How To Properly Use Eye Drops

Have you ever gotten high and realized that your eyes got bloodshot? If you don’t know what bloodshot eyes are, it’s when your eyes get red. Smoking marijuana tends to make someone’s eyes red. To many, this may not be a concern. But some people want or even need their eyes to be clear, for whatever reason. So, the solution is simple, put some eye drops in!

Believe it or not, many people do not know how to properly put in drops for your eyes. So, this post will go over how to properly put them in. Even if you think you know how to, still read this post, as you may learn a thing or two anyway (just like on most posts here at Reefer Post).

Putting In Eye Drops

The first step in properly using drops in your eyes is to take the cap off. I say this for those who get too high and forget to take the cap off, then think that their eye drop bottle is empty. Remove the cap then put these drops in your eye. Simple enough, right? Make sure that the eye drops directly hit your eyeball. If you have to, hold your eyelid open with one hand while putting in the drops for your eyes with the other. I recommend putting two drops in each eye, just to make sure that they will work. Some brands of drops for your eyes are weaker than others, so one drop may not get the job done. Use two just to be safe. Here’s a visual demonstration of how to put in eye drops:

Another tip is to put in eye drops a while before you need your eyes to be clear. Do not put these drops in the moment that you need clear eyes. Give the drops for your eyes about 20 minutes to settle in before your eyes will be good to go. Some eye drop brands may take less than 20 minutes, but I say give it 20 minutes just to play it safe. If you don’t have 20 minutes to wait, then give yourself as much time as you can to let them settle in, and don’t make direct eye contact with others until those eyes are clear.

Some eye drop brands work by making your eyes even more red for a few minutes, then making them clear. I’m not too sure how that works, however, they do make your eyes clear. The only problem is that your eyes will be even more red than before right when you put the eye drops in. This is another reason why it’s best to let them settle in for a while.

Eye Drop Bottle Care

Other factors come into play when using these drops. For instance, how you treat the eye drop bottle can affect how well your eye drops work. Also, the type of drops for your eyes that you buy can make a difference in the time it takes for the eye drops to make your eyes clear.

Whenever you are storing your eye drop bottle, do not leave it anywhere that is above room temperature. Also, do not leave it in direct sunlight. These types of drops should be left in a cool environment so that they still work. If eye drops bottles get too hot, they could lose their effectiveness, and could even stop working altogether. On top of that, putting in hot eye drops does not feel good on the eyes. Keep your eye drop bottle cool or even slightly cold so that it maintains effectiveness.

As I mentioned above, some eye drop brands may not work as well as other brands. This usually means that the more expensive brands are better than the cheaper ones. While this may be true, cheaper brands of eye drops still work. If you have purchased a cheap brand, or do not want to spend your money on an expensive brand, then do not worry, because your eye drops will still work. Just follow my tips about using two drops in each eye and giving them enough time to clear up your eyes.

That’s all you need to know about using drops for your eyes properly. I hope that your eyes clear up in time and nobody knows that you were high (if that is why you are using eye drops). Thanks for reading, and happy smoking!

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  1. Considering I’m in Optometrist, I think I’m qualified to give you some good advice about putting an eye drop in.

    1. It doesn’t matter how you get the drop in, just get it in your eye.

    2. You don’t need to put more than one dropped In. The eye’s cul-de-sac will only hold one drop. If you put more in it just goes down your cheek.

    3. until recently, all eye drops on the market that get the red out we’re all the same. Brand made no difference cost made no difference. The active ingredient was either tetrahydrozoline, or naphazoline. Concentrations are all the same.

    4. In the past, with the above drops, you also could not use them more than two or three times a day, or you could get what’s called a rebound reaction. In other words, the eye would get even redder than it was in the first place, once the drop wears off.

    4. recently, a new eye drop was introduced as over the counter that gets the red out better than any other drop on the market hands down. It also has no rebound reaction. it’s actually a very low dosage of a glaucoma medication. The brand name of the drop is Lumify and it’s really the only one you should bother buying now


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