What’s a Spliff?

If you smoke marijuana, then you know that there are many ways to do so. You can pack a bowl and smoke it out of a glass piece (bong, pipe, etc.), put it in a vaporizer and vape it, or roll it up as a blunt or joint. For a list of many ways to smoke marijuana, click here. In addition, there is also something called a spliff.

Narrowing down to just rolling it up, did you know that blunts and joints are not the only way to roll up marijuana? There is one other popular way, that sort of brings both of those two together. That way is called rolling a spliff.

So, What Is A Spliff?

You may be asking, if you don’t already know, “What is a spliff?” Well, a spliff is a joint that, instead of all marijuana, contains half marijuana and half tobacco. It does not have to be exactly half and half, however, some people like more marijuana than tobacco and vice versa.

Rolling Up A Spliff

Spliffs are very popular among European marijuana smokers, but also popular all across the world. Here in California, where Reefer Post is based, spliffs are quite common amongst stoners. Typically, spliffs are more common to those who already smoke tobacco in other ways, for example smoking cigarettes. Stoners who do not smoke any type of tobacco at all (including blunt wraps) usually do not smoke spliffs.

However, even stoners who don’t smoke tobacco still might smoke a spliff here and there. Some like to only smoke at parties or special occasions. Others may start to substitute spliffs for cigarettes, to help them ease out of smoking tobacco all of the time.

Whatever the case may be, spliffs are a popular way to roll up a joint. Even though they are popular, did you know that there are two ways to roll up a spliff? If not, or if you’re just curious about it, then you can find out right below.

How To Roll One

Spliffs are rolled up in two common ways. Each way does not give off different effects from the other, nor does it require any more or less of marijuana/ tobacco. The only difference in each way is that they are rolled up differently. So, choose which way you like more and stick to that!

One of the ways to roll up a spliff is by first rolling up a regular joint full of marijuana, and then sprinkling tobacco on top. This way you can get much more marijuana compared to tobacco inside your spliff. Or, if you want the opposite, then start by rolling up tobacco, and sprinkle some marijuana on top. You could also get half and half by rolling this way, but it does make it easier to get more or less of one inside the spliff.

The other common way to roll a spliff is by mixing in tobacco with marijuana. Instead of sprinkling it into the joint, you just throw in a half gram of marijuana and a half gram of tobacco, then roll that up. Some stoners find this way to be quicker and easier. But if you don’t and you like the sprinkling method more, then stick to that.

See? The ways to roll up a spliff weren’t that different! Just find out which way suits you more and then you will be off to quickly rolling spliffs. Which way was your favorite way to roll up? Or, better yet, do you use a different way to roll up a spliff than mentioned above? If so, drop a comment about it below.

Why Use Them?

So now you may be thinking “Okay so I can roll one up, but why would I want to?” Or, “Why mix weed and tobacco? If I want weed I’ll smoke weed, and if I want tobacco I’ll smoke a cigarette.”

While this may be true for some, others like the feelings given off by spliffs. If you do smoke or have ever smoked cigarettes, then you know that tobacco gives off a sort of head high, making you feel slightly lightheaded. On the other hand, if you smoke or have smoked marijuana before, then you know the effects that come along with that. So, for those who have tried both, imagine mixing the feelings from a cigarette with the feelings from marijuana. That is where spliffs fall in.

Another reason why someone might smoke spliffs is to help them stop smoking tobacco altogether. What do I mean by this? Well, if someone who smokes 100% tobacco begins to mix in some marijuana, they would be consuming less tobacco over time. Let’s say to do this, you start with roughly 75% tobacco and 25% marijuana in your spliff. As time goes on, you add more marijuana and less tobacco, until you reach 50% tobacco and 50% marijuana, just like a regular spliff. If you want to completely stop smoking tobacco, then continue that pattern until you are smoking 25% tobacco and 75% marijuana. The next step, of course, is to ease your way into smoking 100% marijuana and 0% tobacco.

This can be a good way for cigarette smokers to stop smoking cigarettes and to only smoke marijuana, which has been proven to be non-addictive and safer for your mind and body. If you would like more tips on how to stop smoking tobacco by substituting it with marijuana, then click the link below to check out our full post on it:

Click here for the “How To Switch From Smoking Tobacco to Smoking Marijuana” post.

Now you can successfully roll up and smoke a spliff! If you do not or never have smoked tobacco, then maybe spliffs are not for you. However, they still are a good thing to know about, just in case your smoking buddy asks if you want to smoke a spliff. Now you know how to answer that. Happy smoking!

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