Rolling Papers Vs. Rolling Cones

The increased knowledge of medicinal marijuana and its benefits has led to an increased demand for cannabis. This has grown the demand for accessories needed to enjoy every smoking experience. Some of these tools are the rolling papers and rolling cones. If you want to smoke your herbs like a cigarette, then you should consider getting some rolling papers and cones.

What Are Rolling Papers?

A rolling paper is a special kind of paper used to create marijuana joints to smoke like a cigarette. You could use your hand to do this manually or simply use a machine. Rolling Papers have several sized sheets and are folded in a cardboard wrapper.

Rolling papers are also called “blanks”. Their origin could be traced to Spain when Christopher Columbus returned to Europe with tobacco after a long voyage. Those who couldn’t afford money for a cigar rolled up their tobacco in newspapers to smoke.


  • Roll whatever cigarette you want.
  • Mastering how to roll a paper
  • Less expensive.
  • Easier to french inhale than pipes


  • It consumes time and may not be ideal when you are in haste.
  • Unless you have mastered the art of rolling a paper, it might not be in perfect shape like the pre-rolled cones.
  • Your herbs may split out of place.

How To Roll Your Papers

Before you begin, ensure you have all the materials set like your rolling papers, herbs grinder, poker, rolling tips, and of course, your favorite herbs. Follow these steps to roll a perfectly shaped joint.

Step 1

Use a Crutch: Using a crutch is a perfect way to enjoy your joint. Crutches, sometimes called filter or tips, act as a solid handle that helps to hold the joint while filling the paper with your bud. A crutch will prevent burnt lips and sloppy joints. Just make sure not to use inked or printed materials as a crutch, and remember to let a part of the crutch stick out of the rolling paper. 

Step 2

Arrange the herbs: Many cannabis smokers who use rolling papers do overlook this step, and in most cases, they rush it without taking time to arrange the buds properly.  You should ensure that the bud is arranged evenly in the rolling paper. If this is not done correctly, it becomes difficult for your joint to take the desired shape. 

Step 3

Roll the paper: To goal here is to roll the bud to take the shape of a cylinder or a cone, depending on the joint you want. Move the paper back and forth between your fingers, and patiently do so for some time with a gentle touch. This is the most challenging part as it requires a lot of patience and practice.

Step 4

Seal it:  How you seal your joints will determine the kind of smoking experience you will get. A very tight roll will have a smooth look and burn slowly. You can remove all slack from your rolling paper if properly tucked in at the crutch.

However, if you still can’t roll your paper successfully at this stage, then you can use the crutch to support while using both thumbs to tuck the first inch of the paper. This can be difficult, especially for newbies, so you have to be patient with the process, and don’t stop practicing. 

Step 5

Locking the crutch: Now back to the part of the crutch hanging out from the back of your rolling paper. After rolling, push the crutch towards the rolled bud. Ensure that the connection between the crutch and the herb is tight enough. Then seal the gap by pushing the crutch inside. Give it a quick lick to make the rolling paper stick to the crutch.

Step 6

Pack the tip: After rolling the joint, pack the tip and twist it off. This is just the final step to roundup your hard work.

What Are Rolling Cones?

Rolling cones offer a quicker way to make herbal cigarettes than rolling papers. Paper cones are perfect for smokers who don’t know how to roll a paper or probably don’t want to go through the inconveniences. Rolling cones are usually bigger at the beginning and get smaller towards the end.

Cones allow smokers to pack in uniformly-sized cigarettes faster than rolling papers. You can either choose to use a pre-rolled cone or make your own cones (almost the way rolling a paper). Pre-rolled cones are available in different sizes with a built-in filter system which makes it easier to use.


  • It saves time.
  • It’s a convenient way to smoke your cannabis without a rolling paper.
  • It is helpful when you are trying to control the amount of your cannabis dosage.


Deciding on whether to use a rolling cone or rolling paper depends on your preference, budget, and how much control you want over your cigarette.

How To Stuff Your Cones

The steps of packing a cone are more straightforward than rolling a paper. Follow these simple steps to stuff your pre-rolled cone:

  • Arrange the bud properly and ready for stuffing.
  • Pour in the herbs inside your pre-rolled cone gently with a few taps. Make sure it’s not too tight.
  • Close it up the opening by twisting it, and you’re good to go.
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