Mixing Cannabis With Tobacco

Cannabis and tobacco have coexisted with each other for many years: with coexist meaning mixed. A large number of stoners in this world (in fact, all over this world) enjoy mixing in some tobacco with their cannabis. And to some, this is no surprise why. Tobacco does give off some mild effects. For example, smoking enough tobacco can leave a user feeling lightheaded or slightly dizzy. This can mix well with cannabis if used in the correct amounts.

Although tobacco may seem to enhance cannabis, there are some actions you should know first about the substance. It is not the same as cannabis, and should not be treated as such. For those with certain health issues, tobacco use may not be recommended at all.

First, A Warning

Tobacco may give off some effects that mix well with cannabis, but that does not mean you should go off and start smoking it. Tobacco is more dangerous to your body (particularly the lungs) than cannabis and should be treated as such. If you have any sort of lung disease, do not smoke tobacco; you may want to consider not smoking cannabis as well. Instead, try an edible!

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Here at Reefer Post, we do not recommend the use of tobacco, for any purpose. However, we understand that many stoners out there enjoy mixing it with their marijuana. Even a tiny bit of tobacco mixed in can alter the effects, and even taste, of your marijuana. For that, we respect these stoners, as we do all.

One thing we would like our readers to understand is this: tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can also cause lung cancer, respiratory issues, as well as other issues. This substance is also linked to over 480,000 deaths in the United States every year (stat provided by the CDC). As long as you understand this risk, you should then decide whether you would like to use tobacco or not.

On the other hand, those nicotine deaths are not those who smoke a tiny bit of tobacco with their weed. As long as you keep the amounts low and stick to only using them when you smoke weed, you should never get addicted. Let me emphasize “SHOULD”, because everyone is different and those with an addictive mindset may not qualify for the “should” guideline.

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Blunt Roach Burning
Holding a blunt roach.

First off, we have blunts. Blunts are probably the most popular option for combining cannabis with tobacco. Simply put, you don’t even need any raw tobacco for this method. All you need is the blunt wrap that contains tobacco.

Most blunt wraps are either made of tobacco or hemp. Choosing hemp wraps will not result in your blunt having any tobacco. In that case, you would need to sprinkle some in your blunt, as mentioned below.

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I do not recommend rolling a blunt with a tobacco wrap and also sprinkling in some tobacco. This will simply be too much tobacco. The flavor of the tobacco will dominate over the flavor in the marijuana, making your blunt taste more like a cigarette. Stick to either sprinkling in or using a tobacco wrap, not both.


Cannabis Spliff

The second most common method of combining the two substances is by rolling up a spliff. If you live in an area that does not have access to tobacco blunt wraps, you can still enjoy this substance blend by sprinkling some raw tobacco over your marijuana in a joint. Alternatively, if you prefer tobacco over marijuana, you can sprinkle the bud over the tobacco.

Compared to blunts, spliffs offer more exposure to nicotine than tobacco wraps. This is because they contain raw tobacco that can vary in amounts depending on the user’s desires. A good ratio for those looking to add tobacco to weed would be to use about 25% tobacco and 75% weed in the joint. You could also go half and half but don’t expect to get as high. Remember, the more tobacco you add the less THC you can consume.

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Bong With Bowl Full of Cannabis

Finally, we have mixed bowls. Mixed bowls are very similar to spliffs but in a bowl. This method allows you to mix tobacco and cannabis in the smallest amounts possible since you won’t need to roll a full blunt or joint. If you simply want to experiment with the effects of tobacco with cannabis, I suggest trying a small mixed bowl first.

For packing a mixed bowl, follow the same guidelines as rolling a spliff. Use primarily marijuana in each bowl to start with, especially for rookie smokers. Compared with cannabis, tobacco smoke can be much harsher and rookies may not be able to handle it. However, if you want to build up a tolerance for it, start with a tiny bit of tobacco mixed with your buds, then increase that amount as you feel comfortable until you get to where you want to be.

Of course, there are other ways of mixing cannabis and tobacco. Nevertheless, these are three very common ways of doing so. Which was your favorite? Are you more of a blunt, joint, or bowl type of smoker? Let me know! And as always, thanks for reading!

FAQs for Mixing Cannabis With Tobacco

1. Is mixing cannabis with tobacco a safe practice?

A. This practice is not recommended, as both substances are toxic in large amounts and can increase the risk of adverse health effects.

2. Can mixing cannabis and tobacco result in a more intense experience?

A. Yes, the mixture of the two substances can lead to a more intense and longer-lasting effect.

3. Is there a way to minimize the risks of mixing cannabis and tobacco?

A. When mixing cannabis and tobacco, it is important to only mix a small amount, as the effects can be too intense if too much is used. It is also important to only smoke the mixture in moderation.

4. Does mixing cannabis and tobacco result in a stronger smell?

A. Yes, mixing cannabis and tobacco will result in a stronger smell than if the cannabis is used without the tobacco.

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