The Roller’s Right

Do you believe in the roller’s right? Well, do you even know what this stoner right is? This post will teach you all about the roller’s right and whether you should respect it or not.

What Is The Roller’s Right?

First of all, who is the roller? The roller is the person who rolls up the marijuana, whether it be a blunt or a joint. That person gets to decide who sparks that blunt or joint. That is the roller’s right. “He or she that rolls up the marijuana decides who sparks the marijuana.” Remember that line right there, that is your right, as a roller, to choose who sparks the blunt or joint.

9 times out of 10, the roller will choose themselves as the one to spark up the blunt or joint. That is very common. But, there are some cases in which the roller does not want to spark up what they rolled. Maybe the roller has rolled more than one blunt or joint and wants to let someone else spark up the last one. That person that sparks that last one should be chosen by the roller. That is the roller’s right.

If you are someone who cannot roll, then you may never get to spark the blunt or joint. If that is you, then you have one of two options. Either beg the roller to let you spark the blunt or joint (who wants to do that?) or learn how to roll up a blunt and/ or a joint. Once you learn how to roll, then you can receive the roller’s right. Need to learn how to roll a blunt or a joint, click here to watch a video on it!

Should That Right Be Respected?

Some people say that they do not care about the roller’s rights. Whoever is holding the blunt or joint can spark it up if they want to. Well, if that was the case, then the roller should hold on to their blunt or joint and never let anyone else hold it until it’s sparked. But most stoners agree that the roller’s rights should be respected. What do you think?

After all, the roller is the one that puts all the effort into making that blunt or joint smokeable. The roller is the one who also had to wrap the marijuana in a blunt wrap or rolling paper to make sure that it could be smoked. Now, this may not seem like a lot of work, but if you were not the roller, then chances are you just sat there and watched.

Here at Reefer Post, we all agree that the roller’s rights should be respected. When it comes to you and your smoking buddies, that is between you guys. Just remember the quote below when discussing the roller’s right:

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