The Best Ashtrays for Weed Smokers: A Buyer’s Guide

A fully-consumed cigarette deserves to rest in a beautiful abode after serving its purpose successfully. Ashtrays are the perfect receptacle to ash the cigarette and bury the final stub. An attractive ashtray makes a beautiful resting place for the stub and also an alluring centerpiece for your coffee table that adds an artistic flair. 

Ashtrays are the underrated accouterments of cannabis consumers, the benefits of which are often overlooked. As important as it is to have a lighter or match to light the smoke, right behind is the need to have an ashtray.  

Whether smoking a blunt, joint, or cigar, an ashtray helps keep your home neat by holding the spent ashes in one place. Additionally, the best ashtrays for weed light up your room décor too, and sometimes pull off double duty as a stash box or incense holder as well. 

Today, smokers have the privilege of choosing from a wide range of cool ashtray designs that best suit their interests and taste. Apart from being a functional vessel that can hold everything from smudge sticks to joint remnants, ashtrays are also beautiful design objects these days.

Different Types of Ashtrays 

smoking woman holding an ashtray

Ashtrays are crucial to every smoker’s life, but the item has recently gained much popularity. Various designer ashtrays with quirky patterns and alluring designs have hit the markets in the past few years, enticing people to get one. While smokers experience a newfound interest in collecting and keeping unique ashtrays, even non-smokers find these weed ashtrays fascinating to put up as a beautiful home décor piece.  

Today, you can find an extensive range of ashtrays in different colors, styles, and materials compared to earlier times. Various materials are used to make ashtrays, from metal and steel to plastic and others, and each has its own benefits. While some are more durable such as ceramic ashtrays, others are easier to clean, such as metal ashtrays. On the other hand, a silicon ashtray is even better as it has both qualities. 

Here are some types of ashtrays that are the most favored choice of several smokers: 

Ceramic Ashtrays 

Vintage ashtray lovers have a keen eye for ceramic ashtrays. Its captivating beauty appeals to many smokers who have a classic décor taste. Ceramic ashtrays are easily fit for all-purpose use, whether indoor or outdoor. They are fire-retardant, so you can safely bury the bud without worrying about any dangerous consequences.  

Another good thing about ceramic ashtrays is that they are durable and have a balanced weight, neither too light nor too heavy. They are extremely beautiful and easy to clean, making them a preferred choice. Many people use them as incense and jewelry holders as well.  

Glass Ashtrays 

Add some elegance to your smoking moments with a beautiful glass ashtray. Glass ashtrays are the most popular and widely used as they don’t hold heat and are thus safe to put out smoked papers. These are multi-purpose materials with strong durability.  

Glass ashtrays are available in a vast variety, including ones that don’t temper or shatter. They are a perfect solution for every event. The shine of a glass ashtray never fades out as they never rust, even if kept outdoors for long. For those who prefer a classy, elegant feel, glass ashtrays can be the best smoking companion. 

Metal Ashtrays 

Another popular variety is metal ashtrays. These are a more convenient option for indoor smoking, as most metal ashtrays come with a lid. The lid does not allow ashes to scatter around the house, helping keep the surroundings clean. Moreover, metal is a robust material that has unbreaking and anti-aging qualities.

Metal ashtrays are made from miscellaneous materials such as alloy, stainless steel, etc. Most are made with special quality, corrosion-free material, while others come with a fireproof facility. Metal is also easy to clean using paper or a sponge and can be used for a long time. There are numerous designs and styles of metal ashtrays available for you to choose from as per your preference.

Best Ashtrays For Weed Smokers

Here are some of the unique and best ashtrays for weed smokers with varied tastes and choices:

Lependor Ceramic Ashtray 

Lependor Ceramic Ashtray

Lependor ceramic ashtray is one of the finest, quaint, and most beautiful ceramic ashtray designs. It has a classical pottery pattern with an anti-skid base that does not let it slip away. The lustrous coating gives the ashtray an alluring appearance that instantly grabs everyone’s attention.  

An appealing feature of this ceramic ashtray is its windproof lid that holds the ashes and smell of cigarette butts within the tray. It is perfect for all climates and conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. Close the lid to avoid the soot getting blown away by the wind or water accumulation and retention during rain.

In addition, the three meticulously measured round grooves on the sides smoothly hold the cigarette in place. Moreover, it also has a little water sink in between the ashtray that makes it easy to extinguish the cigarette butt. 

Thus, the Lependor ceramic ashtray is an exquisite product that is ideal, practical, and attractive. It automatically ensures cleanliness and hygiene while you enjoy your favorite smoke. 

Poly Plus Modern Leaf Ashtray 

Poly Plus Modern Leaf Ashtray

Another beautiful design is the Poly Plus Marijuana Pot Leaf ashtray. This finest quality product is lightweight, weighing just 5.6 ounces and extremely easy to carry around. The ashtray has enough weight to hold it from blowing away but is comparatively lighter and more convenient to handle.  

Made from durable resin, the poly plus ashtray is deep enough to keep everything inside and easy to clean once it is full. The ashtray has a modern and exquisite embossed leafy design that makes it stylish and practical at the same time. It is one of the best ashtrays for weed smokers.

A perfectly handy product suitable for every room, table, patio, or bar, it beautifully adds to the modern décor of your house. It is one of those things that subtly lights up your place and appears attractive in its own way. 

Whether choosing for self-use or looking for a gift for your smoking buddy, this ashtray is a gorgeous piece. With exceptional detailing and premium quality, it is a truly remarkable product that you must definitely have.

Best Glass Leaf Shaped Ashtray 

Best Glass Leaf Shaped Ashtray

An elegant glass ashtray in the shape of a marijuana leaf is an impeccable choice for classy smokers. It is made from high-quality glass and looks perfect everywhere, including outdoor places like the pool area, patio, picnic areas, and indoors in the kitchen, center table, etc.  

This glass ashtray has a peculiar design and several large grooves to hold your cigarette stably. The classic design of this ashtray keeps it gleaming for a long time as it can be easily cleaned with just water. It is definitely a unique product that will add a high-tone, superior yet funky look to your décor.   

Alien Smoking Ashtray 

Alien Smoking Ashtray

The alien smoking ashtray would be the ultimate product for someone with a funkier taste. Although it has the same application, this ashtray differs from any standard one. The unique design features an alien enjoying a good smoke. It immediately lights up the mood and engages everyone in a hilarious conversation.  

Become the star of any party by owning this one-of-a-kind ashtray. It is made from premium quality resin, which is why it is lightweight and easily cleanable. It also has perfectly round grooves to hold our cigarette while you enjoy a good laugh with your buddies.  

Along with a creative design, this ashtray is also quite useful. Being considerably deep, it does not fill up quickly and makes you cherish your smoking moments for long, eliminating the need for constant emptying.  

Thus, the alien smoking ashtray is an exceptional show-off item and one of the best ashtrays for cannabis lovers. You can even place it on your car’s dashboard using double-sided tape. Its exotic design is sure to capture all eyes at once.    

Gnaughty Gnomes Series “Smokin’ Good Time” Ashtray 

Gnaughty Gnomes Series “Smokin’ Good Time” Ashtray

This quirky ashtray is another preferred choice of funky smokers. The Gnaughty Gnomes ashtray features a laid-back gnome figurine cherishing smokin’ good time. This unique collectible item created by the World of Wonders can be the perfect gift for all kinds of smokers. The creative style and useful features like appropriate grooves and required depth make this a valuable product. 

The “Smokin’ Good Time” ashtray is made from premium-quality, cold-cast polyresin. So, it is durable and perfect for every smokin’ moment. The beautiful sculpture has been meticulously hand-painted to bring out a practical, detail-oriented figurine. Because of its exceptional crafting, this ashtray can also be used as a jewelry tray. 



This ashtray is a classy, elegant design that gives a royal look wherever placed. One of this ashtray’s significant features is that it is windproof. It has a heavy lid that does not blow away even in heavy winds. Moreover, you can easily dump the remnant ashes to clean this ashtray quickly and efficiently.

This luxurious ashtray goes perfectly with your interior décor and looks splendid at any outdoor event. It is given a marble-like texture with a beautiful crystal knob over the lid and a wooden-like base. Its captivating design is a prominent eye-catcher.  

TAKAVU Car Ashtray 

TAKAVU Car Ashtray

Some people love having a smoke on the go, but sometimes the weather does not agree with your mood. A car ashtray makes it convenient to enjoy a car smoke even during bad weather. This is the perfect ashtray for your car with a brilliant design and usage. 

The ashtray is a cylindrical shaped unit with a unique and fashionable look. A cool blue LED light is fixed inside it that automatically turns on when you open the ashtray. This ensures that the tray is completely visible even during the night. It also has a removable lighter. 

This is a portable car ashtray that is super easy to clean. It also has a powerful sealing performance that restricts smoke and cigarette butt smell from spreading in the car. It easily fits most car cup holders and gives an ideal feel at all times. You can use it not just for smoking but also to store other scraps like fruit peels, paper, etc.  

Keeping safety concerns in mind, the car ashtray is made from premium quality, highly fireproof, and durable material. So, it is an appropriate product for your on-the-go smoke with attractive looks and useful features.  

SOMGEM Outdoor Ashtray – Black Bully Dog Design 

SOMGEM Outdoor Ashtray - Black Bully Dog Design

Here is another creative and unique ashtray that will definitely be a conversation starter. This one is in the shape of a bully dog with exquisite muscles and funky sunglasses. This exclusive product is made from high-quality coarse pottery.  

This crafty ashtray has a larger capacity because its semi-enclosed design enables it to hold more ash and cigarette butts. The robust material and durable coating make it windproof and last longer without chipping or fading. There is also a humanized groove that can easily hold your cigar or cigarette anytime.

This unique product can be used for various other purposes, such as storing keys, jewelry, candy, and even a phone holder. It can be an exemplary gifting item that can also be explored for other uses. It is undoubtedly the one that everyone will love.   

OHFLY Smokeless Stainless-Steel Ashtray 

OHFLY Smokeless Stainless-Steel Ashtray

A classic, simple, yet effective design makes this stainless-steel ashtray a good choice for many. The elaborate craftsmanship in creating this ashtray makes it unbreakable, easy to clean, rust-free, and durable. It comes with a lid that ensures that the ashtray is windproof, preventing ashes from scattering places.  

An essential feature of this ashtray is that it is smokeless. Placing this on your table will keep your room clean by preserving the smoke within the container, keeping your surroundings fresh and free from any unpleasant smells or smoke for your guests. This practical ashtray also has three grooves capable of holding different sizes of cigarettes for comfortable smoke.  

This stainless-steel ashtray with a modern design and multiple features is ideal for your smoking space. You can easily use this in numerous scenarios, whether indoors or outdoors. It not only keeps your room and house clean but also maintains a healthy environment for you and your loved ones by retaining the smoke within.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Ashtray 

lighted marijuana joint

The market offers multiple options and varieties today, so choosing the perfect ashtray can sometimes be overwhelming. You have to keep several things in mind before making a final decision. Although it doesn’t make much of a difference, as all ashtrays perform the same function. The choice varies according to individual needs and usage. 

Various factors influence the decision over what kind of ashtray truly fits your needs. Ashtrays are available in different shapes and sizes, material and quality, designs and patterns. The final choice depends on how these variations accommodate your requirements. Some of the significant factors that you must consider before buying an ashtray are: 


The first thing to consider is the material. Marijuana ashtrays are now made from various materials such as metal, ceramic, glass, etc. Depending on how you prefer your smoke and your personal taste, you can opt for an elegant glass ashtray, a more robust metal one, and so on. 

Different materials have different durability and wear-tear resistance. So, you must check the quality of the material to see how lasting and robust it will be in case of an accident. Moreover, ensure that the product is fire-resistant and safe to use in all situations. Some materials are easy to clean, which can be an added benefit. 

Thus, material varies vastly and has different qualities. Choose an ashtray that best suits your smoking environment to ensure that it perfectly fits your party and aura. 

Size and Capacity 

Another important aspect is the size of the ashtray. Designers have dedicatedly made ashtrays in a variety of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Ensure you get an ashtray that is the right size for your smoking behavior. If you prefer smoking outdoors, look for a weatherproof ashtray that can tackle heavy winds.  

Always consider your smoking pattern before making any such decision. Buying a small ashtray would be useless if you smoke a lot, as it will fill pretty quickly and require frequent emptying. Whereas, if you go for an extra-large ashtray, it will consume more space and be harder to clean and maintain. 

So, the size of your ashtray is based on how and where you prefer to enjoy your weed. Ensure you consider these factors before making your final decision. 


You would not think of buying a new ashtray for every month or every other party or get-together. Thus, it is crucial to choose a durable ashtray once and for all. Selecting the perfect one takes a lot of consideration, so you naturally expect it to last for at least a few years. 

Ashtrays are made from different materials, each with its own durability standards. The wear and tear resistance capacity depends on the type and quality of the ashtray you buy. You must look for the material quality and durability to be sure of investing in the ashtray you finally choose.   

Shape and design 

As ashtrays come in numerous shapes and designs, look for the one that you find the most appealing. From basic round shapes to unique pieces that would start a conversation, there is no limit to ashtray options.  

Although looking for aesthetics is vital, cleaning comfort is also something you should consider. Nobody wants to sit for hours scrubbing a stained ashtray. So, ensure the shape allows easy cleaning, even if it is a one-of-a-kind figure. It would be even better if the ashtray had a wide opening and smooth surface that easily rinses the ashes off in just a tap.

If you are someone who is lazy in keeping hygiene and wants extreme convenience, some ashtrays have a self-cleaning feature. Those can be just what you need. Whether style or application, ensure that the ashtray you use perfectly suits your nature, preferences, and smoking attitude. 

FAQ: Best Ashtrays

  1. How effective are smokeless ashtrays? 

Smokeless ashtrays use an electric fan or air circulation to pull smoke collected in a holding chamber containing water. The water absorbs the smoke particles and can be easily disposed of later. 

Although smokeless ashtrays do not entirely eliminate smoke, they still manage to reduce the amount of smoke pollution around you significantly. 

  • Should you put water in the ashtray?  

You should put water in the ashtray before emptying it to avoid any fire hazards while disposing of cigarette butts. 

  • What do you put in the bottom of an ashtray? 

To keep the ashtray clean, add sand or dirt to the bottom. These absorb ashes and avoid scattering of burning embers. In addition, putting baking soda can help cover cigarette smells.

  • Can an ashtray catch fire? 

Ashtrays themselves are primarily fireproof. But if you empty an ashtray without first putting water in it, the other container may catch fire. 


Having ashtrays for cigarettes is definitely a good choice for all smokers to ensure that their surroundings are safe and the air stays clean for others. The market is full of different varieties of ashtrays for marijuana. Each one has its own qualities and specialties. Similarly, there are several ashtray designs made from different materials and of varying shapes and sizes. While a glass ashtray brings more elegance to your table, a ceramic ashtray is much stronger.  

You get an extensive variety of ashtrays to choose from as per your taste and preferences. Such a wide range also perplexes many people over which one to buy. However, it is actually relatively easy to choose an ashtray as you have to consider the one that best suits your needs. Nonetheless, you should also take into account the material quality, durability, and cleaning ease of the ashtray.  

With multiple options available, you are likely to find the one that you like. These are just a few suggestions. You can also look for more designs and products by narrowing your search to your taste and interest. This can help you quickly find the best ashtrays for weed that go perfectly well with smoking behaviors and home décor.

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