Blue Dream Strain Review, Information and Effects

Welcome to another strain review brought to you by Reefer Post! These reviews are intended to give our readers some knowledge on the strain and to let them figure out whether they should try it or not. This review is on the marijuana strain known as Blue Dream. To quickly summarize this strain, it is great if you are new to smoking marijuana.

Background of Blue Dream Strain

Just think about the title: Blue Dream. Doesn’t it sound like it is a good strain just from the name? Any name with “Dream” in it usually is a top pick. But besides the name, this strain is actually a good strain to smoke. It is a hybrid strain but is Sativa dominant (meaning it is more Sativa than Indica). This means you will get more stimulating effects from it rather than calming effects, but you still get both.

If you check out my post on the best marijuana strains out there, Blue Dream is one of the strains listed. This is because it is a very popular strain and gives a good balance of effects when it is smoked. In fact, this strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world! It is especially popular in the United States on the west coast. If you live there, then you most likely have heard about Blue Dream even if you haven’t smoked it.

On a personal note, Blue Dream was the first strain that I ever smoked. Now, most people say that the first time you get high is the highest you will ever get. While this is not true, I do remember getting an intense high from this strain on my first time smoking it. I have smoked it after that, and every single time it does not fail to deliver a good high.

Blue Dream Weed Strain Description

Cannabis Blue Dream Nugs
Cannabis Blue Dream

Check out these Blue Dream nugs above. They have a great shade to them and break down very easily. So if you are the type of smoker that likes the plant itself to look good, then this strain might be your go-to.

Want to smoke this strain for medical purposes? No problem! There are a few treatments that Blue Dream offers. For one, it is a great pain reliever. It has also been known to help fight depression. And if you get nauseous, this strain can help treat that as well!

Blue Dream for Whom?

Blue Dream is known to be great for rookie smokers (I guess I was lucky that was the first one I smoked!). This is because it gives off a well-balanced high that is not too strong but not too weak for someone who is new to smoking marijuana. But even if you have been smoking for years, this strain will still give off an excellent high.

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Effects

So let’s end this strain review by talking about Blue Dream’s effects. As I mentioned before, it does give off a calming effect, but it is still Sativa dominant and is best for daytime use. Blue Dream has been known to make its users get deep into thought when they get high. So if you are a deep thinker, then smoke some Blue Dream!

Final Note

Overall, Blue Dream is a great strain for anyone to smoke, but especially great for those who are new to smoking. Looking to build up a tolerance for smoking marijuana? Well, Blue Dream is a great strain to do that with!

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