What Does Weed Look Like On Airport Scanner?

Legalized in almost 19 states of the USA, weed is now being consumed on a larger scale than ever. But while carrying weed, ensure to follow all the rules and regulations of the Airport you are boarding your flight from. If you are not cautious enough, the weed on airport x-ray might get detected. This can land you in a troublesome situation.  But the question that highly bothers a smoker is what does weed look like on airport scanner? Here is the answer to your question:

Can airport scanners detect weed? 

Yes, airport scanners can detect weed, but not in the way you might think. The airport scanners can only create a detailed image of the luggage. After this, if the security personnel find something odd about anything, they will go through the luggage and look closely at any suspicious items. If the question had been put in a way can airport security detect weed? Then it all depends on what the airport scanner shows.

The airport scanner passes on specific-colored rays at all the objects, which helps them figure out what exactly is in the luggage. If the object’s color is orange, it means that it is an organic material; for a non-organic material, the color will be green; and for plastic, it will be blue/black.  

What Does Marijuana Look Like on Airport Scanner? 

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As stated above, all the organic materials will be shown in orange in the tsa scans. Weed being part of the same category, is also represented with the same color. The TSA authorities pay very close attention to these materials as the airport scanner shows up explosives that are made of organic material like potassium nitrate, also in the same color range.  

Can airports detect edibles? 

The airport scanner is not designed to detect edibles but can detect any type of food item. So whether your food item is consumable or not, the airport scanner will mark it as suspicious and show it in orange color. Another thing that gives away food items at Airport is the strong odor.  

Suppose you have any food item with a strong fragrance and pack it in an airtight container to ensure that the smell does not get away from it. But that does not mean that you cannot carry edibles at all. There is a set amount of food items that you can take along with you to the Airport. If you are trying to sneak away luggage full of edibles, then the chances of them getting confiscated increase even more.  

What Does Edibles Look Like on Airport Scanner? 

The edibles look like any other item if they are packed properly. But if you have kept it in its original packaging, then the airport detector will definitely detect it. Also, as stated above, a strong odor from your luggage can also be a big red flag for the authorities. Thus, making it clear for the TSA authorities to detect what exactly is in the luggage.  

What happens if weed is detected in the Airport? 

If the airport authorities find your weed from the luggage, they are in no position to do anything. The TSA authority does not hold much power, but they can take you to the local authorities. Now it all depends on the state where your stash got confiscated. Some states have quite laid-back regulations, whereas others can hold you down for it.  

What are the best ways to carry (hide) weeds at the Airport? 

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From the above points, it is clear that you can carry weed in at least 19 states of the USA without any hindrance. Although the rules and regulations of the TSA are not quite strict still, if you will get caught, they will have to take you to the local authorities. So, to save yourself from such a situation, here are a few pointers on hiding weed on TSA X-rays.  

●      Allocate small amounts inside moisturizer and shampoo bottles: 

It might sound absurd, but for hiding weed, shampoo and moisturizer bottles are the best places. Just pray that in no case do you get caught for any random reason; otherwise, you might be asked to reveal all the content inside the bottles too.  

●      Hide in your body parts: 

A daring task but a foolproof plan is to hide the weed in your body cavities. There is a rare chance that you will be checked from head to toe properly unless there is a bomb scare. The airport scanners also fail to detect the items inside the human body.  

●      Use an airtight container: 

If you want to carry the weed in your luggage, only then make sure to pack it inside an airtight container. This way, the fragrance won’t come out, and you will save yourself from getting caught.  

FAQ: Weed Look Like

Q: Is it possible to recognize marijuana on an airport scanner?

A: Yes, marijuana can be detected on an airport scanner. Its appearance on a scanner will depend on the type of scanner and the size of the marijuana sample. Generally, it will appear as a dark or light green mass on the scanner.

Q: What are the consequences of having marijuana detected on an airport scanner?

A: Depending on the laws of the country you are traveling to, having marijuana detected on an airport scanner could result in a fine, confiscation of the marijuana, or even arrest.

Q: Are there any ways to conceal marijuana when traveling through an airport?

A: While there is no guaranteed way to conceal marijuana when traveling through an airport, there are a few methods that may be used to reduce the risk of detection. These include storing marijuana in air-tight containers, wrapping the marijuana in heavy fabrics, or concealing it in other items in your luggage.

Final Note 

The main question of this article was what does weed look like on airport scanner. To simple answer to this question is that it looks orange. Although it is legal in most states of the USA, you must be cautious about the quantity. Also, consider the form of weed you are carrying along, as not all forms have been legalized.   

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