Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

Cannabis Girl Scout Cookies Nugs

Most marijuana smokers have that one strain that they know will get them high. That strain may be a different strain for everybody, some people even have a few strains, but its still nice to know that you can always go back to that one strain and it will do you good. Right?
Well for me, the Reefer Post author, my favorite strain of marijuana is Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This strain never lets me down, and always brings me up (get it?). I have smoked many different strains before, some I would smoke again and some I would never smoke again. But I can always smoke some GSC and get a good high!


If you check out my post on the best strains out there, one of the strains that I listed was GSC. It is a hybrid strain, which means it has a mix of effects to it. It’s a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. In my opinion, OG Kush is another good strain to smoke. So the fact that GSC has some OG Kush and some Durban Poison in it makes it that much better. GSC is also full of flavors, so when you smoke it you might even enjoy the taste!

Take a look at some Girl Scout Cookies above. Those are some good looking nugs right there! This strain delivers a high that has a good balance of sativa and indica effects. When smoking GSC, you can expect a high that will leave your body relaxed while also giving you a boost in creativity and mood.
Furthermore, if you are ever in any pain, GSC serves as a good pain reliever. You can also use it to treat nausea and loss of appetite. Personally, I always get the munchies after I smoke some GSC, so I can vow for it treating a loss of appetite.
One reason why GSC is one of the best strains out there (and why it is my favorite) is because it is very potent. This is due to the fact that it has a high level of THC. So if you were to smoke an average amount of marijuana, let’s say one gram by yourself, you would definitely feel the effects from the high.
If you have not yet tried Girl Scout Cookies, then I recommend that you should. It is a very popular strain, most people love it! I have never meet anyone that does not like Girl Scout Cookies, even though there is most likely some out there (there’s always those haters). And after you smoke some GSC and get the munchies, go buy some actual Girl Scout Cookies (peanut butter patties are my favorite) because they are good!

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