Using Stems in Marijuana Edible Recipes

Looking for new ways to use your marijuana stems in edible recipes? Yes, there are ways to include stems in edibles. But why add stems to a marijuana edible that already gets the job done? Well, there are reasons for that. Find that out, and more, below.

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Even though marijuana stems can be used in marijuana edible recipes, that does not mean it is a good idea to use them in other areas of consuming cannabis, including smoking. Smoking marijuana stems is not a good thing, because it typically causes headaches. So, stick to edibles when using stems.

Back to the question that was stated above, why add stems to an edible? Well, there are a few reasons for that. One reason is to use all of your marijuana and reduce waste (meaning you use all of your nugs and don’t throw any of it away). Another reason, and probably the biggest, is that they enhance the amount of THC in marijuana edibles. Since stems are a part of a marijuana plant, they do contain a small amount of THC, just like nugs. So, adding stems to your edibles can make the effects of the edible stronger.

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For that reason, you should know how to add items to your marijuana edibles. Below, Reefer Post has put together a list of ways to use stems in edible recipes:


For any use of stems in edibles, you first need to decarboxylate the stems. This allows the THC in stems to be consumed through eating an edible. Do this by evenly spreading out your stems on an oven tray, then cooking in an oven at 230 F (110 C) for 60 minutes. After this, your stems will be decarboxylated and ready to use.


Make a nice cup of tea with leftover stems by first grinding up the decarboxylated stems. The next step is to wrap them up in a coffee filter or tea bag. Simmer on low heat for 7-8 minutes. Lastly, mix this in with your desired tea. For maximum THC intake, include a high-fat liquid in your tea, such as coconut oil or half & half.

Tea is first on the list because it is a popular way to use stems. You can easily, and quickly, whip up a nice cup of tea, and add items to it to get you high! Also, if you do not want to use a high-fat liquid in your tea, you can use water instead. The high-fat liquid is recommended because it extracts THC better than low-fat liquids, but the choice is yours.

Hot Cocoa

Making hot cocoa with marijuana stems is very similar to the tea recipe above. Seriously, it’s very similar, all you have to do is switch out your desired tea for hot cocoa mix. Grind, wrap, and simmer just like you would for the steps above, just make sure to use hot cocoa instead of tea. Making hot cocoa with stems will still get you high just like the tea would.


If you like cannabutter, then you will also like cannabis stem butter. The process of making this butter is quite similar to making cannabutter, you will just need more stems than usual. You will need at least 1/4 oz. of stems (or more if you want to make more butter). Now, just use the recipe for cannabutter, only use stems instead of nugs. Need the recipe for cannabutter? Then click the link below:

Cannabutter Recipe

Cannabis stem butter is not as potent as regular cannabutter but does still contain THC and can still get you high. The effects of the stem butter are mild compared to cannabutter. So, for dishes that are made to be mild in cannabis, or for those not used to the effects, stem butter is perfect to use!

Add To Cannabutter

While you can make cannabis stem butter that only includes stems and no nugs, you could also incorporate stems in regular cannabutter. Now, you should not make cannabutter with half nugs and half stems, only use a small amount of stems to add to the cannabutter. This is because you do not want to dose your edibles too much, or that could result in a bad high. So, stick to adding a small amount of stems to your cannabutter recipe for an enhanced, but not too strong, high.

These five ways listed above on how to include cannabis stems in edible recipes are a great way to use all of your marijuana efficiently. If you have any other ideas on how to use stems in edibles, feel free to drop a comment below about it! Enjoy those edibles!

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