The Nectar Collector Review

Dabbing cannabis concentrates instead of smoking cannabis is one way to get very high. After all, cannabis concentrates do contain much more THC compared to regular weed. So, many cannabis users that are looking for a stronger high tend to stick to dabbing. But did you know that there are many ways to dab? You could use a dab rig, which is similar to a bong, but used for concentrates. There is also the classic knife dabs. Oh, and don’t forget wax pens. However, there is yet another way, that is different than all other ways of dabbing: it’s called using a nectar collector. But what is a nectar collector, and why would anyone want to use one? Find that out, right here.

How To Use One

In my opinion, the name of this piece is so cool. Nectar refers to the actual cannabis wax itself, and the piece collects it, therefore being called a nectar collector. They are small, skinny, and very portable. Check one out for yourself:

Glass Nectar Collector

Unlike a rig, the piece itself is pressed against wax in order to “collect it”. First, the tip of the piece (that looks like a needle) is heated up, just like a rig. Then, the heated tip is pressed against the wax in order to create the smoke that is then inhaled through the mouthpiece on the other end of the nectar collector. So, to simplify:

  1. Heat up the tip.
  2. Press it against the wax.
  3. Inhale through the mouthpiece.

The tip of the nectar collector that gets heated up is very similar to one that is placed on a dab rig, and should be treated as such. Never touch it if it has been recently heated up. Also, keep it clean and away from most surfaces. If wax is left on the tip, it can easily stick to almost anything, which can be an inconvenience. Also, remember that most of the piece is made of glass. Keep it in a safe place where it will not fall, crack or be under too much pressure that can cause it to break.

Now, you may be thinking “how can I press the nectar collector against wax?” If you purchase wax, then you may know about that small, white sheet that the wax is kept on. This is not an ideal surface to use with a nectar collector. For this, you will need a hard, sturdy surface. Use a table, rolling tray, or any other surface that will allow you to place the wax on and press the nectar collector against.

The Pros and Cons

Does a nectar collector sound like something that you would use? If you are still on the edge about it, take a look at some of the pros and cons of using one, and hopefully that will solve your exchange of views.


Using a nectar collector is great for those who love to dab! While some are made quite large, most are small and very portable. Get yourself a container to keep it in and you can take it just about anywhere (that allows the use of cannabis)! All you need to bring with it is a torch and your wax. No water needed, as in a dab rig. However, you may want some after that cottonmouth kicks in from the wax.

Nectar collectors are also handy in the sense that they are only a single piece. Rigs, for example, typically require two or three pieces to be assembled in order to use it. Sometimes a piece might get lost or broken. But not with a nectar collector. One whole piece makes traveling and assembling much easier.

Do you dab a lot? If so, what is your preferred way of dabbing? Statistics have shown that the most common way of dabbing is by using a dab rig. However, some users may get bored or tired of this method. Maybe they want to switch it up a bit. That’s where a nectar collectors come in. They can be used to switch things up, and allow yourself to explore more options of smoking cannabis.


While using a nectar collector may be fun and all, it does have its downsides. First off, the chances of you burning yourself are high if you do not handle them with care. When looking at the piece, you can distinguish the part that heats up from the part that you can hold. If not being careful, or just too high, you could accidentally grab the hot part, which could severely burn you. Also, since you must hold the entire piece up in order to use it, it could slip out of your hands. This could cause the tip to burn something or worse, the whole nectar collector breaks. Dab rigs do not require you to pick them up, so you can have everything safe and set down.

Since nectar collectors are small, they can sometimes be easy to misplace. If you have children or small animals, you definitely want to make sure that it is always out of their reach. Also, make sure that your children or anyone else does not mistake one for a pen, as sometimes it may look like so. The best place to keep your nectar collector is in a sealed, safe spot that only its users can get access to.

Best Way To Dab?

After reading the pros and cons, have you concluded? We have, and Reefer Post loves nectar collectors. What about you?

There are many ways out there to dab. But is using a nectar collector the best way? Well, the best way is your opinion. What is your favorite way to dab? That would then be your best. Think about many different ways to dab. Would you rather dab like you are using a bong? Would you rather push a button and hit a pen? Or, would you rather heat a needle tip and press that against your wax? The choice is all yours.

Sticking to facts, what is the most efficient way of dabbing? Well, it’s not nectar collectors (unfortunately). That title would probably go to wax pens. This is because wax pens have already collected the wax, and you do not need to manually add wax to produce smoke. But we’ll save the wax pen details for another post. Nectar collectors are still a great form of dabbing!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I personally like the wax pens a lot, they are easy to carry around and I don’t got to worry about any smells. The only thing I would say is that it’s kinda annoying how the battery keeps dying…. maybe I should try the nectar collector next time


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