Pet CBD vs Human CBD: Understanding the Difference for Your Furry Friends

You may have encountered different CBD products for humans and pets when browsing the market or online. It probably made you wonder about the difference between pet CBD and human CBD. While their functionality and chemicals are the same, their dosage and THC amounts will be different.

Whether it is CBD oil or edibles, they come in different labels on the market. However, it is understandable to think that they are totally different for humans and pets. But when you know about CBD, you will know that it is the same thing for any animal.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an ingredient of the hemp plant that people are using on themselves or their pets as remedial substances or to keep their nerves cool. But to get the optimal effect without triggering any danger, it is crucial to know the difference between CBD for pets and humans, which is basically their dosage and usage. Let’s discuss this matter in more detail.

Analyzing Pet CBD

As we have claimed above, there are no dissimilarities between pet and human CBD when it comes to its chemical buildup. They also work the same way in any animal’s body, interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

So what makes pet CBD as a product different from human ones? Well, the factors that stand them out are as follows-


One key factor in pet CBD is how they often include additional ingredients in their formulations. These elements act as the remedy for different mental or physical diseases. They may also provide your pets with nutrition or simply make the treat more delicious so that your pets willingly consume it.

Another formulation factor you may find in pet CBD is that they will be hemp-derived and contain a really low amount of THC (only around 0.3%). THC and any form of marijuana are very harmful to pets. So, pet CBD has a meagre amount of these ingredients. It must be labelled on the product for transparency and trust.


When the industries make CBD products, they aim for different animals based on their species, size, weight, and health conditions. So, any CBD meant for a human body, which is bigger in size, is unsuited for a dog or cat.

As you can understand, pet CBD will be safer for your pets, as the manufacturers exercise many safety protocols while making them. For example, a human CBD will have a way higher potency than a pet one. So, if you don’t want to overdose your pets with CBD, it is better to keep it safe and only give them the correct one.

Pet CBD are legal by the FDA for use as long as their THC content is 0.3% or less. So, there are many CBD products for pets that you can get for your dog or cat without worrying about any legality issues. However, that doesn’t mean that all pet CBD are legal.

Before buying a CBD product, look for its labels to find its legality. In order to legalize their CBD, many manufacturers use hemp-derived CBD with low THC but fail to keep their quality intact. It is always ideal to go for reputable sources with many positive reviews for the best items.

As for human CBD, their legality depends on the state you are living in. Some states like Arizona or Alaska fully allow them, while others like Ohio or Florida only legalized them under certain conditions.

Analyzing Human CBD

Analyzing Pet CBD

On the other hand, human CBD has properties that will usually be very harmful or unsuited for pets. Not only that but human CBD products on the market tend to have a higher THC content and won’t often include as many nutritional sub-ingredients as the ones for pets.

Let’s look at some of the critical factors of human CBD-


Since we are way bigger in size and weight, human CBD products need to be way more potent than that of a pet to kick in properly. They also usually last longer in our system, ranging from a day to a week, with a higher half-life.

The concentration of CBD in the product defines its potency. As you can guess, human CBD contains a high concentration of it.


As mentioned earlier, human CBD contains some ingredients that are either absent or present in low amounts in pet CBD. For example, you can find a high percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (usually within 5% to 15%) in human CBD.

Moreover, there can be liquid solutions for medicinal effects, dried marijuana, and other specific ingredients for different health conditions. You won’t usually find them in pet CBD.

Suitability for Pets

While humans can easily consume pet CBD without any issue (and it is even better for the health in some cases), the same doesn’t work the opposite way. The higher potency and THC amount in human CBD with the possible marijuana content can be toxic to your pet. In the worst-case scenario, it may poison your furry companion.

Not to mention, giving human CBD to pets is also strictly prohibited by the law. And your vet will be totally against it as well. So, when considering dosing CBD for your feline or canine companion, stay with the pet CBD products on the market.

Risks and Precautions

Any responsible pet owner should be aware of the risks associated with choosing the wrong CBD for any animal or person. You can arrange some precautions in order to avoid any severe situations. Such as-

  • Keep your own CBD and your pet CBD separately, and never mix them up. You can keep them in different containers or storage units.
  • Make sure to dosage the right amount of CBD for your pet. For example, every 75 mg of formula may contain around 2.5 mg of CBD per ml of oil for dogs. However, the correct dosage depends on your pet’s size, weight, and age. You should consult your vet before deciding on dosage and keep it updated as they age and grow.
  • Only pick the best-grade CBD products for your pet and also for yourself. Go for known brands, as they will likely keep it safe while keeping the quality intact.
  • When you or your pet has a CBD overdose, consult with your vet quickly. If the condition gets severe, don’t wait and hospitalize it.

Expert Opinions

Vets and industries alike believe that it is completely safe for humans to have pet CBD, while the vice versa is never recommended. Vets from other nations may even prescribe CBD with a THC percentage of as low as 0.0% for both humans and pets.

The industries that produce pet and human CBD around the nation also believe the same. According to Charlotte’s Web, the number one CBD industry in the US, you need to dosage the correct amount and form of CBD for the best optimal result.

The industry also mentioned that consuming CBD with healthy meals, especially fat-rich food, is the best. Since CBD works in the body the same way between humans and your pets, the same advice also works for your dog or cat.

Case Studies

While you may often come across blogs claiming that scientists have confirmed CBD works as remedies for various health conditions such as osteoarthritis, epilepsy, or pruritus, the results are still not conclusive enough.

Experts still claim that there needs to be more evidence with further studies to conclude or state CBD’s various beneficial effects on the health of humans and pets. However, most studies have been showing positive results so far. As a result, your doctor or vets may prescribe you medical CBD.


Can cats use the same CBD as humans?

As we have mentioned in our blog, CBD for humans is unsuited for cats or dogs. Cats are tiny compared to us, so their CBD dosage must be much lower. Additionally, their CBD must have a meagre amount of THC. Manufacturers keep these in mind while making cat CBD products.

When buying them, look for organic oil, as many CBD oils may have harmful pesticides. Also, opt for oil instead of treats, as it is the best form for pets. Finally, remember to read reviews from previous customers before buying and using a CBD product.

Why is pet CBD so expensive?

Even CBD oil for humans may take a hefty sum because of the challenging steps it takes to cultivate hemp and process it into the product. Cat and dog CBD usually go through extra steps, including lowering their THC amount, extracting ingredients that can harm your pet, and adding any nutritious element.

As such, cat CBD on the market are very expensive compared to ours. But never opt for human CBD for pets just to save some money. The health of your pet comes first.

Does CBD make pets sleepy?

CBD lowers blood pressure after it starts its effect inside the body. Thus, it calms the nerves down for your feline or canine buddy. Because of this reason, your pet may get sleepy or tired after taking CBD. If they have been overdosed, which is rare, they may sleep longer or more frequently.

Being sleepy after consuming CBD is totally normal for pets and humans alike. But if the sleeping time is too long or frequent, it is better to consult your doctor or vet.


CBD oil or treats for humans and pets work the same way inside our bodies and have the same formulations. However, their ingredients, potency, and legality may differ.

Before you buy or dosage any CBD for your pet, consult your vet and ask for their opinion. Then, buy the perfect CBD product based on their suggestions.

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