How To Play: The Wheel of Weed

Games related to marijuana can be very fun. Sometimes, the normal smoking session can get boring and repetitive. With games, life can be brought back to the session and everyone can have some more fun. Weed games themselves are entertaining to play and result in the players getting high. Ever heard about the weed game called The Wheel Of Weed?

The Wheel Of Weed takes the concept of games with spinners and creates a randomized way of taking creative hits. The best part about this game is that the players can come up with their own descriptions for what will be placed on the spinner, adding some creativity to the fun. There is also no technical end to this game, only until the players have reached max levels of high (for their own limits).

Making A Spinner

Playing the actual game is pretty easy and self-explanatory. The most difficult part of it all will be creating the spinner, which itself is not that hard and creative players will enjoy doing so. There are a few ways in which you can go about creating a spinner (simply print out a template or use our method below), and below we have a step-by-step guide for perfecting your own!

For this spinner, you will need:

  • One piece of paper (thicker paper such as construction paper will work better, but regular will also do)
  • Something to write on the paper with (use different colors to get creative!)
  • One fidget spinner

Start off by drawing out the contents of the spinner on the piece of paper. First create the circle (or pie) covering most of the paper. Next, draw out 4-8 different slices in your pie. Inside of each slice is where you will be able to write in the stoner commands (explained below). Your paper should now look something like this:

Colorful Wheel of Weed Template

Adding color to your spinner is optional, however it adds to the creativity of the game. If one of the players is an artist, they can have some fun designing the spinner in any way. You could, of course, simply use a pencil for the entire thing; it’s all your choice.

Once the spinner is drawn out, cut out the entire circle and throw away the remaining paper. Now the only thing left to do is form the piece in the middle that does the spinning. Here, you have a few options. The easiest method out there is to use a fidget spinner, if you have one. Mark one side of the fidget spinner with something (a sticker, marker, etc.) so that you know which side is the pointer. Now place the fidget spinner in the middle and get to playing!

Fidget Spinner for Wheel of Weed

How To Play

Once your spinner is all ready to go, you can begin playing the game. Write your commands on each slice, all stuff that will make you do something throughout the game. From taking hits to hopping on one leg, you can add almost anything. Here are some ideas on what to write inside each slice:

  • Take one hit
  • Spin around in a circle
  • Tell a joke
  • Truth
  • Dare
  • Spin again
  • Take a hit and hold it in
  • Anything else you want

When each slice has been filled, start playing. Decide on who will go first, and that person will spin the wheel. Do whatever you land on, then it’s the next player’s turn. Continue and have lots of fun! If you wrote your commands in pencil (or at least have some wite-out), you can erase them and put down some new ones after a few rounds!

There are three popular ways to end the game. First, you could decide on a set number of rounds to play. This works best if any player is on a time limit. You could simply play until the weed runs out. Also, you could play elimination, which means play until only one player remains. That last option will surely get you very high with the right amount of bud.

Additions For More Fun

The game could go on all night, and you may lose track of time having so much fun with your smoking buddies. If you enjoy it and even want to spice it up, try altering the game around. Below are some ideas.

Use Concentrates

If you decide to play with concentrates instead of regular cannabis, you will surely get very high. Concentrates are much more potent and will only take a few hits to get the user stoned. If you are a rookie user, maybe stick to regular bud.

Add More Smoking Commands

Playing the game to focus more on smoking and less on silly commands? Make each slice about taking hits. Try some things like:

Add Other Types of Commands

On the other hand, if you want to add more silly, fun commands and only a few stoner commands, you can also do this. You may, however, need to play more rounds in order to get high. Get creative with what commands to add: from jumping to standing on one leg to asking someone a question, there are many things you can add!

After a good game of the Wheel of Weed, you may find yourself overwhelmed with fun and joy. If not, you need some new commands. Possibly some stronger weed, as well. Hopefully you enjoyed this game review. If you try it out, send me a photo of your spinner on Instagram or Twitter (@reefer_post). Thanks for reading!

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