How To Smoke Without A Lighter

We’ve all been there. You just rolled up/packed a bowl and are ready to smoke. But you reach for your lighter and it’s not there. What now? Do you give up and forget smoking? No. A stoner is persistent. You figure out a way to smoke. This post will give you some ideas on that.

Where’s The Lighter?

Various scenarios could have played out and your lighter could be anywhere. Retrace your steps. Did you lose it again? This is a popular reason for disappearing lighters. If losing lighters is a habit for you, maybe try out a lighter leash.

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Another popular reason for missing lighters is that a smoking buddy pocketed it. What’s up with lighter thieves these days? One of my buddies claims that it’s a habit to put a lighter in his pocket, but I say he’s just always in need of a new one.

Lighter Meme

Anyways, enough of that. Here are some ways that you can still light that marijuana up without a lighter. Most are common household items.


This is a classic no-lighter method of smoking. It may not work with a bowl of marijuana, but it will surely work with a blunt or joint. All you need to do is turn on your stove (enough where the flame can hit the blunt/joint) then spark your weed with it. Make sure to turn off your stove once your weed is lit.

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Of course, electric stoves may not work. You need an open flame (such as a lighter) to place the blunt/joint in. No gas stove? Continue reading, we have plenty more.


You can also try to use a toaster to spark up. Again, this method will not work with a bowl. I do not recommend sticking your pipe or bong inside a toaster. However, if you have something rolled up, stick one end into your toaster while it is heated up. The sides of the toaster should be hot enough to light the weed. If not, turn the heat up on the toaster and try again.

While attempting this method, never stick your hand or fingers in the toaster. It’s not going to feel too good. Maybe the toaster method isn’t for you. After all, it is sort of hazardous. Try the ones below instead.

Magnifying Glass

Most of us have probably seen a video floating around the internet of someone using a magnifying glass to start a fire. One viral video is that of someone using a magnifying glass on an ant (poor ant). People have also started campfires, candles, and yes, even smokeables with a magnifying glass.

Now, it must be sunny outside for this method to work. You may also want to be outside to attempt this. What you’ll need to do is place your weed under the magnifying glass, as if you were going to study it. Allow the magnifying glass to get hit by direct sunlight, shining through and onto the weed. With enough light and heat, the weed should begin to catch fire, and you will be able to smoke it.

Magnifying Glass Shining

Having a rainy or cloudy day? The magnifying glass method may not work, then. Maybe it’s cold and rainy outside and you simply want to stay inside and bundle up, getting cozy and smoking weed. Grab some blankets, and light some candles. Speaking of candles, here’s another way to smoke with no lighter.


Some people enjoy having candles lit around their homes. After all, some candles do smell very good. Personally, I and my wife love candles around the house. It keeps a dim light in dark rooms and keeps the air smelling good. It also helps well with the smell of weed.

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This method is pretty self-explanatory. It may not work with a bowl, but it will with blunts and joints just fine. Just make sure not to get any candle wax on your weed, as smoking that stuff may be harmful to your lungs. And, of course, the candle must already be lit. If you need to light the candle first, just skip the candle and use the primary source to light your weed.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to get your weed lit. Never let a lighter hold you back. That’s all for this post, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: How To Smoke Without A Lighter Box

Q: What are some alternative ways to light up a joint?

A: Matches, spark lighters, and tapers are all viable alternatives to using a standard lighter. You can also use a candle, a stovetop, a magnifying glass, or even a disposable camera flash.

Q: How do you light a joint without a lighter or matches?

A: You can use a taper, such as a thin twig or paper, that is dipped into a flame. You can also use a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays onto a piece of herb, or you can use a disposable camera flash to light a joint or blunt.

Q: What kind of flame do I need to light a joint?

A: Any type of flame will do, but a slow-burning flame is best. This will ensure that your herbs are evenly heated and that the joint or blunt is completely lit.

Q: Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when smoking without a lighter?

A: Yes. You should always be aware of your surroundings, and ensure that you are not in an area where there is potential danger, such as fire or explosions. Additionally, be sure to keep any flammable materials far away from your light source.

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