How to Clean Your Body From Any Trace of Marijuana

Cleanse your body from Marijuana cover

Ever needed to clean your body from any trace of marijuana before (for whatever reason)? It could possibly be to pass a marijuana drug test (and if so, we don’t judge). If it has to do with the law, we do not promote any illegal activity. Now that that’s covered, I have some tips on how to clean out your system. These tips will not help you clean out your system immediately, but can help to speed up the process.

Studies show that THC stays in your system for 30 days (about a month). So the best way to clean out your system is simple: stay clean for a whole month (or even longer to play it safe). But for those who do not have a whole month to wait, there are ways to shorten that time. If you follow our steps below properly, then you can get clean in as quick as one week. Personally, I have tested this before and was able to pass a sample drug test (used only for this experiment) in just one week. Getting clean in a week is not guaranteed, however, because everyone is different. By that I mean people who weigh more will have to try harder than those who are smaller.


The first step in cleaning out your system is to sweat. Sweating helps clean out your body by opening up your pores and releasing some of the THC (the main chemical compound found in marijuana, what gets you high) through your sweat. Start going for a jog everyday leading up to the date you need to be clean, or at least some sort of exercise that forces you to sweat. You do not need to drench yourself in sweat everyday, just simply break a sweat here and there.

Stay Hydrated

Also, stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Urinating is another way to get rid of the THC in your body. Smoking marijuana tends to turn urine a darker color, but as you stop smoking and start drinking more water, your urine will begin to turn clear. Drinking more water also allows your body to sweat more, which is the first tip.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Another thing to drink a lot of when you are attempting to clean out your body is cranberry juice. In my opinion, it is not the best tasting juice out there, but it does help clean out your system. Drinking lots of cranberry juice can flush out your system and help you urinate more (so get used to running to the bathroom). You can go out and buy the fancy, most expensive cranberry juice at your local grocery store, or buy the cheap brand. Either one works, just make sure you are drinking about 2-5 cups a day (the more you weigh, the more cups you should drink a day).

Pop A Pill

There is also a pill out there that helps you flush out your system: it’s called Niacin. This is a dietary supplement, and if you have special medical needs, I recommend learning more about Niacin before using it. If it is okay for you to use, pop two Niacin pills each day (one in the morning and one before bed). When I was using Niacin to clean out my system, I noticed no changes to my behavior, health, or really anything. Most people should be just fine using Niacin, but I recommend learning more about any type of medicine before using it.

Try Detox

You could go out and buy a detox drink that people guarantee will work for you to clean out your system fast. Personally, I have never used one and I successfully passed that sample drug test I mentioned above in only 7 days (one week). I have my own detox recipe that works every time. It only includes two ingredients: Gatorade and fruit pectin. Use a 32 fl oz Gatorade bottle and add about 1/8 tsp of fruit pectin to it. Shake it well, and drink all of it on the day that you want to be clean. After you finish it, fill the gatorade bottle up with water and drink that. Do this about 3 times. Then urinate as much as you can. This will take a few hours, but will clean out your system thoroughly.

Following all of these tips will not guarantee that you will clean your system out in a week, but it will help you clean the THC out of your body so that you can get clean quicker. You will be able to pass a marijuana drug test with ease! Everything that you need to buy in order to help you does not cost a lot of money and will surely help out if you use it right. Hopefully these tips help you get clean, and good luck!

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