What Is Delta 8 Flower And How To Find The Best One

Delta-8 has been touted for its immense positive effects on nausea, pain, anxiety, depression and many such maladies. As result, mass conversions of cannabinoids into Delta-8 are at an all-time high. Because it is independently made or modified, it is mostly found in the forms of tinctures, cookies, vapes, oils, gummies, and candies.

However, if you are a traditional blunt-lighting, joint-rolling die-hard, these methods might not work for you.

Lucky for you, scientists have now found a way of infusing pure delta-8 distillate into hemp flowers making them potent and therefore available in flower form.

How Is Delta 8 Flower Made?

delta 8 THC
Delta 8 THC

Though hemp can be bred selectively to produce Delta 8 THC, it is a painstaking process that is not favored. More commonly, delta-8 is made by the conversion of another cannabinoid.

During the conversion of delta-8 from other cannabinoids, components of these cannabinoids are re-arranged into the composition of delta 8. It is for example quite easy to arrange the CBD molecule into Delta-8 though it has proven impossible to convert into THC under normal stimuli exposure. As Delta-8 is only synthesized from hemp substances, it can still be considered to be an “all-natural” cannabinoid.

Below is a simple step by step breakdown of how Delta-8 flower is made:

Step 1: Isomerization

The process most commonly used in the conversion of CBD into delta-8 by arranging its molecules into different structures is known as isomerization.

Once the delta-8 has been isomerized, it is applied to the hemp flower by way of aerosol spray. As a base for Delta-8, any form of hemp flower is ideal though strains with initial low concentrations of cannabinoids are preferred to allow room for the delta 8.

First, delta 8 is isomerized from another cannabinoid. Delta 8 THC can be sprayed onto flower in its isolated form, but it’s better to combine delta 8 isolate with hemp distillate to leverage the benefits of the entourage effect.

Step 2: Application

After isomerization, the Delta 8 can then be sprayed onto the recipient flower either in its isolate form or in combination with a hemp distillate which leverages the entourage effects benefits.  Though methods of application may vary, the machine that “aerosolizes” the delta-8 also sprays it onto the surface of the hemp flowers placed in a sealed chamber.

Step 3: Packaging

After the hemp flowers have been infused into delta 8 flower, it is now ready for packaging for the end-user. The flowers can be weighed and put into airtight containers of ground up for pre-rolls and packaged in the ground form.

Does delta 8 THC make you high?

delta 8 gummies
delta 8 gummies

Delta 8 is similar in structure, with a little twist, to Delta 9 THC which is the substance in marijuana that induces a psychoactive effect when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system causing a high. Because of this similarity, Delta-8 does have a degree of psychoactive action and does induce a high. However, it is important to note that the high induced by Delta-8 has been described to be milder with more relaxed effects. Delta 8 is also a CB1 agonist resulting in amplified effects of other cannabinoids present, which means if the bud used as a base has traces of Delta 9 THC, its effects could be amplified as well.

Below are some Delta 8 THC strains

Bubba OG- This Indica THC strain is sweet and peppery with slight citrusy undertones that have. Its effects are social and relaxing.

Blueberry– It has a strong smoky flavor with blueberry undertones. Its effects are calming and relaxing and leave you feeling very relaxed.

Lemon Haze- This Sativa strain has a bright lemon flavor with mood-boosting, calming, and uplifting effects.

Sour Diesel – Named after its award-winning base flower, sour diesel is skunky, diesel whiffs with lemony orange undertones. Its Sativa roots inspire creativity, motivation, and a clear mind.

Pineapple Express- This is a Sativa Strain straight from the tropics. It is high-energy and uplifting due to its Sativa bearing.

Sour Space Candy- This Sativa strain is reminiscent of a candy treat. With a sweet and sour aroma with appley and citrus undertones, its effects are uplifting, calming and reduce anxiety.

Train Wreck – With earthy, piney underones, this hybrid will leave you feeling excited, soothed and happy.

Super Silver Haze – This is another spicy and peppery strain with cerebral effects that are energizing and long-lasting.

Caribbean Dream- This full-bodied hybrid strain has pungent, fruity flavors with hints of cedar. It offers uplifting, relaxed effects which leave you feeling relaxed.

Royal Kush- With a flavor profile that is sweet and earthy, this Indica strain has long-lasting, hard-hitting effects of euphoria and relaxation.

Northern Lights–  Another Indica strain that has a skunky citrus flavor profile with a hint of spice. Its effects are heavy-hitting and could be numbing and sedating.

Granddaddy Purp- This Indica strain has a strong grape flavor profile and inspires a potent whole-body high, which will leave you feeling relaxed and possibly couch-locked.

What is the best delta 8 flower?

what is delta 8 flower
best delta 8 flowers in the market

For consideration as the best in the market, a delta 8 flower should:

·         Be sprayed with a quality delta 8 distillate, instead of just an isolate.

·         Have an above-board manufacturing process for the delta 8

·         Use pure delta 8

·         Have high-quality and organic buds.

·         Contain significant amounts of delta 8 which will offer potent effects

·         Attract a good number of positive reviews from customers.

 Flower quality, potency, and delta-8 extract quality delta flower.  The experience the customer has is also solely important in determining a good delta 8 flower.

If you are looking for the Best Delta 8 THC Flowers to Buy in 2022, you have come to the right place. Here is our list of Delta 8 flowers that will literally make you wish you’d known about them sooner.

 1. Zkittles by Exhale

If these sound like a bag of treats…it’s because they are. They are called skittles because they were designed to have the tropical flavors and mouth-watering goodness of their nemesis “Skittles”. With this strain, you will enjoy fruity flavors which linger on your tongue from the sweet-smelling smoke and as the calm and relaxing effects of Delta 8 wash over you in a happy, calming wave of euphoria. As a CBD flower, Z-Skittles were iconic. Now, as a potent delta 8 strain, it is taking things to the next level and what’s more, because of its CBD base, it is considered federally legal in most states.

Zkittles is a premium top-of-its-class Non-GMO Delta-8 Hemp flower that is 100% naturally grown, 3rd party Lab Tested and packaged in glass jars that have child-resistant caps. If you are looking for a classy, enjoyable Delta 8 flower, this is definitely it!

2. Zero G by Hometown Hero

Named after the award-winning “Zero G flower” which won 2nd place at the High Times Hemp Cup in 2020, it delivers the high expectation spot on! This Delta 8 flower has a base of indoor-grown hemp flower which is then sprayed with Delta 8 THC that’s pure. This wonderful tasting and smooth Delta 8 flower contains 250 mg Delta8 THC for every gram of flower, making it perfectly potent. Each container contains a whopping 87 mg of pure Delta 8 THC making it an awesome buy that guarantees immense value. Hometown Hero is 3rd party lab-tested as well as having COAs (Certificates of analysis) for each individual bottle. This evidence of quality should give you great peace of mind as you enjoy the benefits of Delta-8 in your favorite smoke.

3. Raygun by Hometown Hero

After several months of research and development, the creators of Raygun finally landed on a masterpiece. This Delta-8 THC flower uses only the highest-quality CBD flower and boasts of perfect consistency that is only rivaled by regular flower. The deep green color of the flowers combined with their mild stickiness and fresh pine and earthy flavors will make you feel like you’re connecting with nature to imbibe all its goodness. With concentrations of 250 mg Delta 8 THC for each gram and 875 mg per bottle, this product will last you a while! What’s more? It is also a 3rd Party lab tested with each bottle having a certificate of analysis.

4. Gelato by Canna River

This is a Canna River Delta 8 flower that has a sweet berry-ish flavor. It uses a base flower of premium hemp that is Indica dominant which is then infused with high-quality Delta 8 distillate. It also boasts of significant entourage effects from its base flower. This is a refreshing flower that will not leave you feeling bankrupt!

5. Cowdaddy Crush- by Blue Moon

This is a high-CBG strain that has great non-psychoactive properties which will leave you feeling alert alongside the other positive effects of Delta 8. This is a top-shelf organically grown hemp flower that is 100% Hand Trimmed unadulterated Delta 8 flower. So if you are concerned about additives, this is your go-to Delta 8 flower! You can smoke it in a water pipe, normal pipe, or simply roll it into joints.

6. OG Kush by Koi High Hopes

This is a full spectrum CBD flower that is grown in Oregon, USA, which is then infused with Delta 8 distillate of the highest quality. This flower will give you a full-bodied experience that will leave you coming back for more. It can be used in dry herb vaping devices, pipes, including water pipes, or rolled into joints.

7. Pineapple Express by Concentrated Concepts

Doesn’t that already sound so delicious? That is because it is! The base for this Delta 8 flower combines the flavourful Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains to come up with a flower that smells of fresh apple and mango combined with a taste of pineapple, cedar, and pine. Yummy! If you are looking for a treat alongside your Delta 8 fix, this is definitely it.

FAQ: What Is Delta 8 Flower And How To Find The Best One

Does Delta 8 come in flower form?

Yes. Though some organically grown Delta 8 flowers exist, the most common form of delta 8 flower is a most commonly premium CBD flowers infused with delta 8 distillate.

Is delta-8 a CBD flower?

Most commonly yes. Though the properties of Delta 8 are generally closer to THC.

Can you smoke delta-8 flowers in a pipe?

Yes. Delta 8 flowers can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into a joint or even used in a vape.

What’s the difference between CBD flower and delta-8 flower?

CBD flowers are hemp flowers that do not contain THC or do in barely traceable amounts. Delta 8 flowers most commonly have a CBD flower base which is usually then infused with delta-8 distillate.

Is Delta 8 infused flower Safe?

As long as you take Delta 8 infused flower responsibly, you should be able to enjoy its immense positive effects safely.

Delta 8 flowers

Delta 8 flowers are certainly a great way to consume this revolutionary cannabinoid while experiencing the entourage effects of other terpenes and compounds found in the hemp flower. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time!

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