What Is Moon Rock and What’s Inside a Moon Rock?

Marijuana comes in many different shapes and forms. You can infuse it into foods or drinks to make marijuana edibles. You can get marijuana in a form that looks like honey but is highly concentrated and much more potent than regular marijuana nugs. And you can, of course, get marijuana in the classic way, which is packing it in a bowl or joint and sparking it up! Ever heard of moon rocks?

Did you know that there is another form of marijuana that sort of looks like regular weed, but is much more potent and sure to get any stoner (even the most experienced) high? It is highly concentrated just like wax, but you smoke it, not dab it. That form of marijuana is called moon rocks.

What Are Moon Rocks?

The reason why I say that moon rocks sort of look like regular marijuana nugs is because if you look at these nugs, you can see the resemblance. They look like condensed nugs (in my opinion). Take a look at some moon rocks for yourself:

Moon Rocks

So let’s get into some facts about these special weed nugs. Moon rocks are marijuana nugs that have been dipped in layers of hash oil and kief, making them loaded with THC. Now, it does depend on which strain you use, but on average these special nugs contain 50% THC (which is way more than regular marijuana)! This amount of THC is almost guaranteed to get anybody high.

You might be thinking “I have heard of this, but it wasn’t called moon rocks.” That’s because these nugs go by a variety of nicknames. Another popular name for these nugs covered in concentrate is cannabis caviar (or weed caviar). No matter which nickname you hear, they all are talking about nugs that are dipped in hash oil and covered in kief.

Origins of Moon Rocks

The origins of moon rocks date back to 2014 when a rapper released a mixtape to spread the news about moon rocks.

Marijuana and hip hop have always had a close relationship, which is why it is no surprise that it was a rapper who created moon rocks. That rapper was Kurupt. He and another musician artist, by the name of Dr. Zodiak, released their new idea about these special nugs along with a mixtape to promote it, titled “Moon Rocks Project.” The mixtape includes 23 tracks and has many major guest features.

Kurupt - Ta Tha Moon And Bacc

The duo did not stop showcasing their unique nugs there. In 2016, they released part 2 of the Moon Rocks mixtape series, titled “MoonRock Mixtape Volume 2,” which also has many major guest features.

Should You Try Moon Rock?

So the real question is: should you try these peculiar nugs? Well, because moon rocks contain an average amount of 50% THC, it is not recommended for those who are new to smoking (a.k.a. beginners). The brand-name version of these nugs contains a whopping 60% THC! To compare that to regular weed, the best strains out there contain around 30% THC. Even those are not recommended for beginners!

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If you have never smoked weed before, and you try to start with moon rocks, you might not be making a very good choice. That 50%-60% THC will hit you, especially if you have never experienced a high before. You might even experience a too-intense high from it.

For those who are experienced with marijuana and have been smoking for a long time, moon rocks might be a good time for you. If you have not tried it yet, I suggest that you do. But be prepared for a very strong high. Also, it is best to smoke these special nugs out of glass, since they are very sticky. Rolling a joint or blunt may not work, because it probably just won’t stay lit. So stick to glass.

Making Your Own Moon Rock

What's inside a Moon Rock

One cool thing about moon rocks is that almost any stoner can make their own. And the best part about it is that it’s much cheaper than buying some (the average price of moon rocks is $25-$35 a gram). Making these crazy nugs is like arts and crafts for stoners!

Here are the ingredients for making moon rocks:

  • 1-4 nugs of some good quality weed
  • a bunch of kief
  • hash oil
  • wood skewer
  • small bowl
  • paper plate
Step 1: Choose your nug

First, choose a nug to begin the moon rocks process. The better the quality of the strain used, the better the moon rocks will turn out. Add that nug to the end of the wood skewer.

Step 2: Cover the nug

The next step is to place the hash oil in a small bowl. Then, submerge the nug into the bowl filled with hash oil. Mix the nug around inside the hash oil. Don’t stop until the nug has been completely covered.

Step 3: Cover in Kief

Grab a paper plate and evenly lay all of your kief onto it. Once the nug has been fully covered in hash oil, roll it around in the kief. Make sure you get as much kief on it as you can.

Step 4: Let it dry

Once your nug has been fully covered in hash oil and kief, allow it to dry. Once it has dried on there, your nug is now good to go. You have successfully turned your nug into a moon rock!

Remember, the more hash oil and kief you put on your nugs, the more potent your special nugs will be. Make a few of them and then smoke up!

Final Note

Do moon rocks sound interesting to you? They are something that every cannabis lover should try at least once. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below. Happy smoking!

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