Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Grow Tent (Cannabis Growing)

Do you ever feel you need to do everything perfectly to grow cannabis correctly?

The truth is: that growing cannabis is very easy. You just have to take care of a few things to ensure your cannabis plant won’t die. From germinating your seeds to curing, humidity and temperature play an important role. And managing such conditions can make or break your harvest.

In this guide, find out the ideal temp and humidity for growing a tent and how it matters a lot in the growing process:

Best Grow Room Temperature and Humidity in Every Stage

grow tent
Grow Tent

The ideal temperature and humidity conditions for growing a tent depend largely on which stage your cannabis is at. For instance, the seedling stage requires humid and warm conditions. While at the flowering stage, plants usually prefer nighttime conditions and less humidity. Read on to find the best grow room temperature and humidity in every stage:

Seedlings Stage

  •  At the seedlings stage, the ideal temperature is considered between 20°C and 25°C and RH of 65-70%.
  •   The period of the seedling stage is around 2-3 weeks.
  •  The warm and humid conditions at this stage of the marijuana plant help in promoting rooting.
  •  Even in clones, the rooting process requires humid conditions for development.

The Cannabis seedlings and clones are at a very tender and fragile point during this stage. Even the tiniest bit of change can rupture their growth and even lead to the death of the plant. To ensure no such issue arises, the cannabis growers keep the seedlings and clones in a seed germinator or a dome. They use cool lights and maintain humidity by misting the area at regular intervals.

Vegetative Stage

  • In the vegetative stage, marijuana plants require warmer and less humid temperatures.
  •  The cannabis grower recommends increasing the temperature of the grow room or tent up to 22-28°C and reducing the humidity level until it reaches 60% RH.

The vegetative stage of cannabis is a lot easier to manage than its seedlings stage. At this stage, the plants have fully established their roots. Few nodes and leaves also tend to start growing at this stage. One can see them shoot up in height and grow into beautiful, healthy plants.

Growing Cannabis Plants
Vegetative Stage

Flowering Stage:

  • During this stage, the cannabis plant likes cooler and low temperatures.
  • It is recommended to keep the plant’s temperature between 20-26 °C and RH at 50 % during this stage.
  • When the lights are off, dropping the temperature by merely 5-8°C will be fruitful.

The flowering stage is the most exciting and challenging one for inexperienced growers. At this stage, the cannabis plants are vulnerable as they are preparing to bloom. Therefore, any change in nutrients, temperature, or lighting should be done more gradually than all of a sudden to avoid shocking the plants.

Late–Flowering Stage:

  • During the final two weeks of the flowering stage, the growers suggest dropping the temperature to 20-23°C when the lights are on.
  • When the lights are turned off, the temperature should be lowered to 18-20°C, and RH should drop down to 30%.

At this stage, the buds of the plant will start to harden. These delicate heads of the flower will start to turn into amber. The milky pistils of the buds will shrink and turn brown and fragile. As long as this stage lasts, the plants will start to produce new aromas and flavors.

Hybrid Cannabis Plant Growing
Flowering Stage

What is temp too high for Grow Tent?

The ideal temperature of the grow tent for growing cannabis depends on what stage the plant is at. No set temperature can be considered high for the grow tent. When the plant is in the seedling stage, then around 85°F can be considered a high temperature for growing a tent. Whereas for the flowering stage, only 80°F is more than enough.

Can humidity be too low in grow tent?

When the humidity levels are not adjusted properly, the cannabis crop might suffer drastically. In addition, due to low humidity, dry conditions can be created, which may lead to issues like spider mites in the plants.

What temperature should my grow room be when the lights are off?

Expert Cannabis growers suggest that the temperature in the grow tent should be when the lights are on should be 68°F to 80 °F. When the lights get off, the temperature should be lowered from 62°F to 72°F. This temperature should be kept at the lowest range during the seedling stage as they yet have to develop roots.

FAQ: Temperature And Humidity

Q: What is the ideal temperature for growing cannabis in a grow tent?

A: The ideal temperature for cannabis growth in a grow tent is between 68-77°F (20-25°C).

Q: What is the ideal humidity range for growing cannabis in a grow tent?

A: The ideal humidity range for cannabis growth in a grow tent is between 40-60%.

Final Note

From the day germination of the seeds starts till the time it is ready to harvest, everything that goes around nurturing the plants directly impacts them. The health of these plants is determined by the quality of growing conditions they get. If the temperature at which they are growing is not ideal, your plants may not be able to grow properly or, in the worst case, die. In this article, all the ideal conditions are covered, which are necessary for the optimum growth of plants.

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