Ten Cool Weed Memes Part 2

A few months ago, Reefer Post published a post titled “Ten Cool Weed Memes“. Many readers enjoyed this post and due to the positive feedback, we have decided to create a Part 2! This post will feature ten fresh memes that any stoner can get a laugh out of.

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Each meme on this list is, of course, related to weed. The Reefer Post team has done a great job at handpicking cool memes from all over the internet. If you enjoy this post, feel free to share it with your friends! Alright, let’s finally get into some memes.

Don’t Forget Me

Don't Forget Me meme
“Don’t Forget Me!”

Count me in! Weed tastes so good, especially when it’s free! Okay but seriously, nothing like a good ol’ sesh with some good friends. Gather around and get to smoking! Sorry about the window by the way…


Cottonmouth meme
“Spongebob with Cottonmouth”

No matter what type of stoner you are, cottonmouth can be the worst! Especially when the rest of the sesh is going so well, then BAM, cottonmouth messes that up. Just keep some water with you next time… and every other next time. Pro tip: never eat a saltine cracker while you have cottonmouth.

The Future

The Future Is Now Meme
“The Future Is Now”

I love you Grandpa, but this is what we are doing from now on. I mean sure, a joint is nice every once in and awhile, but if you want to get high, then you need to tap into some concentrates.

That First Dab

Alien's First Dab Meme
“Alien’s First Dab”

Do you remember your first dab? How was it? Did you cough a lot? I bet you did. If you would like to share your first dab story with us, leave a comment below! I will admit, I coughed so much my first time and also felt as if I was getting higher by the second.

The Lost Bud

The Lost Bud
“Lost to the carpet”

Let’s all take a moment of silence for this one. If this has ever happened to you, then I am sorry. I didn’t even have anything to do with it, but I am sorry. This can be one of the worst feelings ever. But this is a meme, so let’s laugh at this guy instead.

Still Tapped In

Still Tapped In Meme
“Still Tapped In”

There are no baby lungs around here… well besides all those guys laying down. We’re hitting the bong ’til the end, nothing can stop us. Okay, maybe some really strong buds could, but that’s okay. I’d rather overdose and get a good night’s sleep instead of tapping out.

Dry Hit

“Dry bong’s hurt”

But seriously, has this ever happened to you? Forgetting to add water to the bong can result in a dry, sore throat. In addition, the hit itself will be very harsh. Sometimes it is better to leave the old bong water in there instead of not using any at all.

Weak or Strong?

Weak or Strong Meme
“Weak or Strong?”

Let’s settle this debate: would you be weak or strong? Drop a comment below so we can see who the victor is. Every time I choose an answer, I take it back because of the realization that both could technically be right… or wrong. I don’t know anymore…

Fast Food

High Fast Food Meme
“Fast Food high is better”

On a side note: fast food NEVER looks the same when you get it compared with the picture. However, when I’m high, that seems to not matter at all. Burgers, fries, and don’t forget the milkshake. Of course, we aren’t picky, any fast food goes!

My Joints

My Joints Meme
“My Joints!”

And last, but not least, we end this meme list off with two oldies, a.k.a. me and my spouse in many years. When my joints start to hurt, I’ll simply smoke a joint. That will help me out, right? The wife is already on it; looks like she needs to pass it off to Grandpa in the front.

FAQ: Ten Cool Weed Memes Part 2

What is a weed meme?

A weed meme is an image, typically of a cannabis plant, to represent a humorous reference related to marijuana culture.

What kind of images are used in weed memes?

Weed memes often include images of cannabis plants, animated characters, creative artwork, and funny captions.

What are some of the most popular weed memes?

Some of the most popular weed memes include Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice,” Rick and Morty’s “Time to Get Schwifty,” and Cheech and Chong’s “Up In Smoke.”

How can weed memes be used?

Weed memes can be used to celebrate legalization in certain states, make light of popular stoner stereotypes, and add humor to conversations.

That was Part 2 of our “Cool Weed Memes” collection! Would you like to see a Part 3? Let us know and if we get enough positive feedback, you will see it published soon! If you would ever like to contribute memes to Reefer Post, please send them in through our Contact Page. Thanks for reading!

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