Wax Quality: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

Cannabis Wax

Wax is a very potent form of marijuana. If you have ever smoked weed and wax, then you know that wax is much stronger. But just like weed, wax has different qualities. So, there is good wax out there, and there is also bad. But do you know how to tell the difference? Many people do not, so let’s dive into the difference in wax qualities and why it matters.

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Why Does It Matter?

So why does wax quality matter? Well quality matters for two main reasons: your health and your high. The better the quality of wax, the healthier is it for your lungs. Bad quality wax can cause you to have heavier coughs and can be harsher on the lungs. Good quality wax is more pure and even has smoother hits. Also, the better the quality, the better the high. This goes for weed as well, but better qualities will get you much higher.

If wax is made incorrectly, then traces of butane can get left inside the wax. Smoking butane can be harmful for your lungs because it is toxic. Inhaling too much butane could even result in death. If you are not a professional at extracting cannabis into wax, then don’t try it at home. Also, always try not to smoke butane (your lungs will thank you). It can be inhaled through poorly made wax or even the smoke from a lighter or torch.

When wax is made poorly or with cheap supplies, it can come out dark and taste awful, which is an indicator that it is bad quality. Marijuana shops that are licensed and in legal states sell wax that is made professionally, so no need to worry about buying wax that is cheap and bad quality from these shops. On the other hand, wax that is produced and sold in the black market is often homemade and very cheap.

If you do make wax, or know all about it, then you know that wax can be made with two different concentrates: BHO and CO2. BHO is said to deliver a stronger high and better flavors than CO2, however, it does have some negative aspects. BHO wax can contain something known as residual solvents. These are chemicals that can irritate and possibly pollute your lungs. CO2 wax is more pure than BHO wax, so it is less likely to contain residual solvents. The downside to that is CO2 wax typically is weaker than BHO wax. For a healthier, but weaker, type of high, go with CO2 wax. Want to get very high and risk inhaling some residual solvents? Then take some dabs of some BHO wax!

How To Determine Wax Qualities

Now let’s talk about how to determine the quality of wax. There are a few different ways to tell, some more obvious than others. It’s recommended that you use two or more of these tips in order to get a more accurate answer. Using these tips below can help you decide on which wax to buy at the shop!

The first way to determine wax quality is by the shade. Usually, dark wax is bad quality, and wax that is clear or transparent is good quality. This is not always true if you are trying to find the best high, however, since many BHO concentrates come out a darker shade. But for a healthier high, then stick to this tip.

Above are two different types of wax. The dark wax is in the form of oil, and the clear wax is in the form of shatter. Thinking about my first tip, you would say that the dark wax is bad quality and the clear wax is good. Both will get you high, but the clear wax does have a better quality.

Does your wax taste good and full of flavors? Then you got yourself some good wax! Yes, another way to determine wax quality is by taste. If your wax does not taste good at all, then it is not good quality! The flavors that wax gives off can help determine how the wax was made. Now I’m not saying that you can name every ingredient and step to making wax just by smoking some, but if you do smoke a lot of wax, then you can probably tell if wax is good or bad quality just by tasting it.

That leads to my third tip: experience. The more wax you smoke, the better you will get at figuring out good quality from bad quality wax. This goes for just about anything, have you ever heard the saying “practice makes perfect?” Well its true! Smoke enough marijuana and you’ll be able to taste the difference in qualities just by inhaling it!

The “true” way to determine the quality of either weed or wax is by judging the high. This way is probably the most popular way used to determine if someone wants to continue smoking a strain or not. If you smoke it, and you like the high, then save it for later, because now you know that it is a strain you like. If the strain does not even get you high, then why smoke it (unless you are doing this for medical purposes)? Find the strains that give you a good high and stick to them!

One myth about wax quality is that you can determine it through the texture of wax. This myth is false, because wax comes in many different textures and forms. Each texture of wax has the ability to deliver the same high as any other texture. Wax can be in the form of oil, crumble, shatter, and many others. So if you think your wax is too hard or too runny, its probably because of the type of wax that you bought, not the quality.

If you use all of the tips above to determine the quality of your wax, then you will be able to figure out if that is a strain you would want to smoke again. I hope that I was able to help, if you have any comments or questions, then drop a comment below, or email me (located on the Contact Page). Happy dabbing!

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