Rose Petal Blunts

Blunts are a very popular way of smoking marijuana. Many people like them because there is tobacco involved, and you can get a feeling from the tobacco mixed with the high from the weed. Others may like it just because it’s easy to roll and spark up. No matter what the case is, a blunt is smoked every single day somewhere. But how often are rose petal blunts smoked?

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In this post, we are going to talk about a new and trendy way to smoke a blunt: out of rose petals. That’s right, you can take a few rose petals and roll some weed in them, and it’ll work like a blunt!

These Blunts Are Going Viral

A few months ago, a Twitter user by the name of @simple_sasha demonstrated how to roll a blunt with a rose petal instead of a tobacco leaf. Ever since then, the marijuana community has been talking about these blunts a lot. Many stoners want to try this out for themselves. If you smoke marijuana, wouldn’t you think about trying one too?

There are so many other questions and concerns that people have about rose petal blunts. Are they safe to smoke? Are they healthier than smoking a tobacco leaf? What are the effects like? Luckily, here at Reefer Post, we have the answers to all three of those questions.

Many stoners are also wondering how to roll a rose petal blunt. Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it seems. You cannot put weed inside the rose petal then lick the ends and stick them together like a regular blunt. No, there is a more complicated process to rolling rose petal blunts. Hope you have an oven handy.

How To Roll One

Here are the instructions for rolling a rose petal blunt, as demonstrated in the original video shown on Twitter. If you are good at rolling Backwood blunts, then rolling rose petal blunts should not be a problem for you.

First, start with 3-4 rose petals. Place them side by side, with each side touching the next petal. Then, set them on an oven-safe dish. Place this dish with the rose petals on the bottom rack of your oven. Set the oven to broil, and leave the rose petals in there for 10 seconds.

Once the rose petals are done in the oven, they should be a darker shade. Lick the bottom of each petal, then stick each petal together. You should now have something that looks like this:

Four Rose Petals

Keeping the petals stuck together, place them back on your oven-safe dish. Set the oven to broil and place the rose petals in there for 10 seconds again. After that, take them out and let them sit for 2 minutes.

The petals should be a little crispy, but still able to bend and roll up. Now, it’s time to roll it up like a blunt. Make sure your marijuana is finely broken down, then add it inside the rose petals. Again, if you can roll a decent Backwood, then this will be easier for you. Use your blunt rolling skills to the fullest and roll up that rose blunt.

But wait, once you roll it up, it’s not finished! Make sure that you have fully rolled it up, meaning each side is stuck together. Then, place it back on that dish and set that oven to broil once again. Leave it in the oven for, guess what, 10 seconds.

After that, allow the rolled-up rose blunt to sit for an additional 2 minutes. Then, it is finally time to smoke it. Sit back, spark it up, and enjoy that rose petal blunt.


So, you might be asking the question, does smoking a rose petal give off any sort of effects? If so, what are those effects like? Well, the smoke from rose oil is used in aromatherapy to treat many issues, including calming anger, helping with headaches, relieving depression, and more. To conclude, smoking a rose petal would give off similar effects to those felt in aromatherapy.

Do those effects above sound anything like something marijuana could give you? If you answered yes, then you might be thinking of an Indica strain. Honestly, indica effects would match the effects in aromatherapy the most, so go with an indica strain when rolling a rose blunt. The best match for a rose petal is some good quality indica nugs (when it comes to rolling a blunt).

Health Risks?

Another question that might be asked is whether or not it is safe to inhale the smoke from a rose petal. Well, since rose oil is a natural medicine used for therapeutic purposes, rose petals are no different, as long as you are using natural rose petals. When compared to a tobacco leaf, rose petals are completely safe. Some scientists say that tobacco leaves are more harmful to the lungs compared to rose petals.

Science has proved that rose oil is a natural medicine that works in aromatherapy. So, the overall answer to the question above is yes, rose petals are safe to smoke. The only problem is that they are more difficult to roll up rather than a regular blunt. That’s all for this post, happy smoking!

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