The Ultimate Vaping Guide: 5 Tips to Prevent Dry Hits While Vaping? (2023)

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Vaping is the new trend. But what if you hit a vape and feel like nothing but unflavoured fumes which are harsh on your throat? Irritating sensations accompany the feeling of this unpleasant taste. It’s quite annoying, right? This is how a dry hit will feel like. And you don’t want to experience the same. A dry hit happens when your vape isn’t much saturated, or e-liquid does not absorb the wick effectively.

When this happens, you’ll all get hot air with igniting residues on the coils instead of that perfect and delicious vape liquid. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper, if you are worried about facing such situations, don’t stress, as we’ll guide you down to the smoothest vaping experience. In the following article, we’ll discuss how to avoid dry hits and ensure a satisfying experience.

How Dry Hits Affect Your Vaping Sessions?

Experiencing an accidental dry hit isn’t just dangerous for your vaping device; it may also affect your health. Dry hits are just inhaling fumes from burning cotton or just burnt hits which indirectly means intake of toxins. They’ll be rough on your throat and overpower the taste and texture of the e-liquid. And a frequent experience of dry hits can have a negative health impact in the long run. Thus, if, in any case, you unknowingly have a dry hit, stop vaping immediately for a period and check the following points to prevent any further burning experience.

5 Tips to Prevent Dry Hits While Vaping

1. Use the Right Wattage

While vaping, you may feel overwhelmed by increasing the wattage, to make bigger clouds. But turning it down is a great way to keep yourself away from dry hits and be on the safe side. It also gives a break to the vape coil, which in turn provides more life. To fall into a safe limit of the dry herb vaporizer, consider vape wattage between 8 to 20 W in case of resistance coils above 0.1 ohms. Wattage is also related to the taste and texture of your vapes. For example, prefer a maximum wattage for soft and sweet vapes and, on the other hand, minimum wattage if you want to have mint or menthol-flavored vapes.

2. Make Sure the Coil is Primed

The vape tank is full, but still, it is producing dry vapes. Does this happen to you often? Then this can be the case of incorrect or sufficient priming. Priming is just the saturation of cotton before you start vaping. Since an unsaturated one is known to be the most common reason for your dryness in vapes, it allows you to soak the e-juices into the wicking while they’re fully submerged. The longer you let it stay, the better it’ll be. But if you want to be within the average limits, try between 5-30 minutes. If you have new coils, then priming becomes a necessary step; by this, you can easily prevent dry hits.

3. Take Longer, Slower Draws

When you are vaping, give proper and enough time to your Firefly 2+ vaporizer to resoak and prepare for the next draw. Taking sharp and short draws will give rise to dry hits since it resists your wick to heat and adequately absorb the e-liquid. To avoid this, let your device absorb some quality e-liquid and then try to take longer and slower draws. Also, refrain from “chain vaping.” It involves taking multiple puffs in quick succession and can cause your coil to heat up too quickly, leading to dry hits. Allow your coil to cool down between hits by taking breaks in between puffs.

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4. Clean Your Tank Regularly

The residue accumulation or buildup affects your vaping sessions to a great extent. Since a junked tank will ultimately generate lower quality, less flavored, and dry hits. To clean your vape tank properly, dismantle all the parts and give it a thorough standard water rinse followed by propylene glycol, widely known as PG rinse. You can also use other cleansing agents like ethanol, baking soda, and vinegar. Let your tank sit for a few minutes, then dry it well. Once you are done cleaning the vape tank, you’re again ready to have a smooth vape session.

5. Monitor Your E-Juice Level

When your e-liquid levels get too low, it can cause your coil to dry out and burn, resulting in a dry hit. Monitor your e-liquid levels and refill your tank or pod as necessary to prevent dry hits. The quality of your e-liquid can also affect your vaping experience. Cheap or low-quality may contain impurities that can cause your coil to burn out quickly. Invest in high-quality e-liquids from reputable manufacturers to help prevent dry hits and ensure a smoother vaping experience.

FAQ: Vaping Guide

Q1: What is a dry hit while vaping?

A1: A dry hit while vaping is when the user pulls on the e-cigarette but gets a burnt taste instead of vapor. This is caused by not having enough liquid in the device or not properly priming the wick.

Q2: How can I prevent dry hits while vaping?

A2: To prevent dry hits while vaping, make sure you always have enough e-liquid in your device, prime the wick properly, keep the device cool, avoid taking too strong of pulls, and change your coil regularly.

Q3: How often should I change the coil in my device?

A3: Depending on the type of coil you have, it is recommended that you change your coil every 1-4 weeks.

End Note

Vaping is all great until you have to experience a dry hit. But no worries, this isn’t something you cannot avoid in the future. We hope this article will help to make your vaping experience much better and allow you to retain that for a long time. Since you don’t want to have a harmful or unpleasant vaping session, if you carefully follow the highlighted points in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to a great vaping treat – just a little care to say goodbye to those irritating dry hits. 

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