Silicone vs. Glass: Which is Better For Bongs?

Before you start reading this post, close your eyes and picture a bong. What does this bong look like? Is it made of glass or silicone? It is most likely made of glass, and this is said because glass is the most popular material used for making bongs. But what about silicone? Surely they are popular as well, and they must have some benefit over glass.. right?

Yes, there are silicone lovers out there. You may be one, too, and maybe the bong you pictured was a silicone bong. But what makes silicone better than glass, if at all? On the other hand, why choose glass over silicone? By comparing and contrasting we will be able to see the real facts, and which would best suit you.


Choosing Glass

Clear Glass Bong

Glass is the classic option by far. Ask as many stoners as you know to imagine a bong and the majority will probably think of one made of glass. This is no surprise. Silicone and glass are not the only options out there, yet glass has been able to maintain the lead over them all. But why?

It is easier to find and purchase. This is in part thanks to the popularity of glass. They are simply the traditional option. Even the past generation of stoners will most likely choose glass (unless they choose a Coke can). Thanks to this, most smoke shops that carry bongs will carry glass bongs.

More design options are available with glass. When shopping around for a bong, you will find many more options for glass bongs compared to silicone, when it comes to the visual design. Don’t believe me? Head over to Google right now and browse some bongs. Glass pieces also look of higher quality and are looked at as the fancier option.

A larger selection of accessories fits it. For example, on most bong sizes you can swap your bowl out for a nail (or banger) and dab out of it. With silicone, this is usually not an option, since most nails/bangers won’t fit them. In addition, accessories such as ice catchers, ash catchers, and others only fit glass most of the time.

Glass offers better flavors. When it comes to bongs, especially those with water filtration, smoke is much smoother when it passes through glass compared to silicone. This is because silicone typically leaves a small trace of plastic flavor in the smoke, sometimes no matter how much you clean it.

Choosing Silicone

Tall Blue Silicone Bong

While it may not have the spotlight, silicone is still a highly sought-after material for making bongs. And there are reasons behind this. After reading below, silicone may become your new favorite for bongs. Then again, this post is not biased, and these are only facts.

Silicone is much cheaper. This is because silicone is highly flexible and is very easy to form when making products from it, like bongs! Compared to glass, silicone pieces are only a fraction of the cost. Those on a small budget will enjoy it!

It is very durable. Think of a glass bong again. Have you ever seen one shatter? For experienced stoners, this reality is almost guaranteed. Broken glass bongs are tragic, yet very common. Drop a glass bong off a shelf and it may be gone forever. But with silicone, you can slam it on the ground it will probably still work. Please do not try this, though, as it is never recommended to purposely drop a bong.

Silicone can bend. It’s not a major benefit of using silicone, but it sure is a neat one. Most silicone pieces can be bent, twisted, and folded without any harm to them. Some bong makers incorporate this into their designs, making silicone bongs that are meant to have additional bending features (like turning into a slinky).

This is a better option for those who are uncareful. If you are a clumsy person, stick with silicone. Those with “butterfingers” may have had some bad experiences with glass before. Luckily, you can drop silicone left and right without it shattering. This is also good if you smoke with other people who you may think are clumsy, as frequently passing the bong allows it to be dropped easier.

Which Is Better?

Silicone and glass may have their differences, but at the end of the day, it truly depends on the user when it comes to which is superior. A few factors come in when discussing which is right for you. And, of course, the one you prefer to smoke from will ultimately be the winner. Either way, you should test out both glass and silicone bongs before making the final decision.

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One factor to think about when choosing glass or silicone is your budget. Those who want to spend a lot of money on a bong will most likely purchase one made of glass. On the flip side, people who want to save money and don’t need anything fancy may prefer silicone. Buying a bong for a party or only one/two occasions? Save money and go with silicone. But for overall looks, glass usually takes the lead.

If you tend to pass your bong around often, you may want to invest in one made of silicone. Parties or big groups mean that the bong is reaching many sets of hands, and eventually may reach someone careless or simply clumsy. If they drop the glass, someone may have a mess to clean and an apology to be made.

In our opinion, every good bong collection would have at least one glass bong and one silicone bong. This whole post seems to be about choosing one or the other: but why not choose both? It can be nice to switch from time to time, as different moods can call for different bongs.

That’s all for this post. What was your final decision? Glass or silicone? Or possibly both? Before you answer, try each out first! Every stoner is different, and we all have different tastes. Thanks for reading!

FAQ: Silicone vs. Glass

Q1: What are the differences between silicone and glass bongs? 

A1: Silicone bongs tend to be much more durable than glass bongs, making them better suited for outdoor activities or travel, while glass bongs offer more of an aesthetically pleasing experience with customizable accessories available.

Q2: What flavors and effects can be expected from Chemdawg cannabis?

A2: Chemdawg cannabis typically has a slight diesel aroma to the smoke, coupled with flavors of citrus and pine. It has a happy, elevated effect, that’s more relaxed than the typical Sativa strain.

Q3: What ingredients are needed to make Cannabis Vodka?

A3: To make Cannabis Vodka, you will need vodka, stems and/or shake, cannabis tincture, and a mason jar or other airtight container.

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