Different Ways To Consume CBD

In recent years, scientific studies have proven that CBD contains many medical values that can serve as an alternative to some prescribed medications. CBD contains hundreds of different medical values. Most medical marijuana patients use marijuana that contains a high amount of CBD. Some even go as far as only using CBD, and not using THC at all.

There is a large group of those out there who wish they could smoke weed, however, their job does not allow it. Unfortunately, that is the case for more people than you think. Luckily, most jobs only test for the amount of THC in your system, and not CBD. For this reason, many of these people search for products that only contain CBD. That way they can get all of the values in CBD without losing their job!

So, you know that there are ways to consume only CBD, but do you know all of these ways? Well, Reefer Post has put together a list of many different ways to consume CBD, as well as where to buy it, just for you! So sit back, enjoy this post, and find out which way of consuming CBD is best for you.

Dropping Oil

The first way, and possibly the most common way, of consuming CBD is by dropping CBD oil under your tongue. This is the standard way of getting CBD into your system. If you visit your local store that sells CBD, they most likely carry CBD oil. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to use CBD, then this is your answer. Purchase a bottle of CBD oil, read how many doses you should be taking, and give it a go.

MadeByHemp has some great CBD oil that you can drop under your tongue, or even use in a vaporizer (which we’ll get to later):

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Now, CBD does take a while to relieve certain aches and pains in your body. On average, CBD oil users do not get full relief until after one week of using the oil. Also, you must place it under your tongue. Because of this, you will get to taste the oil. Now to some, this taste is not that bad. However, other users cannot stand it. The taste of CBD oil is disgusting to some. For that reason, those users turn to another method of consuming CBD.

Popping Pills

Another option out there for consuming CBD is to take a pill that is infused with it. That’s right, you can pop a pill and get the effects from CBD like that. If you take prescription pills on a routine basis, then you can add CBD pills to that routine. Just make sure that you check the dosage amount in the pills that you purchase, as well as how often you should be taking them. Reefer Post does not stand accountable for the misuse of anything that you read on our website.

MadeByHemp also sells CBD pills, if you’re into that:

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Don’t like taking pills? No need to worry, you are not the only one. Many people hate taking pills, especially those who already take a bunch of pills daily. Those people want to switch things up, they want to try something new. Luckily for them, CBD can be consumed in many different ways.

Chewing Gummies

Here is a fun, sweet way to consume CBD: by eating gummies! Do you know about vitamins that come in gummy form instead of a pill? Well, CBD can do the same thing! By gummy form, we mean gummy bears, gummy rings, gummy worms, and other gummy treats (saying gummy a bunch of times sounds odd). If you enjoy eating gummy treats, then you should purchase some CBD gummies, that way you feel as if you are eating candy, while still consuming CBD! And if you are concerned about your health and the sugars that come along with gummies, no need to worry, many CBD brands offer sugar-free gummies.

CBD Gummies

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Gummies are a great way to consume CBD. However, there is still a group of CBD users out there who do not like gummy treats at all. Fortunately, CBD can be made into almost any treat! Keep reading for more on that.

Adding CBD To Edibles

Some may be thinking “Well if they can make gummy treats with CBD, why can’t they put CBD in other edible treats?” That is a thing! Many CBD brands offer an assortment of edibles to choose from. But, in my opinion, that may not be the best way to get CBD edibles. The best way is to make your own! That’s right, head over to the kitchen and whip up your very own CBD edibles.

Here’s a look at some already-made CBD edibles:

CBD Chocolate

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You can even use Reefer Post’s edible recipes to make your own CBD edibles. Just make sure you switch out all of the THC content with CBD. Click the link below to check out our recipes:

Edible Recipes

Vaping CBD

Last, but not least, we have vaping. If you like smoking but are unable to smoke due to your circumstances, then you can always vape. Vaping is better for the lungs than smoking since you are technically not inhaling smoke, you are inhaling something that has been vaporized. This method is great for those who do not want to eat anything, pop a pill, or drop oil on their tongue. Just make sure that you buy CBD vape oil for your vaporizer and not the oil that you drop on your tongue (because sometimes there’s a difference).

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So, we have listed five different ways to consume CBD. If you know of another way that did not make the list, feel free to share it in the comments section below. Hopefully, you found a way that works for you. And remember, look into how much you should be consuming. Do not over consume, nor under consume. Also, allow the CBD to spread throughout your entire body. If you are dosing correctly, then this can take up to two weeks. Don’t just think that the CBD is not working (unless you have been using it correctly for over two weeks). Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Various CBD Consumption Methods

Q: What are the best ways to take CBD?

A: It depends on when and what you are looking to take it for. Popular methods of taking CBD include oral intake, transdermal absorption, sublingual intake, smoking or vaping, and topical application.

Q: Is CBD better taken orally or inhaled?

A: This really depends on individual preference and also the condition you are trying to treat. Generally, oral intake is more efficient for long-term therapeutic effects and you can hold the CBD in your body for longer. Inhaling allows for faster absorption and can provide stronger therapeutic effects quicker.

Q: How long does it take for CBD to take effect?

A: This once again depends on how you take it, but some methods such as vaping can take effect in as little as 5 minutes, while oral CBD can take up to an hour before the effects are felt.

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