What Is 710 Friendly?

Being 710 friendly means that any particular place or community accepts or welcomes concentrates (extracts), products of use, and different ways to consume them. The cannabis community is full of varying lingo and slang, and 710 is one of them.

710 enjoyers are a unique part of the canna community. Even if you have been consuming weed for a long time, you may still not know about them. It is understandable as there are so many different slangs to know, and some also evolve.

Let’s elaborate on 710 friendliness in this article-

History of Cannabis Use

Using different terms and slang in the cannabis community has been a thing for ages. You can guess why. The consumption of weed and such has been illegal almost everywhere for a long time. Hence, the community members couldn’t simply talk about them in public.

So, they resorted to code words, also known as Ganja Jargon, to conceal their topic from the views of the guardians, teachers, cops, and others.

Over time, some of these slang also got known by the general public, so the community changed or evolved some of them. One little-known fact is that Marijuana is also a jargon and wasn’t an official name.

Some other popular cannabis slang terms are-

  • Grass
  • Weed
  • Mary Jane
  • Ganja
  • Pot
  • Dope.

What Does “710” Mean? 

Now that you know about different slangs cannabis enthusiasts have used since before the 20th century, you can guess that 710 is also one of them. Yes, it is a relatively new one. The term implies any extraction or concentrated version of weed buds.

This process includes solvent extraction, where people extract psychoactive elements and medical components from the marijuana bud, including trichomes. The process leaves terpenes, cannabinoids of various kinds, and the concentrate.

During the extraction process, they use oils of different viscosity to get various forms of concentrates. Some of these forms are budder, shatter, wax, crumble, or honeycomb.

Both Oil and 710 are slang terms and refer to the same thing- concentrates and extractions.

The Origin of the Term 710 

People initially would call different types of concentrates oil. It is so because different oil viscosity is used to get different extracted forms. But then it changed to 710. But how you may wonder.

If you write OIL on a piece of paper and rotate the paper 180°, you can find 710. Try it. But why, though? Simple, it is cooler than the previous term.

The Origin of the Term 710

What Does It Mean To Be 710 Friendly? 

If you see any place saying it is 710-friendly, that means it allows the usage and dabbing of 710. Dabbing is mainly a method of consuming concentrates. Moreover, 710 friendly places will sell them and usually have the necessary items to consume them.

Since taking oil concentration is one of the highest forms of weed consumption, 710 friendly may also mean talking about experienced stoners. Anyone new will have to pass many steps to reach the level of 710. The difference is pretty high from anyone who just started taking joints to anyone who consumes 710.

Here are some of the most popular 710-friendly products that you may like to use-

  • Da Vinci IQC Vaporizer- Purity is crucial, and Da Vinci IQC Vaporizer achieved that by using alumina instead of plastic or metal. It has a quick charging time and temperature options of a+ and -1°.
  • Cannalicious Labs Chocolate Gelato Live Resin- If you want to get rid of muscle pain or have a relaxed rest, this one is for you.
  • Penguin Cookies & Cream CBD Oil- Comes in many different flavors, including cream, cookies, citrus, mint, and strawberry.
  • Puffco Peak Pro- Filled with practicality and design, this item is also customizable. Head to the Puffco Connect app for that.


It will be a bit difficult to remember and use all the different ganja jargon as a starter. But over time, you will get used to it. The 710 is one among them, like the 420, representing concentrated extraction.

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