White Widow Marijuana Strain Review

If you came to this strain review looking for an excellent strain, then you came to the right place. White Widow is one of the most popular marijuana strains out there. This is due to its potency and a great balance of Indica and Sativa effects. Yes, this does mean that this strain is a hybrid strain. The balance between Indica and Sativa effects is so great in this strain that it was featured in Reefer Post’s “Top 10 Best/Most Balanced Hybrid Strains” post.

Origin of White Widow

White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands during the 1990s and has been popular in Dutch coffee shops ever since. The nugs are white, which helps give this strain its name. Typically, white nugs indicate that the strain is very potent. This is true about this strain, so be mindful of not getting too high.

White Widow Effects

The potency of White Widow causes the effects to be felt quickly and strongly. The first thing you will feel once getting high off of this strain is a heavy euphoria and burst of energy. This has been known to stimulate creativity and even make one feel more sociable. White Widow has also been known to leave its users feeling relaxed, happy, and uplifted.

One thing to keep in mind about White Widow is that it has been known to give users a very dry mouth, which is also known as Cottonmouth. Because of this, we recommend keeping water with you when smoking.

Medical Properties

Besides the recreational effects of this strain, White Widow, let’s talk about the medical effects that come along with it. Medical marijuana patients can benefit from this strain when it comes to:

  • stress
  • depression
  • pain
  • insomnia
  • fatigue

If you suffer from any of those conditions, try out some of this strain, it may help.

Flavors and Scents

If you want to smoke some White Widow, there are a few things that you can expect when it comes to its flavors and scents. This strain has been known to have an earthy, wood taste to it. It has also been known to smell and taste flowery.

White Widow Strain Review: Final Note

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