Ten Cool Weed Memes

In this day in age, everyone knows what a meme is. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of them, are created daily. There are so many memes that they each have their categories. For us, we like weed memes (of course).

Weed memes are fun to look at from time to time. I post new weed memes for Reefer Post every single day! It’s good to sit back, enjoy some of them, and have a laugh. It’s also fun to be high while doing so, which makes it all the better. Check out our Instagram (@reefer_post) for more memes!

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Below is a list of ten cool weed memes. Not ten boring, lame memes. Ten awesome weed memes deserved to be on Reefer Post. All of these memes were found all over the internet, and none were created directly by Reefer Post (only featured). Enjoy!

April 20th

Cool weed meme 1

This meme just had to be included. After all, this entire month is 4/20! This will not happen again for another 100 years! I don’t know about you, but this may be the only 420 months I ever get to experience. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Coworker Alliance

Cool weed meme 2

If you weren’t able to get April 20th off from work, then hopefully you have a friendly coworker who also smokes weed. If so, ally. Lunchtime just got even better. Did someone say a quick bathroom break?

Blunt Too Strong

Cool weed meme 3

There’s nothing like smoking some top-quality cannabis. That is unless you can’t handle it. Don’t give in to peer pressure and try to keep up with your experienced smoking buddies. That always results in being the victim in this meme.

The Grinder

Cool weed meme 4

Hey, at least you brought something to the table. It’s even better if you brought your grinder. Sure, you don’t get the Roller’s Right, but you do get to determine how well the weed will burn once it’s rolled.

Alien OG

Cool weed meme 5

I wonder how good space weed is. Like, would it be super potent and out of this world, or just some “okay” quality, middle-shelf weed. How much would they charge for it? How would we even make the exchange? I’m pretty sure aliens wouldn’t take our currency unless we have something they want…

Pleasure Room

Cool weed meme 6

If I had a room like that, it really would be my pleasure room, in the sense that I’d walk in it and feel pleased. Having a bad day? Just walk into the pleasure room. I bet those aromas will perk your mood right up. Harvest Day would be a household holiday.

Too High To Drive

Cool weed meme 7

For the record, Reefer Post does not advise driving under the influence of any drug, medication, or plant. However, there have surely been many cases of stoners driving while high. Hopefully, they have a good copilot as a navigator since short-term memory won’t be on their side.

Lighter Thieves

Lighter Meme

Like, bro? You had to play me like that? At least use my lighter at other smoke sessions, not right in front of me! The crazy thing is he will use my lighter in front of me and then slip it right back in his pocket, talking about “it’s a habit”. Yeah okay.

The Cough

Cool weed meme 9

During this Coronavirus Crisis, coughing is no longer underestimated. Anyone coughing in public should be avoided. Practice social distancing at all times during this crisis. But if the person coughing was just smoking some good weed, then it’s all good.

Dry Watching

Cool weed meme 10

One of the worst possible things you could do to yourself is to look at weed online when you have none. It’s like watching someone eat your favorite food while you’re hungry. Instead, get high and watch some videos, because that’s always a good time.

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Those are ten of the coolest weed memes found around the internet. What did you think of this post? This was the first meme post that we’ve ever done. Should we publish Part 2? Let us know! Drop a comment or leave us a message from the Contact Page. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Ten Cool Weed Memes

Q: What are weed memes?

A: Weed memes are humorous memes, images, and videos about marijuana and cannabis use. They are often intended to be funny, lighthearted, and sometimes even informative.

Q: Where can I find weed memes?

A: You can find weed memes on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also search for “weed memes” on Google and you’ll find an abundance of popular and funny memes.

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