What To Use Marijuana Stems For

About a month ago, Reefer Post published an article that was titled “Using Stems In Marijuana Edible Recipes.” This left many people wondering if stems are only good to use for edibles, or if they can be used in other ways. The answer to that is yes, stems can be used in other ways than just adding them to an edible. There are some ways to use cannabis stems that you might have never thought about.

Don’t Smoke Them!

No matter what you end up using your stems for, you should never smoke them. The problem with smoking marijuana stems is that they are not meant to be smoked directly. This is because they contain a very low amount of THC, meaning if you smoked a handful of stems, you would most likely not get high.

Not only that, but smoking stems can be very harsh on your lungs. This is because they can heat up much more than nugs can, making them hotter on your throat or lungs. Very few stoners smoke stems, but for some reason, it is still a thing to do. Reefer Post highly suggests that you stay away from smoking stems and use them for another reason.

Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick

One good way to reuse marijuana stems is by making hemp wick out of them. Hemp wick is an alternative to using a lighter and is safer for your lungs. Unlike lighters, hemp wick does not include butane fumes, which can harm your lungs. To learn more about hemp wick, click here.

To make hemp wick out of marijuana stems, first strip long stems using a sharp blade until you have multiple, stringy fibers. Twist these fibers together tightly to form a rope, then fold the rope over and twist it again. Dip the twisted fiber in beeswax, wipe off the excess, then allow it to dry. You now have some useable hemp wick.


Instead of grinding up stems and smoking them like that (just like we said you shouldn’t), you could turn stems into hash. What is hash? Well, hash is another form of cannabis, in the way that it contains THC and can get you high. When hash is made, THC is extracted from cannabis and concentrated into a thick, brown substance. This is known properly as hashish.


To make your hash out of stems, you will need a large amount of stems. By large amount, I mean you’ll need enough to fill an entire blender (might take a while to get that much). You will also need a blender full of water and a blender full of ice. Using an equal amount of stems, water, and ice, blend all of that up until you have used up all of your stems. You should now have a fluffy green liquid.

Next, grab a glass jar and a silkscreen to drain out the mixture. Let it drain for half an hour. After that, squeeze of the rest of the mixture into the silkscreen to get the rest of the good stuff out. Fill the jar with ice water, let it set for 3-5 minutes, then drain 2/3 of the water. Repeat this process 4-5 times to get some really good hash (but this step is not required). Once most of the water has been drained, grab a coffee filter and drain the green mix through that. Squeeze the filter to remove any excess water. Allow what is left to dry. Once it has dried, you have some hash! You can smoke this hash just as is, or even add it to an edible recipe.


Another great way to use stems is by making lotion out of them. Cannabis-infused lotion is known to give off therapeutic and relaxing effects. Also, since you are not smoking or eating the lotion (please do not smoke or eat it), it would not pop up in a drug test. So, for those of you who work at places that test you for marijuana use, you can still use cannabis-infused lotions and keep your job!

The first step in making cannabis-infused lotion is to first infuse coconut oil with cannabis. For a recipe on how to do that, click here. Just make sure that you use coconut oil and substitute marijuana for marijuana stems only, for the sake of this post.

Once you have made coconut canna oil, and while it is still warm, add in an equal amount of beeswax, and a double amount of olive or almond oil. If desired, you can add additional ingredients to spice up your lotion, such as Vitamin E and/or essential oils. If you do add any, make sure to mix them in thoroughly. Pour this mix into a resealable jar and label it properly. Your lotion is now complete!

With legalization sweeping the United States and other countries, cannabis-infused lotions are becoming a popular way to consume the benefits of marijuana without actually getting high. These lotions are healing, protecting, and even smell good.

Don’t Forget Edibles

With all of those methods listed above to reuse marijuana stems, we cannot forget edibles. Stems can be used to make just about anything when it comes to edibles. For a full list of ways to infuse marijuana stems into your edible recipes, click the link below:

Click here to learn how to use stems in edible recipes.

There are many other ways to use marijuana stems that weren’t even listed in this post. If you know of any, then let us know about it in the comments below. Enjoy those stems!

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