Is Private Reserve Cannabis Worth It?

Now that cannabis is beginning to become legalized throughout the United States, more and more legal dispensaries are popping up. At these dispensaries, you can typically choose from a range of cannabis strains that fit your budget. For example, strains with lower THC levels will be cheaper, yet will not be as potent. In addition to average-potent and super-potent strains, we have a private reserve. Ever heard of it?

Private reserve is, well, some pretty good sh*t. After all, just take the name alone. Doesn’t this type of weed seem fancy? Like only the rich guys can buy it. This is actually not the case, as we will discuss below. And no, it is not a specific strain, but instead it can be multiple strains.

What Is Private Reserve?

Gorilla Glue #4
Cannabis GG4.

If your local dispensary carries some private reserve, this means that they are selling some really good bud. This stuff is most likely the best buds that they have in stock, excluding moon rocks and any concentrates. Compared to the rest of the bud that they carry, this should be the most potent in THC. It can be almost any strain, and is not strain-specific. I have seen private reserves that are indica, and some that are sativa.

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Usually a dispensary will label a strain with “private reserve” if it is their best strain that they offer. This strain has been reserved, privately, and will cost more to obtain. For reference, I typically see private reserve prices at $15 per gram, while regular strains sit at $10 per gram. Also, you may have to specifically ask to see the private reserve as it may be, you know, in private.

Why It Is

OG Kush
Cannabis OG Kush

There are some reasons to why purchasing private reserve is a good thing. In addition, there are arguments on the other side that tell you why it is not a good purchase. The choice ultimately depends on multiple factors, which we will talk about below. First, let’s look at the pro’s.

Simply put, it is a good purchase if you want some high quality buds. And really, who doesn’t? Unless you are microdosing, most users search for the best buds available. And if this is your case, then try some private reserve. The only thing about these strains is that dispensaries may only have a limited supply and may run out, so you may not be able to always get some. But whenever they stock up on it, you can treat yourself to some PR.

If you are an experienced stoner and often use marijuana (possible on a daily occasion), then the regular stuff may not be cutting it. Or, you use it so often that the normal high is getting boring and outdated. In this case, search out for some private reserve. This stuff ensures that even the most experienced stoners with a high tolerance can still get super high, even if you smoke like Tommy Chong!

Why It Isn’t

Cannabis Green Crack Nugs
Cannabis Green Crack.

Now we get into the reasons for why private reserve may not be worth the purchase. Do you really need some super weed? Or will the regular stuff get the job done?

If you are an average smoker, then you can get some regular bud and it will still get you quite high. Many dispensaries offer strains with 20-25% THC at regular strain price (usually $10 per gram), while private reserve strains may only sit slightly higher at 25-30% THC, yet cost $5 more per gram.

You could also simply smoke more regular bud to keep up with the high from private reserve. Using your stash more efficiently can lead to strong highs, and faster. In addition, if you enjoy smoking, you will be able to do a lot more of it since you can buy more regular buds compared to PR for the same price.

Last, but not least, rookies should honestly not even touch private reserve. Sorry newbies, but this may be too much for your first time. Even if it is your second or third time ever trying cannabis, your tolerance will be too low and you may not be able to withstand such a strong high. Regular weed at 12-18% THC will surely do the trick, and it will not be as intense as PR would be.

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Should You Get Some?

Mimosa Bud
Cannabis Mimosa

After reading the facts, it is time to decide whether or not you should be purchasing private reserve. First, as stated above, there are some factors that need to be accounted for in your personal situation, such as your:

  • Budget
  • Tolerance
  • Amount that you use per setting
  • Fellow stoners who may use it

Should you decide that you are up for some high quality buds, get some private reserve. Honestly, you should at least try it. Ever heard the saying: “don’t knock it until you try it”? This is true for PR. Try it at least once, then you can decide if it is worthy of a re-run.

Have you ever tried moon rocks? These are cannabis buds that have been soaked in liquid concentrate and then covered in kief. They are way more potent than regular bud! Private reserve is not as potent either, but I would say that PR lies right between the regular stuff and moon rocks. In addition, moon rocks can be quite pricey, so PR offers an inexpensive alternative that is still better than average.

What if you are tight on money? Or, maybe you are not tight, but you do not like spending a fortune on cannabis. I understand that, and in that case you should not buy some private reserve. Instead, learn how to microdose and use your weed more efficiently. You can make your stash last longer and even save money on weed! All of this can be learned here on this website (just do some searching)!

FAQ: Is Private Reserve Cannabis Worth It?

What is private reserve cannabis?

Private reserve cannabis is a higher grade of cannabis that is typically stronger and more potent than standard cannabis products.

Is private reserve cannabis better than regular cannabis?

It depends on what you’re looking for in terms of strength and potency. Private reserve cannabis can be more potent than regular cannabis, but it ultimately depends on the individual strain and grower.

Is there an additional cost for private reserve cannabis?

Yes, private reserve cannabis is usually more expensive than regular cannabis as it has a higher quality.

Does private reserve cannabis provide more of a recreational or medicinal benefit?

Private reserve cannabis offers the potential for both recreational and medicinal benefits. It largely depends on the strain and how it specifically impacts an individual’s needs.

What was your final verdict? Will you start buying private reserves frequently, or hold off and stick to the regular stuff? Maybe you are a grower, and have your private reserve? Whatever the case may be, you should try some of these high-quality buds for yourself at least once. Then you will truly understand how potent they can be. Thanks for reading!

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