Munchies: Myth or Fact?

You have probably heard this word before munchies. But what are the munchies? And are they a real thing, or not? If you smoke marijuana, you might have become hungry after smoking and getting high, but was that the munchies (or did you just not eat in a very long time)? Some people will say “The munchies are not real I can just taste better when I’m high.” Then there are those who swear the munchies are a real thing. So, it’s time to break into the truth about the munchies!

What Are The Munchies?

So what are the munchies? Well besides anything to do with marijuana, the munchies are small snacks that taste good. But for those who smoke weed, the munchies are a strong desire to eat food, usually junk food (I wonder why). Some of the most popular munchies out there are:

  • Oreo’s
  • Dorito’s
  • Cookies
  • Pizza
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • Nachos

Most stoners know this list pretty well. Some people change it up, maybe adding or subtracting from it. But everyone has their list of favorite munchies. In addition, munchies can be any snack or food! If it can be eaten, then it can be used for the munchies. Even a marijuana edible can be used to fight the munchies! So which snack is your go-to for the munchies?

How Do You Get The Munchies?

The munchies are acquired by doing one simple thing: smoking some weed! The more you smoke, the more you might have the urge to eat. Some people can smoke a bowl and already have the munchies, but those with a higher tolerance might need to smoke a few bowls to get it. It all depends on the person who is smoking.

Also, some marijuana strains cause the munchies to kick in easier or sooner. Some strains that are prescribed medically can be used to treat loss of appetite. These are the strains that you want to smoke if you want to get the munchies. Click here for a list of some great strains that you can smoke to get the munchies!

Smoking marijuana is not the only way to get the munchies, however. You can also eat a marijuana edible. That’s right, you can eat something that will make you want to eat even more! Like I said above, an edible can be used to fight the munchies. But it might only temporarily fight it, then just get you more high and make the munchies stronger. But if this is what you want, then give it a try. I believe you should always try something once to see if you like it (this goes for anything).

Are The Munchies Real?

So the real question here is: are the munchies a real thing? Technically, yes they are. Smoking marijuana gets you hungry by sort of tricking your brain into thinking that you are hungry. THC enters your brain and creates a false sense of hunger. Cannabinoids interfere with hunger signals to make you think that you are hungry. Sometimes, you can be full and still get hungry from smoking enough marijuana.

Our brains all naturally produce certain types of cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids react with various parts of hunger in our brains, including metabolism and activating hunger. When you smoke weed, the THC will stimulate the endocannabinoids and make you hungry. That is a simplified version of how it works. For more on THC and cannabinoids, click here.

So long story short, the munchies are real in the sense that smoking marijuana makes you think that you are hungry. So if you go off and smoke a strain that treats loss of appetite, then you are almost guaranteed to get the munchies. But this does not mean that other strains cannot give you the munchies. You can easily acquire the munchies by smoking many different strains out there. Give it a try!

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