Strain Review: Trainwreck

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different cannabis strains out there. There are so many strains that it is nearly impossible to keep up with them all. On top of that, new strains are constantly being created. At this rate, who knows all of the cannabis strains? Plus, have you seen some of the names of these strains? Some are crazy, out-of-this-world names. Like who came up with these names? Green Crack? Alaskan Thunder F*ck? Crazy names right? Well, what about a strain called Trainwreck? Is that another crazy strain name, or does it sound justified to you?


Originating in Northern California, Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It is said to be a crossbreed between Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indicas. These three parents were perfectly combined to produce Trainwreck, which is 65% Sativa and 35% indica. This strain also contains anywhere between 18-26% THC (depending on the grower), making it one of the most potent cannabis strains out there. Because of this, Trainwreck tends to pop up on people’s “Best Marijuana Strains” list.

The potency of Trainwreck can even be seen in its nugs. They normally have a thick layer of frosty trichomes, which are packed with THC and help to turn this strain into a very potent one. The nugs themselves are also very appealing, typically presenting bright green colors with small, orange hairs mixed in.


Since Trainwreck is sativa-dominant, you can expect sativa effects. However, when Afghani indicas were mixed into the equation of creating Trainwreck, they added a bit of indica effects and gave a good blend between sativa and indica effects. Here are some effects that you should feel after smoking some Trainwreck:

  • uplifted
  • happy
  • euphoric
  • relaxed
  • creative

The high that you get from Trainwreck does not only affect your mind or only your body, but instead, it affects both. The Sativa effects go for the mind, improving your mood and enhancing your creativity. At the same time, indica effects move in for your body, relaxing and allowing it to unwind after a long day. All of this effect ultimately leave you feeling great, and ready to either start up a new project or kick back and watch some television.

Medical Benefits

Trainwreck is an ideal strain for any recreational marijuana user. But it’s also ideal for many medical marijuana users. Research is still being done to figure out whether Trainwreck is suitable to help treat anxiety. Some research says yes, and some says no. For anxiety, you might want to go with another strain, such as strains on our medical list. However, Trainwreck can help with many other issues, including:

  • migraines
  • arthritis
  • pain
  • stress
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • lack of appetite
  • muscle spasms

If you suffer from any of those issues, try out some Trainwreck. Many medical marijuana users swear that this strain cures their issues, and they aren’t lying! In addition, we stated above that Trainwreck does great at relaxing the body. So, because of this, Trainwreck is especially good for stress and muscle spasms, as it can slowly put you to sleep if you allow it to.

Flavors and Scents

For those who can determine a cannabis strain just by its scent, Trainwreck is possibly one of those strains. The aroma given off by this strain is strong and unique. You can expect to smell (and taste) a strong odor of lemon-lime, with a hint of an earthy feel. The taste of this strain is known to be slightly sour, with that lemon taste being easily recognizable. And don’t forget, the smell is very strong. So if you are trying to hide the smell of weed, Trainwreck may not be ideal (unless you have a Smoke Buddy!).

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