Most Residents in Texas Support Cannabis Legalization

The time has come. Cannabis legalization continues to sweep through the United States. So far this year, states such as Virginia, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Alabama all passed bills to legalize marijuana (some only medically). Now to discuss how Texas supports cannabis.

The number of states who have legalized has surpassed those who have not, and the clock is ticking for lawmakers to take action. This is what is happening in Texas, as many residents have stated their support for cannabis.

Texas Supports Cannabis

Provided by the University of Texas, a recent survey was conducted that observed just how Texans support cannabis. Though not all of them support full-blown legalization, the majority at least favors a new medical marijuana program in the state, and also decriminalization.

In the survey, 60% of Texans said they support “small to large amounts of marijuana” for adults to enjoy. 27% agreed for cannabis to be legalized for medical use only. The other 13% stated that they did not want any form of legalization to pass.

Though many may think that young adults would support cannabis legalization the most, this was untrue in the survey. Residents aged 30-44 supported it more (69% to the younger age group’s 59%). And while they were the smallest support group, many elderly Texans still supported cannabis in some form (about 53%).

Spotlight on Texas

Unfortunately, cannabis in Texas is still highly illegal, and jail time can be given to those found with it. Even so, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and some other cities in Texas have not been enforcing low-level cannabis crimes.

This increase in support for cannabis in Texas is unprecedented. More eyes are now on Texas lawmakers to pass at least some form of marijuana legalization. And it seems that the ball may be rolling forward already. Lawmakers could be in the works of creating such a bill for cannabis now.

In the 2022 ballots, we expect Texas to be one of the states that propose the legalization of marijuana. And with the public’s support, there should be no reason as to why it doesn’t pass. It is quite obvious that modern Texas supports cannabis. Here at Reefer Post, we are hoping that it does! Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Most Residents in Texas Support Cannabis Legalization

Q1: What is the current status of cannabis legalization in Texas?

A1: Cannabis remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance, and is still illegal in Texas for recreational purposes. However, medicinal marijuana is allowed under certain conditions.

Q2: What is the public opinion on cannabis legalization in Texas?

A2: Polling by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune found that most Texas residents support legalizing cannabis for recreational use, typically depending on the individual’s political party affiliation.

Q3: Are there any differences in the opinion of cannabis legalization between rural and urban residents in Texas?

A3: Generally, urban residents are more likely to support cannabis legalization, while rural residents are more likely to oppose it. Nevertheless, a majority of Texas residents in all regions still support cannabis legalization for recreational purposes.

Q4: Are there any proposals to legalize cannabis in Texas?

A4: The 87th Texas Legislative Session in 2021 proposed House Bill 98 and Senate Bills 109 and 156, which would legalize the possession, sale, regulation, and taxation of cannabis.

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