Aside for Widgets

Sidebar Widgets are a main feature of any Magazine Blogging site. To aid with that Dispatch uses a nifty little plugin and a couple of custom CSS classes to make styling your sidebar a breeze.

Widget CSS Classes

Using the namesake plugin you can now add CSS Classes to Widgets. Simple.

Dispatch Widget Classes

CSS Class: zero-padding
Removes the padding from the widget. Perfect for adding those banner ads for maximum space.

CSS Class: no-background
Removes the widget color background that is set in the Customizer.

CSS Class: wpsp-card
Used exclusively with the WP Show Posts Widget and with zero padding and no background.
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Adding your classes

Want a different color background for your widgets? Here’s how to do it. Add your Custom Class Name to your widget. In this example, we’ll go for a red color and name our class red background. Now that added let’s add some CSS. {
    background-color: #ff0000;
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