Best Bubble Hash Bags Reviews in 2023

If you’re interested in consuming cannabis on a much more elevated level, making bubble hash by yourself is always the best option. This process is pretty easy, and any beginner can do it with the right equipment, which is a set of bubble hash bags.

While there are many bubble bags available in the market, you need to pick the right one that can go well with cannabis plants. And if you are just starting, having something beginner-friendly is also important. With that being said, here are the best bubble hash bags available this year for your homemade high concentration of cannabis –

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash, also known as ice water hash, is a type of cannabis product made through a solventless extraction method. To make it, cannabis enthusiasts use ice-cold water to agitate the cannabis plant, which causes the resin glands (trichomes) to become brittle and break off from the plant. The mixture is then collected using bubble bags, separating it from the plant matter, leaving you with a high concentration of marijuana. 

Bubble hash contains high concentrations of cannabinoids (CBD and THC) and terpenes, giving it an intense smell. Due to the ease of extracting bubble hash, it can be done by beginners with bubble hash bags as there is no need to use chemicals. After production, the hash can be smoked or used in edibles, providing an intense high that’s much more potent than regular marijuana. 

Best Bubble Hash Bags Reviews


VIVOSUNmicro Bubble Hash Bags

When it comes to cost-effective but high-quality choices for bubble hash, the VIVOSUN bags are excellent, as the set comes with four bags ranging from 25 microns to 220 microns. The Oxford cloth material is very durable, and the outside waterproof coating also helps decrease moisture contaminants. Moreover, the nylon bottom allows easy filtering, making these bags pretty suitable for beginners. 

Among these excellent features, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. The most prominent issue we found was the absence of micron-size labels; without them, you have to memorize the colors of the bag and their association with the micron numbers. For example, the purple bag is 25 microns, while the blue one is 220. We recommend labeling them yourself to stop forgetting. Fortunately, this minor issue can be ignored, considering the affordability and durability of the bags. 

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iPower Bubble Hash Bags

While VIVOSUN is a more beginner-friendly option, iPower comes with professional-grade filtration, and anyone looking for top-notch bubble hash bags will appreciate the craft that was put into this item. The bags are made of nylon material with a waterproof coating and superior double stitching, making them even more durable than some of the best bags out there. On top of that, the free 25-micron pressing screen and a carry bag also help with the whole process.

This is a product recommended by experienced extract makers, especially due to the durability of the bags and their ability to handle various materials. And even though these are professional-grade options, it doesn’t mean they aren’t beginner-friendly. Even with less-than-ideal materials, you will be met with quality results, reducing waste during the process. The only drawback, in our opinion, is not having a 10-micron option. 



The versatility of BUBBLEBAGDUDE’s bags makes them one of the best in the market, as the five different bags, each labeled with micron sizes (ranging from 220 to 25) and color-coded, offer efficient and precise extraction for different grades of weed. Therefore, no matter if you are looking for flavorful or potent extracts, these bags can offer excellent results. Moreover, they are pretty easy to use – just grab your 5-gallon bucket, add water, ice, and your choice of strain, and let it work.

While these bags feature versatility, their durability comes into question. The stitching of these hash bags is not the most ideal, and for more longevity, we would recommend VIVOSUN or iPower, both of which have much superior stitching. Nonetheless, BUBBLEBAGDUDE is a pretty affordable option with a beginner-friendly design and efficiency.

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Growsun All Mesh

Growsun All Mesh

The Growsun All Mesh bags are crafted using proper polyester with double-stitching, making them highly durable. With 8 different bags from 220um to 25um macro rating, these are more versatile than 5-bag options. The bags are labeled with the macron numbers and are also color-coded, making it easier to pick out the right one from the set. 

While the mesh allows for better drainage, it may take more time, and the question of durability also arises. However, this minor disadvantage is negligible considering the price, and if you are just starting, these are pretty handy for first-time users. If you are looking for more durable options and don’t mind paying a bit more, the first two products from our list would be much better.

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If you are only looking for a single bag of 220 macrons, this is a decent option as it will save you more money compared to buying a set of 5 or 8 bags. The round bag has a well-made zipper and velcro closure, making it pretty durable similar to the previous BUBBLEBAGDUDE product. Being able to use it multiple times without too much hassle of cleaning is also a plus, as you only need water or rubbing alcohol to rinse the bag. 

The yield is very high-quality with this bag; however, there are some drawbacks as well. BUBBLEBAGDUDE’s bags can be hit or miss in terms of durability, and if you don’t like the sound of uncertainty when making hash, you’ll prefer options like VIVOSUN and iPower. However, having only a single bag is great if you do not want to purchase a full set of different macrons.

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Zegos 5 Gallon 5 Bags Toolkit Combo

Zegos 5 Gallon 5 Bags Toolkit Combo

With many other bubble bag sets, a few components are missing that you have to use, such as gloves and pruning snips. This issue is not present with the Zegros set, as it comes with everything you need to get started, including 4 light-proof storage jars, 2 pairs of gloves, 20 pieces of parchment paper, a grater, 2 pressing screens of 25 microns, pruning snips, and a storage bags. The 600D Oxford fabric with an extra PVC inner layer makes these durable and long-lasting.

The all-in-one kit works great for users who are just starting, reducing the hassle of getting multiple components from different suppliers. However, there is one issue that arises with this, having to use plastic jars instead of glass. Other than that, this is a suitable option for beginners. 

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Bubble Hash Bags Buying Guide

Since bubble hash bags come in different sizes and options, you need to know exactly what you need for your extraction. Here’s a buying guide on choosing the right option –

Durability of Material

Opt for bubble bags made of high-quality and durable materials like thickened 600D Oxford fabric, German mesh, or polyester. Moreover, pay attention to the stitching, as having a double-stitching or well-made velcro closure can also add to the bags’ durability. These should be your primary concern when getting hash bags, as longevity will determine how long you can use the bags without any wear or tear. 

Micron Rating

Micron rating is also one of the most important factors to consider when buying bubble hash bags. A smaller macron number means the bag will extract small particles, which will give you better extracts, but you will have to use a lot of flowers. A set of bags with different micron ratings is the way to go if you want versatility. 

Ease of Use

If you are a newcomer to the world of extracting hash, getting something beginner-friendly is a must to avoid mistakes. Look for user-friendly bags with a round shape, velcro zipper, and a string lock system, as these features can help you learn the process without hassle.

Labels and Color Coding

When you get a set of bubble bags, knowing the micron rating of each bag is essential. The set of bags should have color coding with labels showing the micro numbers. Otherwise, you may mix them up and inevitably make mistakes when extracting hash.

Types of Bubble Hash Bags 

There are several types of hash bags depending on their micron/mesh rating and gallon sizes –

Micron/Mesh Rating

Hash bags are available in a range of micron ratings, which determine the size of the mesh of the bags. Smaller mesh results in finer extracts, while larger micron ratings allow more materials to pass through. Here are the different types of hash bags based on their micron ratings –

  • Large: Micron ratings ranging from 220 to 120 are considered large hash bags and are used at the early stages of the filtration to remove large parts of the flowers. 
  • Medium: Medium bubble bags have micron ratings from 90 to 45 and can capture medium-sized impurities and trichomes. If you don’t want very fine extract, medium bags could be a good option.
  • Small: Bags with a micron rating of 25 or lower are small and have a fine mesh, which can help make the best extract by capturing only the finest particles. 

Gallon Sizes

Bubble bags are designed to fit certain gallon-sized buckets to extract materials. The most common sizes for these bags are 1-gallon and 5-gallon.

  • 1-gallon bags: If you want to extract on a smaller scale and don’t want to use too much space, 1-gallon bags would be the right choice. 
  • 5-gallon bags: 5-gallon bags are the most common choices since they can extract much more material and are suitable for commercial use. 

Best Uses of Bubble Hash 

Once you have collected your ice water hash from the bubble bags and dried them, there are many ways to use the hash, and here are the best options –


The most common way to enjoy bubble hash is to smoke it. You can mix the hash inside a regular joint to increase the potency or sprinkle it on top of a bowl of flowers in a bong or pipe. Smoking is the straightforward method of enjoying the potent hit of hash browns along with the flavors. 


If you’re looking for a smoother experience, vaping bubble hash at lower temperatures is the way to go, as it preserves the delicate terpenes. Moreover, it can be a healthier alternative to smoking as many of the harmful combustion byproducts are eliminated. 


For an intense and immediate high, you can go for dabbing, which involves vaporizing the concentrate using a dab ring. Experienced cannabis users prefer dabbing with bubble hash due to its potent and rapid effects.


You can make your edibles at home by infusing bubble hash into candies, baked goods, or homemade oils. For this, you will have to heat the bubble hash first to decarboxylate and then infuse it into your favorite recipes, creating more potent edibles than what is available in stores. 


Cannabis buds coated in hash oil and then rolled in bubble hash created moonrocks, a potent combination that results in an extremely powerful product, giving an intense high. Similar to dabbing, this method of consumption is also favored by long-term cannabis enjoyers.


There’s a learning curve with bubble hash bags, but if you go for a beginner-friendly option, there is much less room for error. Fortunately, the bags we mentioned are all easy to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

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