What Happens If You Use Expired CBD Oil

Nowadays, people use CBD for different health problems. Among its various forms, CBD oil is particularly sought after. Importantly, it achieves these effects without causing euphoria. Yet, like many natural products, CBD oil has a limited period during which it’s most effective, and understanding the impact of using it after this period is vital. 

This discussion aims to provide detailed insights into what happens when you use CBD oil that has expired.

The Shelf Life of CBD Oil

CBD oil comes from a distinct plant known as hemp. It contains cannabidiol, known as CBD. It might also have different carrier oils or added substances. Typically, CBD oil stays good for one to two years. The time it stays good can vary for several reasons.

What Are The Factors That Affect CBD Oil’s Longevity?

CBD oil made from organic plants and using advanced techniques often lasts longer. A popular way to make it is by using the CO2 extraction process. This method involves using carbon dioxide under specific pressure and temperature settings. It’s preferred because it keeps the CBD oil strong and stable, helping it last longer.


The way you keep CBD oil also greatly affects how long it remains effective. You should avoid storing it in very bright or hot places. Also, it’s important to limit its exposure to air. A cool, dark spot like a cupboard is ideal for storage. Always tighten the bottle’s lid after using it.

Furthermore, the choice of carrier oils or additional substances in the oil can influence its shelf life. Carrier oils like MCT or hemp seed oil help your body absorb CBD better. However, these oils may spoil faster if not kept correctly. Picking CBD oil with durable carrier oils and not many extra ingredients helps it last longer. 

What Are the Effects of Using Expired CBD Oil?

As CBD oil ages, it may not be as strong. This could mean it won’t provide the relief you’re hoping for. Moreover, As the active parts of the oil weaken, you might face some bad effects. Old CBD oil may not hurt you right away, but being careful is smart, especially if you have health issues or take medicine. Talking to a doctor before using any old product is a safe step to make sure it’s okay for you.

How to Keep CBD Oil Fresh?

Here are some of the best methods to store CBD oil: 

  • Keep the oil away from sunlight and heat, like ovens or heaters, as these can make the oil go bad. A cool, dark place is ideal.
  • Always close the bottle tightly after using it to keep air out, which can lead to faster spoilage.
  • Choose CBD oil in amber or dark bottles since these are better at blocking light and keeping the oil good for longer.

How to Dispose of Old CBD Oil?

Let’s look at some ways to deal with expired CBD oil: 

  • Check with your local hazardous waste disposal center or pharmacy for how to safely get rid of old CBD oil. Do not dump it in the sink or put it in your usual garbage. 
  • You shouldn’t use CBD oil that has reached its expiration date. But it can be used for other things. For instance, You can use old CBD oil in DIY skincare products as long as it’s safe. 


CBD oil can be helpful. However, its quality and how well it works over time might worsen. Using old CBD oil might lead to less potency and unwanted effects. Knowing how to store your CBD oil correctly and recognizing when it’s gone bad are key steps to making sure you benefit from it while avoiding harm to yourself and the environment.


1. Can expired CBD oil make you sick?

Expired CBD oil may not make you sick right away. But, it might not give you the health benefits you want since it becomes weaker. The important parts of the oil also break down. However, if the CBD oil is very old, it could lead to bad effects or make your stomach upset.

2. Does CBD oil expire faster once opened?

Yes, opening CBD oil can make it spoil faster. This happens because it gets more exposed to air, light, and heat. These things can speed up its spoiling. It’s very important to store opened CBD oil properly. You should also use it within the time it’s meant to be used. This helps it stay strong and of good quality.

3. Is it okay to use CBD oil just after its expiration date?

Using CBD oil just past its expiration date usually isn’t harmful. It might not work as well because it has lost some of its strength. Always check if the oil is still okay to use. If you’re unsure, it’s better to throw it away than to risk it.

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