Origins of 710 and How It Became a Stoner Holiday

When the clock strikes 4:20, most stoners smile. The number 420 is a reminder to many of cannabis, and it has been this way for decades. Even those who do not use cannabis know about 420. But did you know that there is another number associated with cannabis? And not just any cannabis, but only the most potent. That number is 710.

The number 710 (in the stoner community) is a reference to cannabis concentrates. Just as with April 20th, July 10th is a day that users of these concentrates celebrate. Often times, this is done by taking a large dab, or many regular sized dabs simultaneously. In addition, as with 4/20, some events and gatherings are held for stoners alike to join each other in getting high from concentrates!

What Is 710?

So why was the number 710 chosen to celebrate concentrates? It was chosen because, if you flip it upside down, it spells the word “oil”. This was thought to have originated from an oil cap in a car, as it can easily be turned upside down to reveal 710.

710 Oil Cap

For those who are unfamiliar with concentrates, a typical nickname for them is simply oil. Often times, they can appear as actual oil, and a common type of concentrate was named after this (butane honey oil). 710 celebrators mainly focus on hash oil, however any type of concentrate is acceptable. Of course, there are various types of concentrates out there.

420 is used to celebrate any and all forms of cannabis, which is why it is widely known and accepted. 710, on the other hand, looks to focus in on cannabis concentrates only. Because of this, the oil movement mostly consists of the most dedicated and experienced concentrates users (or dabbers). Experienced, and not rookie, dabbers are included simply due to the potency and strength of concentrates, compared to regular cannabis buds.

Origins of 710

The exact origins of 710 are unknown, however we do have a few pointers as to how the movement gained popularity. As with many phrases (such as 420), 710 simply stuck with dabbing and rapidly grew ever since.

In 2011, Urban Dictionary added a new term to their index: 710. This was the first time that the number got a proper definition, and allowed new users to learn about it. The definition focused on BHO (butane honey oil), which is one of the most popular forms of concentrates available.

That same year, a music artist known as Task and his DJ, Linus, created and published an album dedicated to oil. That album is called “The Movement“. In that album, Task looks to create a 710 movement, even going as far as to name some of the tracks “7:10” and “Boil That Oil”.

The Movement

Task also wanted 710 to replace 420 completely, and become the new number for cannabis. However, this never happened, as 420 was already too big in popularity and fans had no intent on letting it go. Nonetheless, Task’s album still shed much light on 710 and gave it a voice.

In an interview following the album’s release, Task claimed that he had heard of 710 in the year prior, back in 2010. His album was released on July 10th, 2011 which he stated was the first birthday of 710. Since then, many cannabis brands/websites have joined in on the discussion and expressed their liking for the stoner dab holiday.

710 Today

Today, on July 10th, oil continues to be celebrated by dabbers around the world. Even dispensaries are shining more light on the topic. Some dispensaries, such as a few in Colorado, have begun to only allow customers to dab, making these shops exclusive to 710. Other shops/websites have started offering discounts on dabbing accessories/oils on July 10th.

Since “The Movement” was released, 7/10 has been officially (in the stoner community) recognized as a stoner dab holiday. Task also helped to create many dab accessories that are popular today, such as the enail, domeless nail, and carb cap.

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Of course, 710 was ultimately unsuccessful in replacing 420. But why replace it? Surely there is enough room for both. 710 is nowhere near as big of a movement as 420, since 420 refers to cannabis as a whole. However, 710 is dedicated to that smaller group of stoners who enjoy dabbing.

On July 10th, make sure to show your love for oils by saying “Happy 710!” In addition, pay attention to the stoner community as you are sure to see many of them getting down with dabs! Thanks for reading!

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