Running While High

Have you ever heard of the word runners high? Well, this word has a new form nowadays. It is being called running while high, as runners are now using cannabis and cannabis-infused products while their training and are claiming it to increase their endurance, reduce muscle pain, and also claim that it helps them ease nausea.  

But the question here is: Is weed running even good practice? Well, the effect could be different for every individual; hence before consuming any substance that gives you a high, you must gain as much knowledge as possible. While some runners believe that cannabis is helping them with their performance, some have a problem running because of the trip and the smoke they inhale. 

We would also not recommend trying and finding out the logic for yourself as this can cause you more harm than good. Hence, as we said earlier, the only thing that will make you aware about whether or not getting high before hitting your runners high is meant for you or not.  

Can you go running while high?

First and foremost, a runner or an athlete must be aware of the effects of CBD running. Regulating your dosage could be easy while smoking as it will produce an immediate high, but runners often don’t want the smoke to enter their lungs and turn to edibles instead.  

Edibles do not affect you immediately, and it will take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to hit you. It depends upon an individual. Hence, once you take an edible, it is recommended to run only after the effects hit you to not overdose. Remember, regulation of dosage is very important as a small dosage can relax your body while a high dosage may give you an acid effect, and you can experience hallucination.  

You should also not forget that the effects could last 4-10 hours or even more. So, now let’s get back to the question should you or not go running while high? Well, you can take marijuana before going for a run if you think it will help you, but one must remember that every marijuana product has different effects.  

Hence, before consuming the substances on your run, you should first try that substance in a controlled environment. This will provide you with an idea about the effects of that particular material. Even if you have an idea about the effect of the material, make sure to have some friends around every time you take it before your run.  

Is it unhealthy to run high?

cannabis medicinal edibles
Cannabis Medicinal Edibles

Smoking weed and running could have some ill effects if you are a regular runner. Firstly, many athletes don’t want the smoke to enter their lungs in any form as it messes up their breathing and can also reduce their stamina.  

But the question asked was not whether it is unhealthy to go running while high; the question was whether it is unhealthy to run high. Again, this could help improve your performance only if you don’t overdo it. But the problem here is running after consuming cannabis can worsen if you don’t have the proper knowledge. Also, while smoking has immediate marijuana has an immediate effect, edibles can take up to 2 hours before kicking in. Hence, going for a run immediately after consuming an edible is not a good idea at all.  

When we talk about health risks, edibles, if consumed within the limit, are not going to affect your health much. However, beginners should be most caseous as being impatient for the effect may get you hospitalized.  

Benefits of Stoned Running  

Looking for a quick endurance booster, or do you want a speedy recovery after a long run? In any case, smoking weed before running is the best solution for you. Let’s take a look at few benefits of marijuana.

Increase in endurance: If you are going for a sprint, it is not recommended for you to take marijuana or any trippy substance. However, if you are going for a long run or a marathon, CBD and running could be combined for your long endurance training. It protects your muscles from fatigue. It does not mean that you run 10 miles if you run 5 miles normally; the cannabis will help you complete those 5 miles easily and may add a mile or two to your run.

Helps in recovery: If you face a lot of recovering after a long run, cannabis can be of some assistance and can help you recover faster and can relax your inflated muscles after a run. Apart from physical relaxation, this substance also provides mental peace and helps you heal from within.  

When to Smoke Before Running?

marijuana leaf

If you are planning on smoking weed before your run, it could be consumed immediately before running as the effects of smoking weed could be experienced instantly. However, if you are planning to consume an edible, it is recommended to consume it at least two to three hours before going for a run and go for your run only when the effects kick in.  

How to Smoke – the best practices

It is very crucial to know how to properly smoke weed to get the most out of your running while high and to avoid any ill effects:   

Avoid holding the inhale: If you are inhaling the smoke of marijuana deeply and holding it in for a long time, you are simply exposing your lungs to more tar. Instead, try to exhale faster. It is healthy for you.   

Use only FDA-approved rolling papers: Don’t just trust any rolling paper; some rolling paper contains harmful chemicals and flavorings that may be harmful to you.

Stick to Glass Bongs and Pipe: Plastic bongs can be very harmful as they contain chemicals like BPA etc., which have been linked to serious health effects like cancer.   

Why do smokers run faster?

Although it is a popular belief that smoking will harm your performance no matter which physical activity you do, some weed smokers have been seen to perform very similarly to non-smokers. Why so? Well, some studies have linked smoking to increased serum hemoglobin levels in smokers and that they help increase lung capacity.  

However, there have been debates about these studies and whether or not to believe these studies depends upon you.

Popular Stoned Runners   

running while high
Running while High

Jasmine, a 27-year-old owner of a smoke shop, says that she gets high before every run and has benefited very much from this habit. A few years back, she lost around 60lbs after making serious changes to her diet. Jasmine knew that dieting was just not enough, and she needed to be physically active to lose those extra pounds. However, she hated physical activities and knew that she needed some external help to perform these activities.  

Another runner is Chris; he opted to run when he was just 13 years old, and now he runs 3-4 miles a day several times a week. He says that running is often boring, and marijuana helps him to make these activities not so boring and even helps him focus on the activity and motivates him to continue. He also says that it helps his body recover after the run and makes it possible for him to do his daily chores after the run.  

Apart from runners, you must have heard about the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor. He said he used to smoke blunts, which does not affect his training. He has also been seen smoking weed on his Instagram. 

Other athletes who smoke weed include UFC fighters Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz, Former NBA star J.R. Smith, NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss and many others. 

FAQ: Running While High

Q1: Is it safe to run while high?

A1: That depends on the individual. For some people, running while high can be a positive experience, with the user feeling more energized and motivated. However, running while high can also be dangerous, as users may be more prone to injuries due to impaired coordination. It is recommended to consult a medical professional before attempting to run while high.

Q2: What are the benefits of running while high?

A2: Some people have reported feeling more energized and motivated while running while high, as well as an increased sense of focus and awareness. Additionally, some users report that running while high helps to relax their muscles and reduce anxiety.

Q3: What are the risks of running while high?

A3: The risks of running while high include increased risk of injuries due to impaired coordination, as well as increased risk of dehydration and heatstroke. Additionally, users may be more prone to making poor decisions and engaging in risky behaviors. It is important to be aware of these risks before attempting to run while high.


Cannabis has been linked to better focus in human beings and has been seen as part of many cultures. Even some meditators use it to help them have a better meditating session. Nowadays, it is also becoming popular among athletes who usually don’t smoke it but consume it in other forms to help them have better endurance.  

However, a few things should be kept in mind not to let the weed overpower one’s body. First, if you are consuming weed, you should be aware of your capacity and try using cannabis only in limits.  

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