Strain Review: Green Crack

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This strain review is on a strain known as Green Crack. This is a Sativa strain that is very potent and can deliver a very strong high. So if you are looking for a strain that gets you up and going, then this is the one for you. Green Crack has been known to stimulate the mind and cause its users to be more sociable and outgoing. It has also been known to be the closest marijuana strain to actual crack cocaine.

But no need to fear, it has nothing to do with crack cocaine (had you thinking didn’t I?). The reason why it is called Green Crack is because it gets you motivated to go out and do something instead of sitting on the couch and eating munchies like some strains make you. So the only similarity between this strain and actual crack cocaine is that both are known to make you active. However, this strain is marijuana so remember you cannot overdose or get addicted to it like crack cocaine. Don’t worry about that, just stick to weed!

Anyway, my point is that Green Crack is a great sativa strain. If you are looking for a strain with powerful sativa effects, then try Green Crack. You can receive energizing effects from this strain. And don’t smoke this strain if you are trying to fall asleep, try an Indica strain for that.


Below you can see a picture of two Green Crack nugs. These nugs are looking good and ready to smoke! What do you think?

Green Crack Nugs

Not only do they look good, but they are some pretty big nugs. Green Crack nugs are not difficult to break down, meaning you won’t be struggling to roll it up. Most stoners who smoke this strain have been smoking for a while, so it is not recommended for rookie smokers. A good strain for rookie smokers would be a strain like Blue Dream (check out that review).

If you are a medical marijuana user, then you want to know the medical aspects of this strain (sorry I put it at the end). Green Crack is a great strain to smoke if you are stressed out. It has been known to calm down its users, while still delivering some energizing effects. Also, this strain is good for treating fatigue and even depression.

These are many facts about Green Crack! As a review, we’ll say that this is a great strain to smoke for sativa effects, as long as you can handle it (and don’t get too high). Don’t let the name scare you, though,  it has nothing to do with real crack cocaine as mentioned above. Green Crack got its name due to its effects; it makes you energized just like crack cocaine does! That is the only similarity the two drugs have. Reefer Post does not promote the use of crack cocaine or any hardcore drugs, only cannabis.

Speaking of naming the strain, did you know that Green Crack was named by the rapper Snoop Dogg after he smoked it and got its stimulating effects?

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