How To Properly Dispose of Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Whether they are filled with THC, CBD, or simply cannabis-flavored, you should know how to properly dispose of cannabis oil cartridges.

As more and more cannabis users turn to using these cartridges, a large issue is arising: the need for a good way to dispose of them. There is no question as to why demand is rising. These cartridges are easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Purchasing one is also fairly easy in most areas where cannabis has already been legalized.

If you enjoy using these cartridges, reading this article could shine some light on how you dispose of cannabis oil cartridges from now on. After all, their contents are not great for our environment. One day when we have more advanced cartridges, we may look at these as crude and cheap. But until then, we must work together to keep our land clean and dispose of these cartridges right!

Main Issue With Cartridges

A steady rise in demand means that more and more of these disposable cartridges are showing up in (and sadly around) trash cans. Unfortunately, they are also being littered, which is far worse than them making it to a trash can. Littering cartridges is similar to littering a plastic bag, it will never break down or simply disappear. These items are bad for the environment and should be tossed properly.

However, even throwing them away in a trash can is beginning to cause a problem. Sure, this is better than littering, but once they reach the landfill they will never break down (similarly to old batteries). As with other non-biodegradable items, these cartridges will take up much space at landfills as demand continues to rise.

We yet have a way to either easily refill these cartridges or easily break them down. What about recycling?

Can They Be Recycled?

Unfortunately, these cartridges cannot be recycled. This is for the simple fact of the complexity of their design. Cartridges are made up of many different materials. This makes it near impossible for recycling companies to remove all of the non-recyclable materials from each cartridge. This would cost a lot of time, and money, for a business or organization that overall may lose money because of it.

If you are concerned with recycling and how these disposable cartridges affect the environment, you don’t need to give up yet. There are some possible alternatives to recycling.

The best way to avoid these cartridges is to (obviously) not use them at all. Try alternative methods of using cannabis concentrates. You could always dab it from an oil rig, or use a nectar collector.

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Another option, if you enjoy using cartridges, is to switch over to the refillable types. The issue with these is that they tend to be costly. Both the refillable cartridge and the concentrate to refill it can add up to more than the cost of disposable cartridges. And that is the reason why we are seeing more and more disposables.

Best Way To Dispose Of Them

Since we cannot recycle them yet, there’s got to be a proper way to dispose of them. However, currently, we have no good methods. I believe that the company/organization that eventually figures out a good way to either dispose of, recycle, or recollect these cartridges will strike rich.

Simply put, just make sure your cartridges reach the trash can. Never litter! Will there ever be a better way? I believe so, and hopefully, this happens within the next few years. Below, I have gathered together some possible ideas for how these changes might come.

Ways To Fix These Cartridges

Let’s take a look at some ideas that I have put together for ways that a company could introduce recollecting cartridges. These are all simple ideas, but may one day be the normal routine to dispose of cannabis oil cartridges. If a company ends up using these ideas, know that I want my share!

Company A (let’s call them) could develop a system for recollection. Used cartridges could be gathered in a large bin to be refilled and redistributed. With a good system, Company A could have developed a way for not only recycling but also saving money by reusing old cartridges. Of course, they would need to be sanitized well, however, Company A would not need to produce so many new cartridges.

Yet, Company A would still need to come up with a good way to collect used cartridges from customers. They may need to offer an incentive for the customers to willingly recycle. For example, in some U.S. states, residents are encouraged to recycle plastic and aluminum bottles for a few cents back on each bottle.

Company A may come up with a rewards program. Something along the lines of gaining points that can eventually be redeemed for Company A’s products may work. Still, how would the cartridges be physically collected? Would it be through mail-in, or possibly a direct drop-off area? If so, how would Company A prevent thieves from digging into these drop-off areas? So many more questions are yet to be answered…

FAQ: How To Properly Dispose of Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Q1: How do I dispose of an old cannabis oil cartridge?

A1: Start by making sure the cartridge is empty and sealed. Then, consult local rules and regulations to find the best disposal method. Generally, local waste intakes will accept vape cartridges for recycling or safe disposal.

Q2: What should I do if I can’t find a proper way to dispose of my cannabis oil cartridge?

A2: If a proper disposal method is not available, you can also try to reuse the cartridge. With the help of a professional, you may be able to refill the cartridge with more cannabis oil.

Q3: Are cannabis oil cartridges recyclable?

A3: Depending on where you live, it’s possible to recycle cannabis oil cartridges. Most local waste intakes will accept them if they are empty and sealed, allowing them to be recycled or disposed of safely.

While some of my ideas may sound good, the reality is none of them may see the light of day. This is because the future of cartridges could take a completely different turn, that being a complete redesign. New technology could reinvent the disposable cartridge and finally make them recyclable, or possibly even biodegradable. Oh, what the future could hold. Thanks for reading!

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