparent about the ingredients used. Check the label. Keep the base in mind. They can be oil-based, water-based or silicone-based. Also, look out for additional ingredients. Since the FDA doesn’t approve of these wellness medications, your safety is up to you. So keep training your eyes!

Get Tested for Allergies:

It is best to be aware of allergies or sensitivities before using an active ingredient like CBD. For starters, you can test them on the inside of your wrist to see how your body reacts. Also, check if you are on other meds that may mess with CBD. For example, birth control pills or heart medications often result negatively when paired with hemp.


Oil-based lubes are not safe for latex. Because latex starts degrading when it comes in contact with oil, so, if you are using condoms, go for water-based products. A lot of reviewers of the water-based lubes have said that they dry quickly. If that’s one of your concerns, opt for oil-based ones. The cons, however, include staining and being incompatible with latex.


Wait 15-30 minutes for the product to soak in completely. The onset may vary depending on the ingredients. It’s best to read the packaging first. One thing you can do is: applying it 20 or 30 minutes before doing the deed. It preps you for the nudge nudge.

Things to Avoid:

Some CBD intimacy oils may contain solvents that haven’t been purged entirely from the extract. Taking them may result in unwanted situations, especially if you have a weaker immune system. But since you are using them topically, their effects will vary. Because CBD, when applied topically, is only absorbed by the skin, not the entire body. So you’re definitely on the safer side.

Ask for Expert Opinion:

Consult a professional about the dosage and administration method if you’re using the lube for treating a specific condition. It could be vaginitis, PCOS, vaginal tearing, etc. And always remember the mantra “Start low and go slow.”

How to Choose the Right CBD oil

There are tons of sex oils available in the market. Choosing the right product can be a tiresomely lengthy process. To make the right decision and for your desired sexual arousal, here are some things to consider:

Check Certification: CBD is not verified by the FDA, but there are third-party verifiers that inform you about the purity, potency, safety, and content of cannabinoids. Always check the COA (Certificate of Analysis or Origin) before buying. It holds info about the quality of the product.

Opt for Homegrown Products: Domestically grown products are required to meet quality-control standards by law. The USDA controls it. Farmers make it from scratch, and it is a no-brainer that homemade things are the best.

Choose the Right Spectrum: Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils will be more potent than CBD-only products. If you are sensitive to THC, consider CBD isolate products. If you want to get frisky as well as intoxicated, you can move on to something containing the psychoactive ingredient, THC. 

Buy From a Renowned Retailer: Avoid smoke shops or gas stations when purchasing CBD sex oils. Try finding licensed dispensaries or cloud shops that provide lab results, customer reviews, and product transparency. Never compromise on the quality.

Keep an Eye Out For Allergens: Google any unknown ingredient name and the side effects, and be cautious of allergens.

Personal Stories

Dr. Brandeye, an OB/GYN and sex therapist, suggests cannabinoids to her patients. According to her, it dilates the blood vessels, which means it will help with arousal by getting blood rushing down your erogenous areas. As a result, your body starts producing its natural lubricants. 

A former OB/GYN, Dr. Lynn Parodneck, says, “Your biggest sex organ is your brain.” She explains how important it is to be present and “in the mood” to want to reach orgasm regardless of the products you’re using. Because let’s be honest, it’s not the product that’s making you orgasm; it’s your partner. Both parties need to be actively involved. 

Some of the CBD lube users have said that they find the product “a great addition to the bedroom” and “it feels like my pussy is high”. A lot of them have seen significant improvement in their sex life after using CBD intimacy oils. A Better sex drive and wetter sex! Some of them experimented with toys. While writing this article, I casually mentioned CBD lubes and one of my friends said that she uses the lube on her pelvic wand for a heightened sensation. 

A lot of women struggle with getting aroused, partly because of their previous bad experiences. CBD oils intervene with this negative loop and provide positive reinforcement. They might start associating that scent with pleasure after using scented or flavored products. 

And lubes aren’t only used on genitals. You can even give yourself or your partner a nice massage with the oil. Like my colleague Mina (not her real name) does. All of this helps enhance your sensuality.


Overall, CBD products are great. However, you use them. It’s important to note that many, but not all, CBD lubricants are oil-based. The reason is CBD dissolves in fat. Substances like hemp oil or coconut oil. And, as we all know, oil degrades latex. So don’t use these lubes with condoms. Other than that, not one single soul has ever negatively reviewed CBD intimacy lubes. 

CBD sure isn’t a magic ingredient that cures all, but it does provide benefits that are worth mentioning. A lot of people find the lubes beneficial for their pelvic pain and sexual arousal. Some of them use it for issues like vaginitis or PCOS.

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