The Long-Term Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana may give off entertaining effects, but did you know that there are some long-term effects? That means, if you smoke marijuana for a long time, then you could get some effects that never go away. These are not life-altering effects, but they might change a few things about a person. You can smoke as much marijuana as you want without the fear of overdosing, but you may be left with some effects on your brain and/or body.

Everyone is Different

While you do have the chance to catch some long-term effects from marijuana, you also have the chance to catch little to none at all. Everyone is different. If you use marijuana for medical purposes (and only smoke however much you’re recommended to), then you may never notice any effects when you are not high. On the other hand, you could end up catching all types of long-term effects. My recommendation is to know your limits on smoking and keep it there. And if you ever notice any effects that are unwanted and caused by marijuana, then it might be best to stop smoking (or the effect could get stronger). Common long-term effects are usually tolerable enough to the point that some people simply do not care if they have them or not.

Age and duration of smoking also play a big role in these long-term effects. Studies done on young marijuana smokers have discovered that people who start smoking marijuana heavily in their adolescence show more signs of long-term effects than people who start smoking later in life. This can be caused by cannabinoids reacting to chemicals inside a young, still-developing brain. Some of the same studies have also discovered that some effects will not show until years later, even if the user has stopped smoking.

Memory Loss

One of the most common long-term effects is memory loss. Now, this does not mean you can get a mental disease like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but you may notice some trouble remembering certain things. For example, after smoking for a few years, I first noticed that my short-term memory was starting to get affected. I would forget stuff right after it just happened. Sometimes I’d forget what I was saying halfway through a conversation! As I continued to smoke throughout the recent years, I have noticed that some memories from my past have started to fade. Maybe it’s just because I am getting older, but sometimes I have to be reminded about something to remember that it happened.

But as I said before, everyone is different. Some people can smoke weed their whole lives and remember everything just fine. So don’t panic and think you’re going to forget everything if you smoke some weed, just relax and keep puffing!


Another possible long-term effect is laziness. This effect is different from the others, though, because it depends on the person. This is an effect that you can almost choose to have. If you are a very active person and enjoy activities like going out, exercising, playing sports, etc., then you probably won’t experience this effect. However, that’s only if you keep up on staying active. Many people have been known to go from being energetic and hard-working to not caring and being lazy. If you smoke mainly indica strains, then you are more likely to get this effect compared to someone who mainly smokes sativa strains. This is because Indica strains are known to make someone feel tired or lazy. So if you notice that you were much more active when you first started smoking compared to now, then this effect might be happening to you!

Smoking During a Pregnancy

This one’s for women who are pregnant. If you are pregnant, and you smoke marijuana during your pregnancy, then you not only have to worry about these effects taking place on you but also on your child. If you were to smoke marijuana throughout your pregnancy, then your child could suffer long-term memory issues. Also, chemicals from marijuana can be carried into breast milk and can enter the baby through breastfeeding. While these effects are not guaranteed, it is best to be safe and not use any drugs while you are pregnant. I have never said that someone should not smoke marijuana, but if there’s anyone who should not, it’s pregnant women. If you won’t do it for yourself, then at least do it for your child.

Physical Effects

Some effects are more physical than mental. For example, smoking marijuana for years can cause more mucus to be produced in the back of the throat. Smoking marijuana can also lead to lung and respiratory problems. But that all depends on the person’s health. People who already have respiratory issues, such as Bronchitis or lung cancer, are more vulnerable to receiving other/ stronger respiratory issues. Another effect that could happen is heavier coughs. This effect is similar to a “smoker’s cough,” which is a heavy cough usually produced from smoking tobacco for years. If you smoke blunts or spliffs, then you are more likely to get a “smoker’s cough.”

So be cautious when smoking marijuana. If you notice any of these effects happening and you don’t want them to, then the only thing to do is to stop smoking (but don’t stop checking out Reefer Post!). It would take some time to notice these effects (it won’t happen overnight). Some you might not even notice at all. Some effects, however, may not even bother you! Just find whatever works best for you and stick to it.

FAQ: The Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Smoking

1. What are some long-term effects of smoking marijuana?

Some long-term effects of smoking marijuana can include impaired memory and cognitive function, increased risk of mental health disorders, and decreased lung function.

2. Can smoking marijuana lead to addiction?

Yes, while the rates of marijuana addiction may be lower compared to other substances, it is still possible to develop a dependence on marijuana, especially with regular use.

3. Does smoking marijuana have any impact on mental health?

Yes, smoking marijuana has been linked to an increased risk of developing mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, especially in individuals who are genetically predisposed to these conditions.

4. Do the long-term effects of marijuana apply to all forms of consumption?

Yes, the long-term effects of marijuana can apply to the different forms of consumption such as smoking, vaping, or ingesting edibles. However, the effects may vary depending on the potency and method of consumption.

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