How To Switch From Smoking Tobacco to Smoking Marijuana

There are many differences between marijuana and tobacco. The most obvious difference is probably the fact that tobacco is addicting and has caused millions of deaths, while marijuana is not addicting and no one has ever been killed by it. There are many more differences, but the addicting and killing part of tobacco should be enough for someone to stop smoking it. Switch from tobacco to cannabis.

Even though tobacco is addicting and kills millions of smokers worldwide each year, millions of people still choose to smoke it. Why is that? Why not switch to something that is non-addictive and cannot cause you to lose your life? Now, this is not an anti-tobacco campaign, it’s only a message to those who use it. Please understand that tobacco is very dangerous and if you do not stop smoking, could eventually be the cause of your death.

So, what is something that tobacco smokers could switch to so that they can still smoke but not be addicted or slowly killing themselves? Well, we already said it above, it’s marijuana! Switching from tobacco to cannabis can be done with a few steps.

Why Switch?

Switching from tobacco to marijuana can save your life. Many scientific studies have proven the fact that tobacco can kill you. On the other hand, many scientific studies done on marijuana have proven that it cannot kill you. Within human history, there has never been a recorded death from marijuana. Want to know how many people die every year from smoking tobacco? Then click here.

So, if you care about your health, then you should make the switch. You can smoke marijuana for many more years than you can tobacco without worrying about dying from it. Also, if you want to stop smoking completely, then switching to marijuana first may help you ease into that.

In addition, if you smoke tobacco for the feeling that it gives you, then you should have never started smoking tobacco in the first place. For a better feeling from smoking, you can get that from weed! Tobacco may only leave you feeling lightheaded or dizzy, while marijuana can give you a high like none other.

How To Switch

If you are someone who smokes tobacco and wishes to switch to smoking marijuana, then look no further. Check out our steps below on how to make that switch!

Start Smoking Weed

To switch from tobacco to marijuana, first you have to start smoking marijuana (duh)! So, even while you still have your tobacco smoking habits, you can squeeze in some weed here and there. You could even smoke a bowl or small joint of marijuana before or after you go to smoke that cigarette. Click here for some help on getting started.

Smoke Blunts and Spliffs

The easiest way for someone to make the switch is most likely by smoking blunts and spliffs. Not sure what these are? Well, a blunt is a marijuana wrapped up in a tobacco leaf. It’s like a joint, however, the wrap is tobacco instead of rolling paper. So with blunts, you still get a small amount of tobacco when you smoke marijuana.

Also, there are spliffs. A spliff is either a blunt or joint (typically a joint) that is filled with half marijuana and half tobacco. The best way to make a spliff is by sprinkling in a half gram of marijuana and then doing the same with a half gram of tobacco. This way you can get an even amount of tobacco and weed inside your spliff. Now, you can smoke tobacco and marijuana at the same time! To ease into smoking only marijuana, start adding less and less tobacco to your spliffs, until one day you are only smoking marijuana!

Even though blunt and spliffs will help you make the switch, I do not recommend smoking them frequently after you have quit smoking cigarettes. To fully stop smoking tobacco, you must stop smoking blunts and spliffs as well. Only use them as help to stop smoking tobacco.

End Tobacco Altogether

Once you get yourself to only smoke blunts and spliffs, then you should start looking into ways to smoke marijuana that do not include tobacco at all. There are many ways to do this since most ways that marijuana is smoked do not include tobacco.

For a List of Ways to Smoke Marijuana, Click Here.

Once you step away from tobacco completely and begin smoking marijuana, you will have fully made the switch. Now you can smoke away and not worry about becoming addicted or losing your life to it!

Marijuana is much safer to smoke compared to tobacco. Allowing yourself to make a switch from tobacco to cannabis may just save your life. Do not wait to start the switch, smoke some weed today. Happy smoking!

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