Top 10 Best Sativa Strains

About two weeks before this one, an article titled “Top 10 Best Indica Strains” was published. This led to many viewers wanting to see a post on the best sativa strains. Maybe you prefer sativa more than India. If that’s the case, then you probably want to read this post. So, without further ado, here is that post.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel makes the top of the list for a good reason, it’s one of the best sativa strains! This strain offers the typical sativa effects but gives off those effects stronger than other sativa strains. It gets its name from having a diesel-like aroma. Another fact about Sour Diesel is that it can help treat pain and stress very well. Click here for a full review of Sour Diesel.

Green Crack

Another great Sativa strain, Green Crack is very similar to Sour Diesel. Both strains have similar effects and similar medical purposes. However, the stimulated and uplifting effects given by Green Crack are known to be pretty strong. With that being said, Green Crack is a great strain for staying awake and/or being productive. Click here for a full review of Green Crack.

Pineapple Express

You may be thinking “Well those first two strains sound good, but I don’t want something too strong.” If you are new to smoking weed or do not have a built-up tolerance, then you may want a strain that is not very potent but is still a good strain. In that case, I suggest smoking some Pineapple Express. This strain gets its name from its smell (guess what it smells like). If you suffer from a loss of appetite, this strain works great to bring that appetite back. And yes, that means you might get the munchies. Click here for a full review of Pineapple Express.

Jack Herer

This strain gets its name from a marijuana activist. Jack Herer (the strain) has been known to leave its users feeling happy and energetic. Flavors of this strain can include an earthy, pine taste. Also, this strain is another great stress reliever.

Durban Poison

Are you a fan of Girl Scout Cookies? Well, Durban Poison is one of the parents of that strain. Girl Scout Cookies gets all of its sativa effects from Durban Poison. With that being said, Durban Poison delivers strong, but good, sativa effects. This strain is good for staying productive or getting creative. The strain originates from the South African port city of Durban.

Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is another good sativa strain that can deliver good sativa effects. It was named after its smell and flavor, like many other strains. Effects given off by this strain include feeling happy, uplifted, and even relaxed.

Maui Wowie

This sativa strain includes tropical flavors, relief from stress, and origins in Hawaii; all three contribute to its name. Since its origin in Hawaii, Maui Wowie has become popular all over the world. One thing that draws users to like this strain is the heavy euphoric feeling that it gives off. For some, Maui Wowie is a go-to strain.

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper is a sativa strain that delivers strong effects. Since it includes over 20% THC, it is classified as a very potent strain. Because of that, this strain is not recommended for novice smokers. On the other hand, if you have been smoking for a long time and are looking for a stronger strain, try some Jack The Ripper. If you have not already, then you might find your new favorite sativa strain.

Purple Haze

Similar to Lemon Haze, Purple Haze delivers good sativa effects that last. This strain dates back to the 1960’s and was popularized by Jimi Hendrix. The high from Purple Haze has been known to be very euphoric. Also, it is another great stress reliever.

Alaskan Thunder F*ck

Yes, you read the name right. Alaskan Thunder F*ck is the name of this strain. This strain originates from, guess where, Alaska. The odors from this strain are known to be very strong. So, if you are going to hotbox with this strain, then know that it will reek of weed after. Effects include the typical sativa effects, but since this strain is pretty potent, you will feel those effects.

Now that you know ten really good Sativa strains, you can try some out for yourself. Head over to your local dispensary and ask for any of these strains. They are all very popular (since they are the best) so most dispensaries should carry at least one of these strains. Happy smoking!

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